Xavier Jefferson, Webforms dev and freelancerHire Now
Xavier Jefferson
Freelance Webforms developer in La Mirada, United States

Full Stack Microsoft Platform Developer

I've been developing with ASP.NET Webforms since roughly 2003 and I'm pretty well versed on common caveats to the framework including session state issues, caching, component creation / use, Javascript injection, and AJAX. I've also been involved in quite a bit of refactoring (to MVC) and code stabilization efforts over the years.
oguz, top Webforms developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Webforms developer in Jersey City, United States

MCP , Full stack software engineer, over 15 years of experience, simplifying complicated for you!!

9 years of experience using VB.NEt and C#
Don Oktrova, Webforms freelance programmerHire Now
Don Oktrova5.0
Freelance Webforms developer in Philadelphia, United States

Senior Software Developer

Self taught developer who have been developing for more than 15 years.
Jamie Hurley, Webforms freelance coderHire Now
Jamie Hurley4.8
Freelance Webforms developer in Lebanon, United States

Lead Software Engineer - Writing code for 21+ years

21 years of experience in building and managing enterprise software solutions throughout the Cincinnati and Dayton, OH areas. Expertise in Microsoft.NET development with emphasis on web development. Experience managing small to medium-sized teams of developers, project scope, budget, and customer-facing sales. Specialties: .NET Technologies, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET Webforms and MVC, SQL Server, Agile development, Project Management, Unit testing, Quality Assurance, Test Driven Development, Jquery, Bootstrap, REST services, LINQ, Angular 2, TypeScript, .NET Core
Alexandru Gabriel Gavrilov, freelance Webforms developer for hireHire Now
Alexandru Gabriel Gavrilov5.0
Freelance Webforms developer in Constanța, Romania

Passionate Christian, family guy and full-stack web developer

I love software development, UX, UI. My web developer skills: - c# .Net frameworks and IIS - web services - PHP, WordPress, PhpUnit, Mockery - vanilla JS, Vue JS ReactJS, Redux, Vuex, Node JS, Angular JS - css and html (responsive) Also I frequently work with: - apache SVN, turtoise SVN - JIRA - VPN, DDNS - Filezila - Putty - Workbench - PS - Beyond compare - Fiddler IDE's i like and work with: - VS 2015 - PHPStorm - notepad++ I love what I do and I am always looking for ways to improve myself.
Jon Davis, freelance Webforms programmerHire Now
Jon Davis5.0
Freelance Webforms developer in Phoenix, United States

.NET Software and Web Developer

I've been doing development in software (primarily .NET) and on the web professionally since 1997. I've primarily focused on the Microsoft stack (C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL, IIS, etc), but complementing this I am also very strong in front-end development with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. My expertise does *not* extend to non-.NET server frameworks. I've worked with some of the other server frameworks but I'm not expert in them.
Aaron Clint, Webforms freelance programmerHire Now
Aaron Clint
Freelance Webforms developer in Cameron, United States

Software architect and Sr Developer

With over a decade of software development in increasingly complex environments, I'm well versed in the SDLC at both a small business and enterprise level. My background in the financial sector enables me to provide insight into the unique challenges companies working in that sector face. I have worked as a principal in a small firm, and as a Lead Developer/Architect in a large corporation giving me a broad base of experience. I can respect the processes and procedures of corporate culture while still fighting for the agility and sense of purpose that small companies can provide. My focus is on the Microsoft stack, although I've worked in other technologies over the years as well.
Sandeep Sharma, senior Webforms developerHire Now
Sandeep Sharma5.0
Freelance Webforms developer in Haarlem, Netherlands

Web developer, who stays with the problem till the cause and solution is found.

Hi there, I am a web developer, technology enthusiast with 11 years of active experience in the IT industry . Web software architecture design, development, debugging is what I do everyday. In last 7 years I have been developing various web applications using asp.net web forms, asp.net MVC, C#.net, HTML, JavaScript/Jquery, Leaflet map API, Google maps javascript API and many more to provide customers a best possible solution.
Leonardo Granata, Webforms dev and freelancerHire Now
Leonardo Granata5.0
Freelance Webforms developer in Tullow, Ireland

Why complicate things?

techstar, freelance Webforms developerHire Now
Freelance Webforms developer in Mumbai, India

C# developer with 5 years of work ex

Developing web based application since last 5 year.Interested in designing application with optimized use of available tech stacks, as well as apply those and real life experience to help out friends, colleagues,communities such as here or other forums.
Lee Woodman, Webforms freelance programmerHire Now
Lee Woodman5.0
Freelance Webforms developer in Swansea, United Kingdom
From 2007 - 2014 I worked in London at one of the most commercially focussed enterprises in digital advertising. As a result I have top to bottom insight into cross platform digital publishing and digital revenue generation. My speciality is Digital Marketing (specifically SEO) and Drupal 7.
Zach Davis, Webforms freelance developerHire Now
Zach Davis
Freelance Webforms developer in Boydton, United States

Passionate software developer and teacher with 15 years of real world experience.

I have been developing on the .NET stack for 15 years. I am also very passionate about passing my experience onto younger developers.
Paul Whitworth, senior Webforms developerHire Now
Paul Whitworth
Freelance Webforms developer in Fort Wayne, United States
I am a C# ASP.NET Developer with a proven track record of working remotely. My latest project is a complex SPA built with Angular 2 UI and Web.API / SQL Server / Entity Framework back end. I'm an independent contractor with over 12 years experience in database driven applications covering all versions of .NET from the initial beta version. My database platform of choice is Microsoft SQL Server.
Ignacio Anaya, top Webforms developerHire Now
Ignacio Anaya5.0
Freelance Webforms developer in Vicente Lopez, Argentina

Software Engineer at Crackle

My strong skill is good quality software architecture using JavaScript, Angular and NodeJS. I also have good qualities to perform leadership and coaching roles.
Krispijn Joseph, Webforms software engineerHire Now
Krispijn Joseph
Freelance Webforms developer in Beringen, Belgium

Front-end developer / Drupal Themer

I am an front-end developer / Drupal themer with over a decade of experience in de web-development in field. I've worked for big Clients as The New York Times, City of Ghent, Thomas Cook etc. My specialities are Front-end development for CMS systems like Drupal, WordPress, Sitecore, Magnolia etc.

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