Jon Ruddell, Webrtc freelance programmerView Profile
Jon Ruddell5.0
Freelance Webrtc developer in Bloomington, United States

A Full-Stack Developer

Developed a website and accompanying mobile app (iOS and Android) for broadcasting real-time video and audio
Giorgio Natili, senior Webrtc developerView Profile
Giorgio Natili5.0
Freelance Webrtc developer in Boston, United States

JavaScript, iOS, Android developer with more than 13 years of experience

I used this technology on web and mobile projects in the early days with few documentation around, right now I'm doing several experiments with Tizen.
Roman Gordeev, top Webrtc developerView Profile
Roman Gordeev
Freelance Webrtc developer in Tver, Russia

Researcher, IT entrepreneur & software engineer

Design and develop applications for video and text conversation. Configure and deploy STUN/TURN servers. Design the API for signalling server.
Kaushik Pal, Webrtc freelance programmerView Profile
Kaushik Pal
Freelance Webrtc developer in Kolkata, India

Technical Architect/Senior Consultant/ Technical trainer with 15 years of experience in enterprise application and product development

WebRTC is very popular for real time browser based communication. It is a Google open source project. I have been working with WebRTC for last 3 years and developed products like I am also providing training on WebRTC for last 2 years. I will show you practical implementation of WebRTC in my training session along with conceptual understanding.
Ashish, Webrtc programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Webrtc developer in Noida, India

JavaScript Expert, Front end Developer and Web Engineer

Ask me anything :) I'll do my best guiding you in areas of front end development as well as back end development using JavaScript, Version Control System (Git) and best development practices. I'm an open source developer and has created several projects that are used by thousands of developers. I'm proficient in major frontend frameworks ie React, Angular and Angular JS. I've been to a lot of hackathons, won some of them nationally. Currently, I'm doing independent freelance projects and helping developers in area of web developement.
Mokanarangan Thayaparan, Webrtc engineer and consultantView Profile
Mokanarangan Thayaparan5.0
Freelance Webrtc developer in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Full Stack Developer

Make complex things simple. I am here to help you and in turn hopefully learn something from you.
Joy Foster, Webrtc freelance developerView Profile
Joy Foster5.0
Freelance Webrtc developer in Lawrence, United States

Self motivated engineer with over 20 years experience in a variety of industries.

I am an experienced engineer with expertise is Full-stack development using java, JavaScript, and related technologies. I have experience integrating and developing within a number of data stores including PostgreSQL, MySQL, oracle, hsql, Elastic Search, and others. I prefer back-end work but am versatile as my skills support every part of the stack. I have also had significant experience in management and architecture of development projects.
Mudassar Majeed, Webrtc software engineerView Profile
Mudassar Majeed
Freelance Webrtc developer in Linköping, Sweden

Full Stack Developer

I am an experienced full-stack software developer with over a decade in the field, primarily in back-end development for web applications. My specialties are debugging, software design, refactoring legacy code, adding automated tests, and problem solving. (Most of my biography matches with the default text)
Jacob Heater, Webrtc freelance coderView Profile
Jacob Heater5.0
Freelance Webrtc developer in Centreville, United States

President/Founder at Code Corps

GitHub Repository: I am an engaging individual with a strong passion for software architecture. I have excellent interpersonal skills, and communicate well in both oral and written forms. I am a natural leader and have experience in leading a team of developers, client presentations, meetings, and exhibit good leadership characteristics. I have software architecture experience in small and enterprise level applications, and am highly experienced in the SDLC process. I enjoy working in a team setting, in fast-paced environments and leading a team to success. I believe that writing high-quality code is a must, not a nice-to-have, and I enjoy mentoring developers and learning from other people. I am highly skilled in multiple programming languages and platfor...
Mr Asfandyar, Webrtc freelance coderView Profile
Mr Asfandyar
Freelance Webrtc developer in Tangi, Pakistan

I am full time Freelancer and Programmer

1.worked with pasha software house for 6 months. 2.Continuously enhancing Expertise for new Technologies and Advances in IT Industry. 3.worked as a programming lab instructor in National University of computer and emerging sciences. 4.Already working as a freelancer since last 3 years
damianfral, Webrtc freelance developerView Profile
Freelance Webrtc developer in Pontevedra, Spain

Functional programmer

I am a software engineer with experience in some different areas like web development, image processing or VoIP applications. I have worked with a bunch of programming languages, libraries, frameworks... but what I consider more valuable is that I really like learning. I enjoy striving towards correctness, principled design, and robustness. This has led me to begin learning Haskell. Strong typing and functional programming has been significantly changing the way I think and, hence, my ability as a developer.
Santiago Traversa, Webrtc freelancer and developerView Profile
Santiago Traversa
Freelance Webrtc developer in Ramos Mejia, Argentina


Strong believer of Open Source Clean Code development, focusing in quality and reusability. Lover of Agile principles and practices. Passionate of technology innovations, always trying to be up-to-date in the IT world. LinkedIn profile: Github profile: I have experience on: Software Development Methodologies: Agile: Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) & Test Driven Development (TDD) & BDD Software Architecture: Web, Mobile, SOA, Client-Server - Programming Languages and Frameworks: .Net C#, AspNet MVC, WCF, Spring.Net, NHibernate Mono, MonoTouch, Silverlight,, xUnit, Ruby: Ruby on Rails / Sinatra FrontEnd frameworks: AngularJS, EmberJS Node.js WebRTC Infrastructure & software deployment: - Setting up Windows servers App, Web...
Diógenes Gondim, Webrtc software engineerView Profile
Diógenes Gondim
Freelance Webrtc developer in Natal, Brazil

Full Stack Developer

I am a software developer with +6 years of experience as Java developer, and +5 years of experience as C# .Net developer, both web and desktop.
Yaraslau Kurmyza, Webrtc dev and freelancerView Profile
Yaraslau Kurmyza
Freelance Webrtc developer in Berlin, Germany

Javascript ninja

Full-stack developer. Bringing web applications of various complexity to life. Getting Projects Done.
Néstor Alejandro Bermúdez Sarmiento, freelance Webrtc programmerView Profile
Néstor Alejandro Bermúdez Sarmiento
Freelance Webrtc developer in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Ruby on Rails developer at Agilityfeat

Software/Web Developer and Math lover. I've been working with Ruby on Rails and for the last two years with a previous experience using .Net technologies. With over 4 years of mentoring experience in software and math related topics.

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