Sasha, senior Web developer for hireView Profile

Senior engineer with 16+ years of experience | New York

My name is Sasha. My background includes .NET and PHP, but my most nostalgic about classic ASP. I have been developing professionally since 2000 and holds a Master's defree in Software Engineering. When not staring at a comuter screen, I'm probably staring at another screen, either watching TV or playing video games with my friends.
Sam Tobia, freelance Web programmerView Profile
Sam Tobia5.0

Snippet Writer and Rabbit Hole Guide

Here's how I generally work - You explain the problem - I ask questions until I can identify/understand the problem - If Its quick enough, I can simply provide the answer for a tip ;) - If it needs more information or will take longer, We can start a session If I don't think I can help you, I want you to be able to find someone that can :) If your able to solve the problem on your own, excellent! :) I have solved a wide array of issues, and while I don't know multivariable calculus, if you know the math or can show/explain to me the equations, we can probably get it done.
JJ, senior Web developer for hireView Profile
Sam Gabbay, Web freelance developerView Profile
Sam Gabbay4.9

President of Technology at CDB Apparel

I have been an iOS developer for several years. Developer of Energi - The Simple Remote for Tesla
Shane Keller, Web freelance coderView Profile
Shane Keller5.0

Get Hack Reactor interview prep! Full stack software engineer at Fitbit. Ex-Khan Academy intern. Hack Reactor graduate.

I love to code and solve challenging problems. Before I became a software engineer, I had my own tutoring business and tutored for hundreds of hours. I'm a great resource for both intro to intermediate programmers. I also have expertise in preparing students for Hack Reactor interviews. Currently, I'm only accepting new students who need 1) coding bootcamp interview prep, or 2) D3 help.
Richard Lau, Web freelance programmerView Profile
Richard Lau5.0
Experience with Ruby/Rails. Low rates to get a feel of codementor and build up reviews. I will start billing only when we've talked and identified the problem. Worked previously at Bespoke Post and Constant Contact. Currently a freelancer and intro to ruby instructor at Startup Institute. I also volunteer for the RailsBridge NYC chapter which teaches women ruby/rails
Erwan Jegouzo, top Web developerView Profile
Erwan Jegouzo5.0

Fullstack Javascript nerd with 10 years experience.

CTO & Co-Founder of, 10 years web engineering experience. Worked at iHeartRadio (75 million users), Victoria's Secret ($2B sales/year), Domani Studios and Euro RSCG.
William Countiss, Web dev and freelancerView Profile
William Countiss5.0

Learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript the right way

Hi, my name is William, and I am a front-end engineer with three years experience. I know that teaching yourself how to program can be a difficult, and sometimes incredibly frustrating. When you have a mentor you'll noticed that the learning experience becomes a little easier and certainly more enjoyable. More than that, the knowledge begins to stick as you and your mentor work through problem solutions together. If you are new to programming, or maybe trying to move beyond the basics, then I can help. I really love to program, and equally as much to teach. You can learn to code, and I can help.
Federico Ulfo, top Web developerView Profile
Federico Ulfo5.0

Software engineer

Software engineer specialized in team building and designing/developing hi scale web app with microservice on top of Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform. I worked in some of the biggest tech startup in New York City. I can run software engineers mock interviews. I can help you to solve web coding problems. My expertise includes: - RESTful APIs, microservices, GPC, AWS - UI/UX, JS, ReactJS - Solidity, Python, PHP, Scala ... - Linux, Shell, Bash scripting, Git, servers
Steve Kaliski, top Web developerView Profile
Steve Kaliski
I've been programming for almost a decade. I focus mainly on web development, but have more traditional academic experience as well. I recently worked at a TechStars company building our front end dashboard, embedded content, s well as our our database architecture.

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