James Gillmore, senior Web developerHire Now
James Gillmore5.0

Creator of Redux-First Router

I'm exclusively focused on React + Redux. I can help you prepare for React interviews, level-up your React skills, or efficiently build whatever apps/assignments you need. I'm primarily an open-source developer and my primary package is Redux-First Router. To learn more about me and my open source work, check my Medium publication: https://medium.com/faceyspacey In general, I'm focused on idiomatic javascript in Reactlandia. I'm a Long time teacher. I'm here to help. I live on Las Vegas and am coding open-source stuff around the clock currently. When it comes to React, I DO THIS. To get a feel for what I'm about, I suggest you read these 2 articles I wrote about Redux-First Router: https://medium.com/@faceyspacey/pre-release-redux-first-router-a-step-beyond-redux-little-router-cd27165...
Benjamin Boynton, Web dev and freelancerHire Now
Benjamin Boynton5.0
I'm a computer science major from UCSD and a lifelong technologist. I deeply enjoy programming and solving difficult problems. I'm an idealist and a bit of a perfectionist. I never give-up and I love helping others. I'm also the CTO at a financial services company in San Diego. I hope that everyone is able to find the passion and excitement I have found. It's time to give back.
Gaege Root, Web freelance developerHire Now
Gaege Root5.0

User-focused, front-end development specialist with a soft spot for entrepreneurial pursuits and lifelong learning.

I find myself consistently returning to the world of startups and entrepreneurs. Something about the endless possibilities is hard to ignore. Putting one's unique spin on solutions to tough problems in code is a feeling like no other and now, more than ever, more individuals with these skills are becoming necessary. I've always wanted to change the world. I feel that sharing my expertise with others and empowering them within the programming community is a step toward that goal. If you'd like to step up your skills or just need need to get over a speed bump, schedule a call with me here: https://calendly.com/gaegeroot
Chris J Mears, top Web developerHire Now
Chris J Mears5.0

Full Stack Web Developer. Technical Advisor for Non-Technical Founders

I am a software engineer consultant, entrepreneur, and technologist with over 15 years of experience in web development, UI / UX, IT, and telecomm with start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. I've held roles such as Front End Web Engineer, Web Software Developer, IT Manager, Project Manager, and Telecom Specialist. Along with co-founding an Internet start-up, I've architected and maintained several websites and content management systems, developed e-commerce platforms, integrated cross-platform invoicing systems, and organized social media, SEO, and online advertising strategies. Specialties: web development, front end development, e-commerce, online advertising, display advertising, social media, project management, SEO, SEM, usability and QA testing.
Douglas Puchalski, Web freelancer and developerHire Now
Douglas Puchalski

Software and Business Systems Architect

Business-minded developer with a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan. Has extensive experience in web application and software engineering, with a focus on business processes, workflows, information processing, logistics, with an affinity for FinTech. More than 10 years experience with small and large companies from startup to enterprise, technology companies to brick-and-mortar. Strong integrated system architecture and development, hands-on with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React.js, Node.js, Ember.js, Javascript, SQL, and NoSQL. Builds highly functional, high-performance, maintainable products with feature sets and foresight that extends beyond business requirements. Wide breadth and depth of experience including tech and non-tech, startup and Fortune 500; software deve...
Mario Carrizales, Web dev and freelancerHire Now
Mario Carrizales5.0

PHP, Python, Swift, Java, VB, C#, JavaScript ES6, JQuery, Angular, Node, React, Wordpress, Fabricjs, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, MSSQL, NoSQL, Bootstrap, 3DSMax

Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Mario Carrizales. I have professional experience as a Full Stack Web App Developer, e-Commerce Web Master, Marketing Manager, Server Admin, and 2D / 3D Design/Modeler. With 10 years of experience working in the web technologies field, I understand the entire web development process including front/back-end, servers, and databases.. Operating Systems: Windows 7/10 Linux Android Mac iOS Languages: Javascript ES6 PHP 7 Python Web Frameworks: Angular CodeIgniter React Express Wordpress Tools: PHPMyAdmin Node Git / Github Composer Jquery Bootstrap CSS Grid Grunt / Gulp LESS / SASS Databases: SQL MySQL NoSQL skype: mcbargainelectronics or call/text: 619-800-2278. http://mariocarrizales.com (best viewed on desktop computer) Previous Projects: https://www.mysk...
Sebastian Pereyro, Web freelancer and developerHire Now
Sebastian Pereyro5.0

Founder at Empirical

I am a software engineer and entrepreneur. I am currently working in the video game industry for Disney. I have started two tech-startups and tried multiple projects on the side. I have a passion for elegant solution to hard problems.
Michael DePetrillo, Web software engineer and devHire Now
Michael DePetrillo

4 Successful Internet Startups, $2 Billion In Transactions. Unity, Blockchain and being a present Nerd.

Enthusiastic Software engineer with 20 years of experience in development of robust and cross-platform websites and mobile applications. Competent in team supervision and budget management. Solid experience in Digital Marketing and producing extremely high conversion rates. Strong background in process automation and DevOps. Academically founded in Television, Film and New Media with core competencies in: Agile Methodology Analytics Automation Conceptualization Blockchain / Smart Contracts Business Development Digital Marketing Mobile Development Programming Project Management SEO Unity Game Development
Eliran Zach, Web freelance programmerHire Now
Eliran Zach

Highly experienced Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency developer

I've being doing full-stack development for more then a decade, of which I've spend the last 6 years specializing in Cryptocurrencies, and worked a wide variety of projects, like a 2nd layer protocol for bitcoin called Colored-Coins, or a whole mining pool from the ground just to name a few.
John C. Scott, top Web developerHire Now
John C. Scott1.0

Senior Frontend Developer

In a nutshell, I use computer and interactive technologies to organize information, form the information into a usable interface, create or edit graphic elements or editorial content as needed, and deploy to the web. A project is either carried from conception to completion or specific parts are done in collaboration with others.

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