Doug Gale, freelance Winapi programmerHire Now
Doug Gale5.0
Freelance Winapi developer in Toronto, Canada
Worked at Microsoft in Windows Server for three years as Software Engineer in Engines and Protocols. I have experience with UI and system development.
Ricardo, Winapi developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Winapi developer in Toronto, Canada

Senior Software Engineer

Software engineer with 13+ years of professional experience. If you have a problem feel free to contact me, I always go above and beyond to try to help you.
Cecil Edens, Winapi freelance programmerHire Now
Cecil Edens
Freelance Winapi developer in Temecula, United States

iOS developer with 20+ Apps.

Architect/Lead Senior Software Engineer for the Global Mobility Practice at CIBER, Inc.
Bartek Banachewicz, Winapi software engineer and devHire Now
Bartek Banachewicz5.0
Freelance Winapi developer in Gdynia, Poland

C++ Black Belt

IMPORTANT: If you want to contact me, and your timezone is significantly different, feel free to just open a session request during my timezone evenings (after 8pm till midnight). I've noticed that figuring out the request details via chat is extremely cumbersome. I'm a professional developer working on Application Performance Management in Dynatrace; currently stationed in Gdynia, Poland. I've done a number of jobs in the past, including Graphics Driver development at Intel, Game Development at Huuuge Games and other, potentially unrelated things. I've started programming wanting to be a game developer, so there's a huge chance I can help you with your C++ game project. I also know my ways around the low-level parts of C and C++. Right now my main focus at work is Node.js, so if you h...
Govind Sahai, Winapi freelance coderHire Now
Govind Sahai5.0
Freelance Winapi developer in Lucknow, India


I am an expert C++, Python developer with over eight years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem-solving and understanding complex and large code base.
Ryan Kuhn, freelance Winapi programmerHire Now
Ryan Kuhn5.0
Freelance Winapi developer in Dallas, United States

Win32 API, .NET, C#, all around expert with 20 years of programming experience. If I am showing as offline, message me and I will respond ASAP!

Senior software engineer focusing on .NET enterprise architecutre, applications, user interfafces, GIS solutions, and all around solutions to coding problems. If I am showing as offline, message me and I will respond ASAP!
John Bargman, Winapi freelance coderHire Now
John Bargman5.0
Freelance Winapi developer in Newton Abbot, United Kingdom

Keeping the development simple

Over my many years of software development I have come to believe that there is no task, regardless how daunting or complex, that cannot be broken down into simple and easy to follow steps. I often use my sense of humour to diffuse stressful situations and help focus on what is important.
Marc-Antoine Lortie, Winapi consultant and programmerHire Now
Marc-Antoine Lortie5.0
Freelance Winapi developer in Montreal, Canada

(Currently unavailable) Free tips/help/code review, see fields specified below

Programming languages * 5-6 years experience with C/C++ programming. * 2-3 years experience with C# programming. * 1-2 years of experience with Java * 1-2 years of experience with Python API * 4-5 years of experience with WIN32 API IDE / Tools * 5-6 years of experience with Visual Studio
Valeriy, Winapi developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Winapi developer in Odesa, Ukraine

I can actually do this!

I've been an experienced programming contestant and for that reason my style of solving problems became like fast and correct - that's everything we need. Writing code has been my hobby since I was 13 and it's the perfect age for studying IT. Those circumstances gave me an ability not only to repeat after another programmers, but also to develop my own tricks, ways of solving problems.
Mehrdad, Winapi developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Winapi developer in Salt Lake City, United States
Adrian Eddy, Winapi freelance programmerHire Now
Adrian Eddy5.0
Freelance Winapi developer in Czeladz, Poland

Programmer and electronics enthusiast

I work in all sorts of languages, from web development, through multi-platform desktop apps, high-level, low-level, assembly, security, mobile apps, native, non-native, embedded, AVR, compiled, interpreted, scripts, tools, big projects, with frameworks, without frameworks, anything. I have over 10 years of experience and done projects in C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, Pascal, Flex, JavaScript, ActionScript, HTML5/CSS3, Qt, QML, Powershell, Batch, JScript, VB. My favorite language is C++. I pay big attention to quality of my programs, UI, UX, speed, optimization and code style.
Cosmin Elvis Anita, Winapi software engineer and devHire Now
Cosmin Elvis Anita
Freelance Winapi developer in Iași, Romania

C++ Software Developer

My main experience is in developing Windows applications in Qt/C++ with or with out Server communication. Beside working in C++ I've done some coding in java/Android.
Ciubotaru Gabriel, Winapi freelancer and developerHire Now
Ciubotaru Gabriel
Freelance Winapi developer in Bucharest, Romania

Senior Sofware Developer la Bitdefender

Developer with strong algorithmics knowledge, experienced in efficient, high quality and scalable Software and highly passionate in Security. Skilled in optimizations, tools creation and automatization but always open to learn more. Native speaker of C, Python and Assembly (x86) Good knowledge of C++ and Haskell Other known programming language: Java, JavaScript, Perl, Pascal/Delphi Frameworks and technologies: Django, jQuery, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile. Regular expressions, Json ,XML Tools: OllyDbg, GDB, Ida (HexRays), Visual Studio, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA. Others: Very strong knowledge of Windows OS API/ABI. Strong knowledge of Linux/Unix API. Strong knowledge of WINSOCK / BSDSOCK
Mateusz Rogalski, Winapi dev and freelancerHire Now
Mateusz Rogalski
Freelance Winapi developer in Gdańsk, Poland

Software developer

I am an experienced software developer who taught himself how to program. I started to learn programming and IT in general when I was 10 years old ( 2000 ) and wrote my first web application when I was 11 years old ( 2001 ) using HTML and JavaScript. Since then I've started to learn PHP and C++ with no luck with the least ( I think because of the young age and lack of understanding of english language at the technicial level ) but succeeded in learning the first one. After this I jump over to learn "modern" languages like Java and C# in 2005 and since that day I'm constantly working on to develop myself and learn new things in these and new technologies. Currently learning x86 assembly to get the insights and possibly reverse engineer software.
Hein Rutjes, Winapi freelance programmerHire Now
Hein Rutjes5.0
Freelance Winapi developer in Rotterdam, Netherlands component author & enthusiast

Product developer/designer with 15+ years of working experience. Author of the famous-flex and famous-map libraries for building apps. Natural problem solver with a lot of experience in javascript/, UI design and C++.

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