Carlos Almeida, senior Web framework developerHire Now
Carlos Almeida5.0
Freelance Web framework developer in Encarnación, Paraguay

Full Stack Developer & DevOps

Hi there! I'm a highly focused FullStack Developer with 5 years’ experience working in a variety of developments as a freelancer and as a part of developer’s teams, I’ve been working always from my location as a remote developer. I’m always looking to code to the highest standards to write solid code. I’m continuing learning and using new technologies to improve my work’s quality and skills. I’m trustworthy, organized, methodical and with a really good eye for the details. I understand the value of good communication regarding all progress for the whole entire work as a fundamental key to tighten the long lasting relationships. I’m comfortable working either independently or as part of a team. I’m a computer’s technician, help desk, support and more too. I’ve worked around 2 years for ...
Mohamed Melouk, senior Web framework developerHire Now
Mohamed Melouk5.0
Freelance Web framework developer in Cairo, Egypt

Passionate Software Engineer

I am a technology-loving geek. I love problem solving and programming. I have been programming for over 5 years and have experience in many fields including web, mobile, game development and also data science and finally virtual reality and augmented reality applications.
John C. Scott, top Web framework developerHire Now
John C. Scott1.0
Freelance Web framework developer in San Diego, United States

Senior Frontend Developer

In a nutshell, I use computer and interactive technologies to organize information, form the information into a usable interface, create or edit graphic elements or editorial content as needed, and deploy to the web. A project is either carried from conception to completion or specific parts are done in collaboration with others.
Siddhant Singh, senior Web framework developerHire Now
Siddhant Singh5.0
Freelance Web framework developer in Varanasi, India

Python Programmer-Time series & Forecasting -(Pandas-Matplotlib-Pygame-sklearn)-Biopython-Bioinformatics-Machine Learning-DjangoRestFramework-API-Web Scraper--Bots

I have expertise in Python and Django and have a great experience working as a web developer where i started with javascript and jquery along with bootstrap framework. I have used Python for scraping,demographics,Data analysis and game development,Sending GET/POST API/JSON django(API,Rest Framework), recently I have been doing Data science using (Pandas, Matplotlib) and Pyspark.
Justin Quick, Web framework freelance coderHire Now
Justin Quick
Freelance Web framework developer in Washington, United States

Web Software Engineer

I am making the world better by contributing to open source technologies for organizations and communities specializing in web applications. Ive contributed to projects that span the world and help people have a better relationship with technology on the web. Here are some of my projects: Django Activity Streams: Generates activity stream feeds for your websites so your users can know what other users are doing Google Image Chart Wrapper for Python: Used by many sites around the world including Interlegis which helps the citizens of Brazil better understand their voting results. PyGoogleVoice: Python wrapper for the Google voice “API”. Lets you connect to the ...
Ilkan Çelik, Web framework freelance programmerHire Now
Ilkan Çelik
Freelance Web framework developer in Istanbul, Turkey

Senior Software Engineer & Game Developer

Clean and fast solutions for dirty and hard problems.
Ross Dreyer, Web framework freelance programmerHire Now
Ross Dreyer
Freelance Web framework developer in Natick, United States

Results driven entrepreneur who provides economical software solutions to businesses.

I produce a number of different products services associated with: 1. Integrating information systems in the physical security market 2. Automating data entry and testing 3. Information collection and reporting A concept called "Team Speed" is very important to me. It relies upon the premise if your fast you are always in the game. Rapid prototyping is a valuable strategy along with keeping things very simple.
Aleksander Koko, Web framework software engineerHire Now
Aleksander Koko5.0
Freelance Web framework developer in Tirana, Albania

Web/Mobile Application Developer

Most of the time I'm developing a web or mobile application. When I'm not coding I like to read and study UX and UI design. I also write technical articles on for 3 years now.
Shamasis Bhattacharya, Web framework coder and developerHire Now
Shamasis Bhattacharya
Freelance Web framework developer in Bengaluru, India

Vice President of Engineering at Postman

Tech architect, strategist and a developer specialising in JavaScript framework development. VPE @PostmanClient, architected and developed @FusionCharts JS data visualisation library. Been a person who has seen languages and platforms grow over a period of two decades, I bring best practices, risk mitigation and low level debugging skills by virtue of being able to analyse and understand the fundamental technologies that power businesses and great products. Coupled that with a compulsive, empathetic personality, provides a practical and yet scalable outcomes.
Florian Reheis, senior Web framework developerHire Now
Florian Reheis
Freelance Web framework developer in London, United Kingdom

Ruby on Rails Develper

I'm a Business Controller turned Developer, combining my financial experiences with my passion for Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing. Based in London, I'm currently working as a Ruby on Rails Developer at Cutover. Before London, I was exploring a small part of our beautiful world, besides completing various economical and technical courses as well as gaining financial and controlling experiences as a Business Controller at Swarovski.
Theofanis Despoudis, Web framework consultant and programmerHire Now
Theofanis Despoudis5.0
Freelance Web framework developer in Sligo, Ireland

Senior Level Software Engineer and Senior Mentor. I'm here to help.

Accomplished and accountable Software Developer with a consistent record of achievements in the successful end-to-end delivery of leading-edge projects and products. Possessing strong organisational skills and a proven ability to ensure the commercial success of projects through careful management of resources and budgets; leading and training high-performance internal and remote multidisciplinary teams to deliver critical projects within timeframes and budget.
Oleg Dragora, Web framework freelance coderHire Now
Oleg Dragora3.0
Freelance Web framework developer in Volgograd, Russia


Carlos Sampol, top Web framework developerHire Now
Carlos Sampol
Freelance Web framework developer in Bogotá, Colombia

Bilingual HTML5/CSS3 Expert. Web Developer

Carlos A. Sampol, Venezuelan, 27 Years Old, he has participated in several important competitions such as Imagine Cup Venezuela 2012 with project E+Tech wining the 4th place. As an experienced software developer, he has worked in several startups such as Netro and Exclusive Traveler Club in positions related to Web Development and Design. Skilled in the Frontend development Environment with knowledge in HTML5/ CSS3 and Javascript, he has also written thousands of lines of code in Python for backend environments, C++ for business related softwares and Java for gaming software development.
Joseph Johnston, Web framework software engineerHire Now
Joseph Johnston
Freelance Web framework developer in Boulder, United States

Joseph Johnston

I will help you learn how to learn. I've made many stumbles learning software engineering and I can help you avoid the same conceptual pitfalls. I can show you the details of a language or platform, but I always like to include a bigger picture for the sake of understanding and motivation.
George Dorn, Web framework freelance programmerHire Now
George Dorn4.7
Freelance Web framework developer in Portland, United States

Software Engineer w/ 7 years of Python/Django

I'm a web application developer with about a decade of experience. Most of this has been with Python and Django. I can help with any part of the web application stack from JavaScript to the SQL database, but my area of expertise is back-end development. I have multiple rates; mentoring requires more scheduling and is more stressful, so for-hire projects will cost less per hour than mentoring. I also have a "Do Your Homework" rate of $75/hr with a minimum of 1 hour. Code Portfolios: (Slowly moving new projects to gitlab). Notable projects: Tastypie (REST API builder for Django) Magellan (Personal search engine / spider, for Django and Elasticsearch) https://gitl...

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