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Colin Steele, Web freelance coderHire Now

Code Panda

I'm Colin and I like to code. I'm a professional software engineer in Atlanta, Ga. I've been programming for around 8 years now and I've continued to develop a deep passion for writing clean code. I love sharing knowledge with others, and I'm not afraid to learn new things from my mentees. I'm very friendly and easy-going, and I'm willing to help with a plethora of languages and technologies.
Steven Harman, top Web developerHire Now

Building the web since 1999; maker and breaker of things.

I've created and/or maintain a number of Ruby Gems (Grocer, GitTracker, DumbDelegator, pg_search, minimagick) and share a lot of side-project code on GitHub. I've been building the web since the early 2000's and first started using Ruby in 2007. I've helped a number of teams move from SVN/CVS/TFS to Git. I enjoy helping people along the road from "Testing to Test-First to Test-Driven" (
Ganesh Iyer, Web freelance programmerHire Now

Full stack intelligent applications developer

Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer @ Emory University.
John King, freelance Web programmerHire Now

Experienced Full stack Developer

Hi, I am a full stack developer who has worked in a number of different languages and frameworks on both front and back end development. I would love to be of assistance to you if I can.
Kyle Cline, Web freelance developerHire Now

Ruby on Rails developer with a love for Ruby OOP

Benji, senior Web developer for hireHire Now

I build awesome websites and help awesome people learn to do the same.

I'm Benji, a self taught web developer with 7 years experience developing e-commerce and small business websites. As a self taught developer I would've killed to have someone help me and make the learning curve a little smoother. I'm hoping to provide others the same, all while making coding a little more enjoyable.
J Corry, Web developer for hireHire Now

Sr. Full Stack Engineer

I'm an experienced web engineer. I build RESTful APIs and javascript UIs. I place a heavy emphasis on application/data security followed closely by performance. I favor close adherence to standards and clear, well documented codebases and APIs.
Bryan Hadaway, top Web developerHire Now

I am a front end engineer with experience in several different code bases and languages

I am an experience front end developer, having touched most all of the most popular libraries and frameworks. I have worked on several different projects over the years and also have experience teaching many friends and coworkers coding skills. I am passionate about coding and am always trying to learn myself.
Shayan Samani, top Web developerHire Now

Front-end Developer at Delta Air Lines

My name is Shayan Samani and I am a Front-end Developer @ Delta Air Lines. With 7 years of hands-on and industry experience efficiently coding responsive websites and applications using only the most modern HTML/CSS/JS frameworks and libraries. I am passionate about building a robust, consistent,and intuitive user experiences! I appreciate beautiful user interfaces and I do my best in emulating best practices in the work I deliver. Responsive Design and Development is what I live for!
Mitch Masia, Web freelance programmerHire Now

React, React Native, Node Expert

I'm an ambitious computer engineer with a passion for novel projects, intelligent design, and proper implementation.

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