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All Things Modern Web

Having worked on enterprise-scale sites such as Facebook, cultivated Clover's suite of 1st party web applications from scratch, hacked on WebVR, and founded a modern web application, ( I've acquired a deep understanding and wide range of skills for the modern web. I'd love to help you with: Architecting a Web Application Are you using the best tools for the job? While premature optimization is bad in most cases, we'll consider the performance implications of big decisions from day 1 to ensure your application will scale as desired. Such big decisions include: - use of a web framework (React/Ember/Angular are the giants, but maybe you need a lightweight less-feature rich alternative like RiotJS, or maybe vanilla JS makes the most sense) - graphics tooling (WebGL/Canvas/SVG graphics all have their tradeoffs, and beyond that assets can be downloaded in multiple ways and formats. Experienced with 2D and 3D rendering) - communication (Making a real time app? You'll probably need WebSockets and a nice protocol. I use a streamlined version of Meteor's DDP. Will clients send a lot of data to each other? You'll probably want WebRTC P2P.) - use of service workers (You'll need this to do push notifications and have offline support. There's other benefits too) - server architecture (Not sure if you should build a feature or use SAAS? We'll dig into this or any other server architecture question you have) Overwhelmed with the choices out there for the modern web? ES6, React, WebPack, Babel, Promises, Ember, Meteor, NPM, Node, Grunt, Broccoli, Browserify, Gulp, WebSockets, Progressive Web Apps, Service Workers. The list goes on. I'll demystify modern web tooling, and show you that it's not that complicated if you use the right tools. 3 years experience with React 2 years experience with Ember Design conscious with a strong intuition for UX.

Full-stack and mobile developer, 9 yrs exp

I enjoy challenges and developing simple solutions to big problems. I also believe that with determination and commitment, everything can be done. Clean code and automated tests make me really happy! I'm a follower of the Agile methodology, and always giving the best of myself to improve my knowledges. I'm absolutely open to new technologies, methodologies or concepts.

Elm pro and enthusiast with almost a year experience

I love technology and front-end development in particular, with over 5 years of experience both as a hired pro in a high paced team for huge projects and as a freelancer for small company's side project, I found Elm brings order to chaos and believe it's the best technology one can choose today.

Full Stack Software Engineer and Web Developer

I like to build neat things. That doesn't mean much of anything specific, so let me elaborate: Technology and software has given us an immense power over our lives and how we engage with and access the planet as a whole. Literally the whole planet, I'm not parroting a trope. When I write software, specifically web software, I am able to craft information and data into shapes and forms that provide immediate value as tools to other humans. And through the web, these tools can access millions of other people in an unimaginably quick amount of time. The speed with which we can create these tools feels as close to magic as I'll probably ever get. And of course, I am in love with the process of creating said tools. New and well thought out ideas bring me an incredible amount of excitement, because it means I get to work with others to bring something new into the world. To make something from nothing is indescribable -- we as developers have morphed and transformed and constructed random collections of thoughts into a shape, given them a structure, and paved the foundation for others to use those new relationships of information to create value. Sometimes immensely so. Those are neat things.

UI Architect at precisioneffect

Our family business needed a website. I graduated from UCONN with a degree in math, but I didn't have any experience with design or development. There was downtime, however, and I've always wanted to learn the craft, so I dived in. Over the years, I designed & developed several versions of the site, and created some simple apps to make my team's life easier. I fell in love with all things web -- everything from business strategy to user experience to SEO. Customers really enjoyed the site's content and the instant quote generator and I really enjoyed their feedback. I found I was really good at this. Soon our company's site was occupying top organic search positions. I dived in further. I wanted to build an app to allow our company to go paperless. I asked a friend of mine if I would be able to pick his brain as he has been programming since he was 10 years old. He has been mentoring ever since. I read books on Object Oriented Programming, Architecture & Design Patterns, and general best practices with my goal in mind. I built it's first version using Laravel & Angular. The passion grew deeper and decided that I would become a full time Software Engineer. I showed off my app and landed a job in Boston where I've been building web sites and apps for the Healthcare industry. Working full time in web technologies has been a dream come true because I'm always learning new things. I'm finally understanding why Functional Programming is awesome. My current side-project is building a new, offline-first version of "Rugapp" (for the family business) using ReactJS, Node.js, PouchDB and CircleCI.

Code Junkie, Dog Dad and all around nerd.

I spend most of my time working from home as a lead developer for an adtech company. In my spare time I can be found hacking away at new ideas, listening to podcasts or playing with my dog, Hodor. I've served as a mentor on my teams throughout the years and am comfortable working with anyone, whether you've never written a line of code in your life or you've built entire systems in Java. Javascript is my favorite flavor of code but I'm also a fan of Python, PHP, C# and Ruby. I also spend free time volunteering in my local Entrepreneurship community and helping support people with new ideas who need a bit of extra technical knowledge. If you're interested in meeting with me just let me know!

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