Ahmed Majeed, Workflow freelance coderView Profile
Ahmed Majeed5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in Kano, Nigeria

Fullstack developer, Excellent communicator.

I build workflow driven systems using Activiti and JBPM
Menno Pietersen, Workflow software engineerView Profile
Menno Pietersen5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Responsive web design, development & MODX specialist

I have spend a lot of time optimizing my web development workflow. I use Gulp, Sass, git and a localhost to develop my sites locally in a fast, safe and efficient way.
Cedric Poilly, top Workflow developerView Profile
Cedric Poilly5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

Web Frontend Developer | Mentor | Speaker

Developing web apps. | Providing training for advanced frontend frameworks. | Initiating in house meetups. | Contributing to company's technology intelligence. | Conducting experiments aiming at enhancing the developer's experience. | Speaker for Astek Mauritius
Tim Mannino, Workflow freelance programmerView Profile
Tim Mannino
Freelance Workflow developer in Baile Atha Luain, Ireland

Designer/developer with a penchant for beautiful code and great food - in that order 💯

Designer/front-end developer dabbling in CSS3/HTML5, jQuery/JS, Ruby, PHP, and whatever else I can wrap my head around this week. Big fan of well-structured code (ffs indent!!), crazy good startup concepts, brilliant design & nice people. I love solving problems and helping people so feel free to ping me and let's get the ball rolling.
Levente Pánczél, Workflow software engineerView Profile
Levente Pánczél
Freelance Workflow developer in Budapest, Hungary

Remote working evangelist, MSc. Software Architect & Lead Backend Developer

I'm a software architect, born in 1983, in Hungary. I'm actively striving to be perceptive to my environment and to always analyze things through their causes. I'm driven by efficiency: every moment is spent contemplating, no idle thought is worth using my brain, and even the most basic routines of everyday life can be enhanced. Thinking simultaneously in multiple abstraction levels enables me to be forethoughtful, skilled when it comes to solving problems and a fast learner for things that have a purposeful internal structure.
Aleksander Koko, Workflow software engineerView Profile
Aleksander Koko5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in Tirana, Albania

Web/Mobile Application Developer

Most of the time I'm developing a web or mobile application. When I'm not coding I like to read and study UX and UI design. I also write technical articles on sitepoint.com for 3 years now.
Seth Mcleod, Workflow freelance programmerView Profile
Seth Mcleod5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in Franklin, United States

Designer & Developer. I <3 CSS & JavaScript

I'm a self-taught designer and front-end developer who loves solving problems, tackling challenges and learning new things. Design and quality user experiences are two things I'm really passionate about. I want to empower people and make the internet fun and easy to use. The small details matter. I come from a web/graphic design background so I have a good understanding of UX/UI and the latest patterns and best practices. I have a great idea of what goes into a web stack, especially the front-end, and would love to help bridge the gap between designers and developers. I live in the mountains of NC, near Asheville, where I generally spend my time indulging in my love for hiking, longboarding, and craft beer. I have many passions besides coding, like: good food, music, video games and yoga...
Guillaume Gard, senior Workflow developerView Profile
Guillaume Gard5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in Sion, Switzerland

Business Analyst experienced in Tableau Software, SQL, Excel and Hadoop.

Hello, I am a Business/Market Analyst currently living in Geneva, Switzerland. I have a working knowledge of Excel, Alteryx Designer, Tableau Software, SQL and Hadoop and I'd be a pleasure to help you in those fields if you need a mentor. Please note that my timezone is Bern, Switzerland (GMT+1h).
Vyacheslav, Workflow freelance developerView Profile
Freelance Workflow developer in Rzeszów, Poland

Experienced Software Engineer, with Project Management Experience

High load web projects, bespoke software development, project management experience DevOps: Ansible,Vagrant, Chef PAAS & Cloud: (AWS, Amazon beanstalk, Redhat openshift, OpenStack, Digital Ocean) Continuous integration (with Jenkins / Bamboo) Client stack (javascript core, AngularJS, HTML5 apis, jquery) Pure JS stack (Javascript, AngularJS, Node.JS, mongo) NoSQL (mongodb) LAMP stack (PHP, MySQL, Linux) Windows stack (asp.net MVC, MSSQL 2000-2008) -> DevOps & Development inquiries: http://www.softasap.com/ -> Github http://github.com/voronenko/ -> Ansible roles (MIT, BSD-3 clause) on a galaxy: http://bit.ly/ansible_roles -> Get in touch: check for available 30 minutes slot https://calendly.com/voronenko/30min
Prem Rose, freelance Workflow programmerView Profile
Prem Rose5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in Loule, Portugal

JavaScript programmer, ES6+, Node.js, HTML5, SVG and CSS

A JavaScript programmer with over 15 years experience. I am based Portugal, originally from the UK. I have built open source libraries like Pablo, http://pablojs.com a JavaScript library for manipulating SVG graphics, and other JavaScript and Node.js projects. Mainly, I work as a web programmer, taking on the creation of web app projects or assisting on existing ones. I also teach JavaScript to new programmers. I am happy to help with either front-end or Node.js enquiries.
Martin Djonov, top Workflow developerView Profile
Martin Djonov
Freelance Workflow developer in Oslo, Norway

CTO at Insynctive, Inc.

My name is Martin, I’m a senior software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the software development area. For the last 4 years I have been heavily involved in building a revolutionary paperless HR service which helps thousands of people in the US. On this journey I have started my self as a technical lead, steadily progressing through the project to become a CTO of the company with great people from all branches not just development. Earlier experience includes development of large scalable SaaS solutions, iOS app development, involvement in Android game development and other cool stuff. Working with developers, designers, analysts and researchers gave me valuable experience for tackling new and exciting goals and projects. As mentor, I am Microsoft Certified Trainer, ...
Bryce Howitson, senior Workflow developerView Profile
Bryce Howitson5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in Minneapolis, United States

Product Strategist, UI/UX designer & FED 10+ yrs Exp in web tech, Google Expert, Certified Design Sprint Master

Google Developer Expert (Product Strategy + UI/UX) - Certified Design Sprint Master I'm a Product & UX designer with heavy front-end dev experience. I enjoy helping to solve the "visual" challenges created by designers who don't code as well as working with designers to help them discover other techniques to accomplish their goal. In the past I've taught classroom courses covering web technology, web development, marketing and design theory. I want others to succeed and I'll work to make sure you understand the why, not just the how. My specialty is product strategy. I'd love to help you define solutions, understand users, make business decisions, test assumptions and make better products!
Manraj Singh, Workflow freelance coderView Profile
Manraj Singh5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in Delhi, India

Open Source Community Leader @DuckDuckgo, Technical Core Contributor @ Mozpacers

I love Open Source and love contributing to projects and maintaining them. Apart from Open Source, I love mentoring students and sharing stories from my journey thus far. Find me on Github: https://github.com/ManrajGrover
STEPHEN ODUNTAN, Workflow software engineerView Profile
Freelance Workflow developer in Moriki, Nigeria

A passionate JS fullstack develop with 5+ year experience in software engineering. Built 10+ apps from ground up

I am a complete music lover and a multi-skilled engineer who has over the years worked on projects spanning across mobile, web, desktop and hybrid apps. You can call me Master of all :). I worked on the ever-growing EDVES Basic for elementary & senior secondary schools. When I'm not found coding, I'm either listening to music or writing super codes (coding again? Yes, coding!)
Marcin Wosinek, senior Workflow developerView Profile
Marcin Wosinek5.0
Freelance Workflow developer in Częstochowa, Poland

Angular developer with 4yrs experience

I've worked with width angular development form different perspectives - from staring & developing applications form scratch; through maintaining code in good shape and good test coverage to few commits to angular core.

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