Top New York WordPress Developers For Hire - Dec 2017

Snippet Writer and Rabbit Hole Guide

Here's how I generally work - You explain the problem - I ask questions until I can identify/understand the problem - If Its quick enough, I can simply provide the answer for a tip ;) - If it needs more information or will take longer, We can start a session If I don't think I can help you, I want you to be able to find someone that can :) If your able to solve the problem on your own, excellent! :) I have solved a wide array of issues, and while I don't know multivariable calculus, if you know the math or can show/explain to me the equations, we can probably get it done.

Software engineer

Software engineer specialized in team building and designing/developing hi scale web app with microservice on top of Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform. I worked in some of the biggest tech startup in New York City. I can run software engineers mock interviews. I can help you to solve web coding problems. My expertise includes: - RESTful APIs, microservices, GPC, AWS - UI/UX, JS, ReactJS - Solidity, Python, PHP, Scala ... - Linux, Shell, Bash scripting, Git, servers

Creative Technologist

I am an experienced web developer, interaction designer, and tutor who specializes in the LAMP stack. I've recently been a full-time startup tech lead in New York City, building a large web application from scratch and scaling it over the course of two years. Since earning my Masters degree 10 years ago, I've worked across several different technology and tech-designer roles to develop websites or web-based products for a wide range of national and local clients in the US. My strength lies in navigating the delicate and increasingly complex intersection between code and design to produce solutions that innovate on multiple levels -- visual, functional, experiential, etc. On the side, I serve as a part-time mentor in the Parsons School of Design's Entrepreneurial Lab and have published tutorials in PHP and Javascript, including one on Envato's Tuts+ megasite. Feel free to book some time with me or shoot me a quick freelance project.

Professional Web Developer

Problems are my fuel and solutions are my fire. As the primary developer of, my code has been stress-tested by millions of visitors. I've been writing JavaScript for 15 years.

Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Node.js, AngularJS, PHP Developer

Team Manager, Web programmer Over the last 8 years, we have developed a wide range of websites using PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, MySQL, AngularJS, Javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS including sites for startup companies, webshopes for businesses. We are building sites on popular content management systems such Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop. Our main goal is the customer’s satisfaction in projects we're in charge of and understanding the client’s business goals, requirements and ideas.

ex calc club president, creator of, software engineer @yhathq

Full-Time Back-End WordPress Developer

As a professional back-end developer for WordPress I specialize in plugin development and absolutely love working with API's. I absolutely love providing knowledge and help with what I know how to do, and love learning what I don't already know.

Director of Engineering at Plated

Hello! I'm a 8-year Ruby developer specializing in full-stack development for mobile, desktop, and API clients. I'm an expert in rapid prototyping using Rails while keeping it ready to scale for that big growth day. I can implement and design any UI, whether it's for a human or a machine. I can build strictly standards-compliant when requested, integrate with any API, build systems that fail gracefully, and automate your server infrastructure management and scaling. I provide a pragmatic quality control and shipping process via automated testing, continuous deployment, and software management strategies that help you manage risk and make sure we deliver the "wow" experience you want to create. I know how to manage software projects iteratively and transparently to keep work chunks manageable, deadlines predictable, meet stakeholders expectations. I love to show how much fun and rewarding software development really can be. :)

Product Manager at Hearst Corporation

Hybrid Product Manager and Front-End Developer Over nine years of experience in HTML, CSS/SASS, JS and SQL Data-Driven, Digital Product Enthusiast & Educator

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David Lasry
Creator of PlayZik

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Itamar Yunger
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Jodie Lee
Founder of PerfectSpot

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Guy Jack
Founder & CEO of FNDRZ