Mateo Cooervo, top Webstorm developerView Profile
Mateo Cooervo5.0
Freelance Webstorm developer in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

Fullstack Javascript, Java and Scala dev. Vue.js, Angular 2+, React. MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

I think all Jetbrains IDEs are the best in the market. We can use the same hotkeys in every one of theirI IDEs. If you have any problems with webstorm I can give you a hand, I love working with it.
Dave Schinkel, top Webstorm developerView Profile
Dave Schinkel5.0
Freelance Webstorm developer in Palatine, United States

Software Crafter - Front-end: React, Backend: NodeJS, Test Driven Development

Hello! I'm here to mentor you! Code is not always easy. Lets pair and learn! See an example of one of my sessions ================================ Want to know what it's like to be mentored by me? Check out this small segment of a 1 hour mentoring session I did with someone who wanted advice on how to improve their tests, how to refactor some of their code to make it testable, etc: Disclaimer ========= We will treat each other with respect. Point being, I'm a very nice guy while I mentor. But...Don't come to me if you're expecting me to do all your homework or knock out all your code fast and then bitch if I don't. I've had a user like that before and I don't mentor cry babies. This isn't Stack Overflow. This is mentoring. You willl def...
Nikolay Melnikov, Webstorm dev and freelancerView Profile
Nikolay Melnikov
Freelance Webstorm developer in Adeje, Spain

Expertise in building and launching several projects, mostly front-end

IDE of choice, heavy reliance on User-Defined Templates
Alexander Luberg, Webstorm dev and freelancerView Profile
Alexander Luberg5.0
Freelance Webstorm developer in Brentwood, United States

Expert full-stack developer(Python/ES6/React/Redux) with 8+ year of experience. @LinkedIn

Sr. Software Engineer @ LinkedIn, 8+ years of experience
Raul Gallegos, top Webstorm developerView Profile
Raul Gallegos
Freelance Webstorm developer in Arequipa, Peru

Software Engineer

I am very passionate on what I do, love programming and being part of big projects. I would also like others to have more opportunities than I did, that's why I am really involved on ACM-ICPC competitions and teaching programming. I teach school kids programming on my spare time, and it is fantastic. I prepared the COAR Arequipa high school for the CEP 2015 and CEP 2016. On 2017 I hope to teach a school the entire year as a voluntary course. On 2017, with some friends we founded FOPI, a non-lucrative organization in charge of selecting the Peruvian students what will represent Peru in the IOI.

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