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Rafael Pulpulaan, Web servers dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Web servers developer in Quezon City, Philippines

Certified NetSuite developer ● Full-stack web and hybrid mobile app developer

Have designed and implemented a highly-available server cluster to support integrated wep app and mobile app.
Felipe Moraes, top Web servers developerHire Now
Freelance Web servers developer in Carapicuiba, Brazil

Java / Scala / C# Backend Software Developer

I am an experienced backend software engineer, with more than seven years in the field. I have worked at the development of web apps backend - microservices, rest, sql and no-sql databases, messaging queues, redis, reactive programming - and some frontend as well. My favorite languages are Scala and Java.
Jacob Duyon, Web servers freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Web servers developer in Brookline, United States

Software Engineer, Software architecture engineer, Full stack developer

I am a software engineer with experience working for an enterprise digital media company. I practice agile software development and have worked on a diverse set of projects. For example, I've worked anywhere from: automating the configuring / setup clusters of servers, writing backend server code, creating tools for monitoring, and finally building neural networks to solve big data problems.
Mayank Juneja, top Web servers developerHire Now
Freelance Web servers developer in Pune, India

Backend/Machine Learning engineer

I am an experienced software developer/researcher with over 7 years of experience (3 years in academia and then 4 years in the industry). I have worked in a diverse set of companies ranging from early stage startups to big internet companies. I believe I have a good knack of understanding a problem and coming up with a quick solution for it.
Juan Gaviria, Web servers freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Web servers developer in Medellín, Colombia

Co Founder - CTO at Webestimate

I love software development, I have nearly 15 years of experience working in software development projects in different platforms (desktop, web and mobile). These last years I´ve been focusing my experience in becoming a leader, be it for a software development team or an IT Project. As a team leader, the best experience I´ve had so far has been developing the Information System for Medellín´s Municipal Attorneys, where I was responsible for directing the developers and monitoring every step of the process (Architecture, UX, Development, Testing), apart from keeping the communication on with the client. It was a very successful experience thanks to the whole team´s effort. I try to learn something new everyday, I think every lesson, be it big or small, can make you a better person. I...
Tanner Linsley, senior Web servers developerHire Now
Freelance Web servers developer in Ashburn, United States

Javscript, React, Open Source, Data Visualization - Debugging, Architecture, OSS Solutions

I live and breat Javascript, React, and Open Source. I have built and maintain many large and successful open source libraries along with building and running my own marketing analytics software business with 2 other individuals. I consider myself a thought leader and innovator in the insanely fast-moving world of Front End software development. I am an extremely well-practiced creative problem solver, and I work very quickly compared to most. If you need to get things done quickly. I'm your guy.

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