Doug Gale, freelance X86 programmerView Profile
Doug Gale5.0
Freelance X86 developer in Oshawa, Canada
I have extensive knowledge of the whole x86 architecture, including system programming facilities like debug registers, performance counters, paging, segmentation, descriptors, exceptions, gates. I have extensive knowledge of SIMD.
bogdan, X86 programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance X86 developer in Bucharest, Romania

C++ nerd

I enjoy programming and learning something new every day. Helping others do the same and maybe even getting paid for it seems like an ideal proposition.
Antoine Guilbaud, X86 dev and freelancerView Profile
Antoine Guilbaud
Freelance X86 developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

backend and devops engineer from france, also security enthousiast.

I'm a young programmer, passionated by computers in general. I've worked in a startup as a back end developer, and now I'm working as a dev-ops in a bigger company. I like sharing my knowledge with people and guiding them to success, and I will be happy to help you with my expertise.
Antti Haapala, top X86 developerView Profile
Antti Haapala5.0
Freelance X86 developer in Oulu, Finland
I have written an operating system kernel for x86-32 processors (pentium+), running in paged protected mode. Other than that, I have programmed games in the DOS era in the real mode, writing hand-optimized assembly.
Mischa, X86 programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance X86 developer in Central District, Hong Kong

Jack of all trades, master of some

I've been writing code or reading about software nearly every day for about 20 years. I've been working full-time as a professional software engineer for 12. Software and hardware are super interesting and fun for me, but what I really enjoy is helping other people to learn. I've put together a wiki with some articles and lots of links and resources for people who want to learn to code, learn more about particular topics or up their game: Not only do I have knowledge and experience in specific areas such as databases, web applications, security, networking, Linux, C, and plenty more, I also have real-world experience building commercial products and explaining complex technical concepts in straightforward English to non-technical...
Gili Levy, freelance X86 programmerView Profile
Gili Levy5.0
Freelance X86 developer in Petah Tikva, Israel

Software engineer with 20+ years experience

Developed real-time software in multiple companies from design phases till maintenance of commercial versions. Likes helping people, debugging and solving coding problems.
Joseph Johnston, X86 software engineerView Profile
Joseph Johnston
Freelance X86 developer in Sofia, Bulgaria

Joseph Johnston

I will help you learn how to learn. I've made many stumbles learning software engineering and I can help you avoid the same conceptual pitfalls. I can show you the details of a language or platform, but I always like to include a bigger picture for the sake of understanding and motivation.
Kostiantyn Chertov, X86 software engineer and devView Profile
Kostiantyn Chertov
Freelance X86 developer in Kiev, Ukraine

Crypto & Smart card developer

Embedded software developer and team leader focused in security and cryptography. Experience in management of small team (3-5 engineers) during product development and certification processes. Specialties: Cryptography, PKI, Smart Cards, EMV, eID, Crypto currencies, Blockchain, Secure Implementation, Code Optimization, Embedded Systems, Operating Systems, Software Project Management, Product Certification
Alex Beregszaszi, X86 dev and freelancerView Profile
Alex Beregszaszi4.8
Freelance X86 developer in Dublin, Ireland

Embedded and Financial Software Architect

Alex has a strong background in software engineering and has been an active contributor to open source projects. He has experience with financial, embedded and multimedia systems.
Riccardo Pelliccioli, X86 programmer and consultantView Profile
Riccardo Pelliccioli
Freelance X86 developer in Torre Boldone, Italy

IT Architect

Solid background in the Information and Communication Technology field; experience acquired with top market Italian and European players (Telco and Enterprise Market). Specific competence on deployment and placement of value added ICT services and security systems. Specific technical knowledge in System Integration for OSS (Operational Support Systems); deep knowledge in System and Network infrastructure Design and Planning (for both Physical and Virtualized environments) Consolidated many-years project management and consulting approach to the customers. Product marketing and IT architectural design, technical and business development pre-sales Bid management Project management on mission critical tasks Operational procedures Infrastructure design and planning Hardware and Softw...
Jason Bell, X86 freelance developerView Profile
Jason Bell
Freelance X86 developer in Ealing, United Kingdom

4 years C & DSP programmer / application developer

I have worked for four years as DSP engineer using primarily C (plus C++) to run on low level / embedded / DSP platforms, Windows and Linux, as well as ASM programming on various platforms. I have expert knowledge on full C89 and C99 standards with tons of practical experience, including debugging large pieces of software in C/C++ (MSVC, GDB or printf), and also a lot of code optimization work starting from C code. I have strong low level knowledge of networking sockets and multi-threaded applications using C. For version control I primarily used Git, often running alongside SVN, so I also have plenty of experience using these.
Aur Saraf, freelance X86 programmerView Profile
Aur Saraf5.0
Freelance X86 developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

I design, develop and teach software for the last ten years.

I'm doing this because I love introducing people to programming ideas. I have lots of teaching experience spanning from Python to x86 Assembly language. I also have a lot of experience designing elegant code, as well as diving deep into existing systems to debug or add a small feature.
Andrew, X86 programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance X86 developer in Malakhovka, Russia

JavaScript developer

Programming for over 10 years. Currently consider myself to be an experienced programmer in Node.js/V8 JavaScript area. Previously worked in C# and various scripting languages. Used to do/develop in past: - Reverse engineering x86 assembly and network protocols; - Digital audio spectrum visualization; - OpenGL/Direct3D hooking, overlays and screen capture software (Windows only).
Ciubotaru Gabriel, X86 freelancer and developerView Profile
Ciubotaru Gabriel
Freelance X86 developer in Bucharest, Romania

Senior Sofware Developer la Bitdefender

Developer with strong algorithmics knowledge, experienced in efficient, high quality and scalable Software and highly passionate in Security. Skilled in optimizations, tools creation and automatization but always open to learn more. Native speaker of C, Python and Assembly (x86) Good knowledge of C++ and Haskell Other known programming language: Java, JavaScript, Perl, Pascal/Delphi Frameworks and technologies: Django, jQuery, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile. Regular expressions, Json ,XML Tools: OllyDbg, GDB, Ida (HexRays), Visual Studio, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA. Others: Very strong knowledge of Windows OS API/ABI. Strong knowledge of Linux/Unix API. Strong knowledge of WINSOCK / BSDSOCK
Dominic Visco, top X86 developerView Profile
Dominic Visco
Freelance X86 developer in Philadelphia, United States

A Curious Engineer that Constantly Gets it Wrong

I love to ask the why and how in my life to always get the bigger picture. Staying in your silo limits you to what can be accomplished by seeing the finish line. I know there's always a better way to do something, and you'll never do it better if you never do it first. I seldom settle for the way I've done it before instead of trying something new to struggle a bit but too learn so much more. I'm proud of all my failures and hardships as they've constructed me into the competent engineer I am today.

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