Flavio Wuensche, Web crawling software engineerHire Now
Flavio Wuensche5.0
Freelance Web crawling developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rails Developer. Microsoft Excel & VBA specialist.

Industrial Engineer. Web Developer. Relevant financial background. Flavio is prepared to become an immediate contributor on tasks concerning the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications (both front and backend), querying databases, and managing work with git. Based on previous experience, further qualifications he can offer are mostly related to Finance, Analytics, and Process Automation.
Dmitry Tsoy, Web crawling freelance programmerHire Now
Dmitry Tsoy5.0
Freelance Web crawling developer in Moscow, Russia

DevOps Advocate

Avi Aryan, freelance Web crawling programmerHire Now
Avi Aryan5.0
Freelance Web crawling developer in Gandhinagar, India

Backend & DevOps guy, Automation guru, GSoC 17 & Udacity Mentor

I am a freelance developer currently mentoring at Udacity and Google Summer of Code. I expertise in Backend and Android development. (Weird combination, I know, right?) I have been programming for 6 years and I believe in code sanity as much as anything. I also do top-level competitive programming so my algorithm skills are pretty strong and so with me, you can be sure that the code created will be optimized and relatively bug free.
Jared Williams, senior Web crawling developerHire Now
Jared Williams5.0
Freelance Web crawling developer in Hicksville, United States

Development and Operations Director

Global DevOps Community | http://devopschat.co Contact Details | http://jared.nyc
Andres Pérez-Albela H., Web crawling coder and engineerHire Now
Andres Pérez-Albela H.5.0
Freelance Web crawling developer in Lima, Peru

Software Engineer / Web Crawling & Data Scraping Specialist @ AirPR

Python, Django, Data Scraping, Web Crawling, Scripting, Data Processing, Linux, Servers.
Carlo Rosati, Web crawling freelance coderHire Now
Carlo Rosati4.3
Freelance Web crawling developer in Newark, United States

Mentor, Student, Adventurer

Teaching Experience I am currently a Teaching Assistant here at Drexel University. I am TA'ing for a Python class and have TA'd for C++ and Android programming classes in prior terms. Extracurricular Interests I am a big fan of Physics Engines, especially those that DICE have implemented in their Battlefield franchise and Crytek has implemented in their Crysis franchise. I would like to work on similar computer software to develop and create animations and visual effects.

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