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Jason Gegere, WordPress freelance coderHire Now

Web developer w/ 17+ years expertise, providing structured solutions, focused on startups. DevOPs

I manage about 20 WordPress sites, customizing themes and plugins.
Zac Rosenbauer, senior WordPress developerHire Now

Engineer & Entrepreneur

Freelancing: I help businesses realize their goals through the application of technology with heavy focus on web-based software development. Over the past 7+ years I've worked with a slue of different organizations including a company that was accepted into Y-Combinator, another that was acquired by a fortune 1000 and other startups in the Chicago area. Mentoring: I love to build relationships and help budding engineers grow into their roles. I can help you move from a mid to a senior or a senior to a manager, as I've made those jumps myself and have helped others do so. If you are interested in either of my services please reach out so I can start to help you and/or your business grow.
Topher DeRosia, senior WordPress developerHire Now

WordPress Developer and Educator

I started working with WordPress in 2017. Since then I've created dozens of themes, hundreds of plugins, and worked for 2 enterprise level WordPress agencies. I've attended over 25 WordCamps and spoken at most of them.
Justin Seidl, WordPress freelance coderHire Now

User Interface Designer at New Coast Ventures

My name is Justin Seidl, a user interface designer from Green Bay, WI currently living in Chicago, IL. I work for a startup called Dónde, we create location aware products tied together with a real-time analytics dashboard. I'm a cheesehead, have a puppy named Raleigh, and am addicted to Game of Thrones.
Davood Denavi, top WordPress developerHire Now

Website Developer & Webmaster

During my time as a WordPress developer I have done mostly one-off and maintenance projects and become a specialist in speed enhancements and repairing hacked sites. Typically the most cost effective way to fix a hacked site is to rebuild it from the ground up. Where it comes to slow sites that need speed enhancements every situation is different; sometimes slowness is caused by the hosting plan, other times it is slow database queries, and sometimes it is simply bad code, just to name a few causes of slowness.
Walter Loburak, senior WordPress developerHire Now

Web developer

3 years of WordPress development experience. I've built e-commerce websites, landing pages, portfolios, etc. Usually, prefer to create themes from scratch. Use underscores as starter template + responsive grid. Also, use gsap for complex performance animations.
Santina Croniser, WordPress dev and freelancerHire Now

Developer/Web Communications Specialist

I have coded HTML and CSS from scratch for over 10 years and have coded in JavaScript and jQuery for the last 4 years. Through my masters I learned Java and mySQL. Recently, I learned Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Python. I code responsively in HTML and CSS without preprocessors, and have recently picked up SASS. Although the majority of my skill set lies in front-end technologies, I am eager to grow my back-end skill set. Usability is my passion and a key factor whenever I code. My most recent achievement was winning the SheHacksChi hackathon where we coded an app in Ruby on Rails to inspire girls aged 8-15 to get involved with STEM. My personal development projects include building a Raspberry Pi powered photobooth. I enjoy leveling-up my skill set through online programs, including Fre...

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