Joel Serino, Webpack freelance programmerHire Now
Joel Serino5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Vancouver, Canada

Internaut explorer.

I have always loved module loading and for the last 2 years been using Webpack and NPM together to create low maintenance, fast, and scalable loading and building.
Alexander Luberg, Webpack dev and freelancerHire Now
Alexander Luberg5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Brentwood, United States

Expert full-stack developer(Python/ES6/React/Redux) with 8+ year of experience. @LinkedIn

Migrated a huge legacy frontend project with lots of jquery spagetti code and namespaced modules in a global scope to webpack/babel6/eslint/npm/bower infrastructure.
Adam Goldman, Webpack freelance coderHire Now
Adam Goldman5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Phuket, Thailand

Relax, it's just life ...

My build tool of choice! It has a (very) steep and frustrating learning curve, and the documentation is, to say the least, AWFUL. A good session with the right mentor will save you loads of hours and will keep you and your team sane ;)
Silvestar Bistrović, Webpack consultant and programmerHire Now
Silvestar Bistrović5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Fearless web developer eager to prove his worth.

I am a fearless web developer. I have been working with web technologies since 2011. Building web interfaces using the latest front-end techniques is my main passion. I always try to code with performance, usability, and accessibility in mind. High scores on page scoring tools are proof of the quality work I am aiming for. I like my code clean, organized, and documented, whether I work solo or in a team.
Vladimir Novick, Webpack software engineerHire Now
Vladimir Novick
Freelance Webpack developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Software Architect & Senior Consultant

Extensive experience setting up, migrating both Webpack 1 and 2 at large scale companies in production. Writing own plugins
Sean Larkin, Webpack freelance programmerHire Now
Sean Larkin4.9
Freelance Webpack developer in Lincoln, United States

Software Engineer and Web Developer

On the webpack core team. Love creating custom plugins and loaders. After experimenting with build systems in my last few jobs, I stumbled across the beautiful magic of Webpack. Webpack bundles all of your files, assets, and third party libraries into efficient and optimize bundles. I have used Webpack not only with ReactJS, but also AngularJS. Configuration can be daunting at first, but once you have that 'ah hah' moment, the ceiling is limitless in what you are able to do. From vendor bundles to hot loaders, dev servers, test runners, and build optimizations, I love teaching people about Webpack's build 'magic'.
James Gillmore, senior Webpack developerHire Now
James Gillmore5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in San Diego, United States

Creator of Redux-First Router

I have pull requests merged to Webpack itself, as well as a popular webpack plugin: extract-css-chunks-webpack-plugin
Tom Chen, freelance Webpack developerHire Now
Tom Chen5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Taipei, Taiwan

PureScript/Haskell/React enthusiast, author of react-google-maps

I have setup several projects that using webpack as a main bundler. Loaders including jsx, babel.js, sass, less, images, fonts ... etc are used in these projects. Deploy production-ready assets to gh-pages, s3 or cdn. Configure correctly for your react-hot-loader to work with existing node.js server, with the support of testing over LAN on your mobile devices. Bundle your react components for server-side rendering is also supported by webpack.
Ben Yorke, freelance Webpack programmerHire Now
Ben Yorke5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

React Expert - Clojure Hacker - OSS Contributor

I've built a number of webpack build flows for a wide range of applications, including custom loaders, webpack plugins, and development servers.
Bhargav , freelance Webpack developerHire Now
Bhargav 5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Hyderabad, India

Front end web developer.

I use webpack as my bundler in almost every project I undertake. Webpack gives me the power to transform my futuristic code into what browsers are able to handle today. I use webpack-dev-server with hot-loaders, babel and react loaders to set up my development servers.
Sashe Klechkovski, Webpack freelancer and developerHire Now
Sashe Klechkovski5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Skopje, Macedonia

Experienced full-stack developer. Passionate about technology and quality software engineering.

I am experienced with implementing highly functional front-end builds and I use Webpack actively in the last year for that manner. Previous to Webpack I've been using Grunt and Gulp and recently I've migrated several old build setups to Webpack.
Zeke Nierenberg, Webpack software engineerHire Now
Zeke Nierenberg5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Chicago, United States

JS developer, teacher

I use webpack in all my projects now. I haven't written a plugin yet, but I know the landscape quite well.
Rajan Singh, Webpack freelance programmerHire Now
Rajan Singh
Freelance Webpack developer in Toronto, Canada

React / Javascript Front-end Developer

I have a lot of experience with webpack build system. I have created a development and production webpack configuration file including code splitting, source maps, and several other optimizations. I also can upgrade a webpack config as I have done it several times
Luke Walker, Webpack freelance programmerHire Now
Luke Walker
Freelance Webpack developer in Philadelphia, United States

Cofounder, CTO at Diagnostic Driving

I can possibly help you weave your way through the tangled web that is Webpack and various configuration challenges that come with the new world of JS development
Sten Muchow, Webpack freelance programmerHire Now
Sten Muchow5.0
Freelance Webpack developer in Lisbon, Portugal

Full Stack JS Engineer - Expertise in Javascript SPAs

Webpack is the new shiny JS build tool on the block.

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