Gábor László Hajba, Web crawler software engineer and devView Profile
Gábor László Hajba5.0
Freelance Web crawler developer in Sopron, Hungary

IT Consultant, Well Grounded Software Developer

I have written some books and more scrapers. Most of the time I use Python for crawling data because it is fast and reliable. Depending on the requirements I utilize Scrapy or BeautifulSoup.
Matt Rzepa, Web crawler freelance developerView Profile
Matt Rzepa
Freelance Web crawler developer in Podolsze, Poland

product oriented software engineer

Specialize in creating API, scalable systems and web applications. Mostly working with Node.js, Elasticsearch, MongoDB and Redis. Fan of lean methodology, fast prototyping and startups.
Manoj Pandey, Web crawler freelance coderView Profile
Manoj Pandey4.9
Freelance Web crawler developer in Makati, Philippines

Expert Python Developer & Trainer, Conference speaker, Researcher, Mentor, Hacker and UI/UX/Data Science consultant

I'm a professional Python developer and trainer. I speak at Python conferences around the world {PyCon Italy, UK, Finland, Philippines; you can find my videos on YouTube). Ask me anything ! :) I'll do my best guiding you in areas of front end development as well as back end development using Python, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, different Python libraries, open source development, Version Control System (Git), best practices, and tiny hacks to be more productive. I've been to a lot of hackathons, won some of them nationally and internationally. Currently, I'm part of some research projects at Stanford University and doing independent research on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing ! For more, check my Linkedin (http://linkedin.com/in/manoj96)
Flavio Wuensche, Web crawler software engineerView Profile
Flavio Wuensche5.0
Freelance Web crawler developer in Cambridge, United States

Web Developer. Microsoft Excel & VBA specialist.

Industrial Engineer. Web Developer. Relevant financial background. Flavio is prepared to become an immediate contributor on tasks concerning the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications (both front and backend), querying databases, and managing work with git. Based on previous experience, further qualifications he can offer are mostly related to Finance, Analytics, and Process Automation.
Peter Burns, Web crawler freelance programmerView Profile
Peter Burns5.0
Freelance Web crawler developer in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Expert Web Developer | PHP | MySQL | Javascript | JQuery | Java | SEO | Interviewer

I've been building for the web since I was a teenager and have over a decade of experience -- but you never stop learning in this industry! I'm most often found working with PHP, a language on which multiple high-traffic sites I've managed are built upon, but I have experience and proficiency in a wide-range of technical areas, from server management to cryptocurrency programming. I'm enthusiastic about good quality code, user-experience, and helping people where possible.
Andres Pérez-Albela H., Web crawler coder and engineerView Profile
Andres Pérez-Albela H.5.0
Freelance Web crawler developer in Lima, Peru

Software Engineer / Web Crawling & Data Scraping Specialist @ AirPR

Python, Django, Data Scraping, Web Crawling, Scripting, Data Processing, Linux, Servers.
Israel Umeadi, top Web crawler developerView Profile
Israel Umeadi
Freelance Web crawler developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Java EE / Spring / Angular / React Native / Mobile Developer

Am a self motivated programmer who likes trying new stuffs and helping others to succeed in their chosen field of specialization. I have worked on a number of projects which range from enterprise applications using Java EE to mobile applications using Ionic Framework and web applications using Angular JS. Angular brings a lot of flexibility especially when it is compared to frameworks like JSF. I have built a e-government portal with Angularjs 1.3x and a complete ecommerce application using Angular 2.
Jonathan Dizdarevic, Web crawler consultant and programmerView Profile
Jonathan Dizdarevic5.0
Freelance Web crawler developer in Le Coudray-Montceaux, France

PHP Symfony2/3 & Full-Stack Lead Developer with 10+ years XP.

Symfony2/3 Expert, I have been Lead Developer on couple of major projects. Full-Stack developer, DevOps, and CTO @ 2 companies. Also involved into Cryptocurrencies.
Nick O'Neill, Web crawler freelance coderView Profile
Nick O'Neill5.0
Freelance Web crawler developer in New York, United States

Full Stack Web Developer (Rails focused)

I have been doing full stack web development now for nearly 17 years. I was self taught initially but then began seeking more formal education to improve my skills. Over the course of 17 years I've: - Built countless websites (static, PHP, Wordpress, MoveableType!, and now tons of Rails apps) - Managed linux servers - Sold a blog that targeted software developers! - And more... I'm ready to help you out with your web application challenges. I can probably be most of use with Rails apps but if you need help with strategy, architecture, etc, I can help with that too. I have helped others build successful software businesses including selling my own. Ready to help! Would especially love to help with refactoring code.
Valentine Zavadskiy, Web crawler consultant and programmerView Profile
Valentine Zavadskiy5.0
Freelance Web crawler developer in Minsk, Belarus

Web-developer with 7+ years of experience.

Start doing web-development at the age of 16. Since that launched a lot of projects, mostly using Ruby on Rails. CEO of consulting company with 15+ people.
Rafael Lage Tavares, Web crawler consultant and programmerView Profile
Rafael Lage Tavares
Freelance Web crawler developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Front End Engineer

I am an experienced software engineer with a decade in the field, primarily in front-end development for web applications. My specialties are software design, refactoring, new languages and new technologies. I am driven by social innovation projects, that can impact lots of people, and using visualization to present data and generate insights.
Yuri Vysotskiy, senior Web crawler developerView Profile
Yuri Vysotskiy
Freelance Web crawler developer in Zaporizhia, Ukraine
ChenKuo Chen, Web crawler freelance coderView Profile
ChenKuo Chen
Freelance Web crawler developer in Ashburn, United States

Software Engineer, Data Platform at Machine Zone, Inc.

Strong in data structure and algorithm, participated in lots of algorithm contests like ACM ICPC. Deep understanding in OO and common design pattern. Building web application backend via Django, frontend via Reactjs and pure javascript. Familiar with C/C++, Python ,Javascript and HTML. Use Git as version control tool. Solid understanding of HTTP protocol, including header, cookie, caching, ...etc. Passionate about web development in both frontend and backend. Very interested in building large-scale application that can serve lots of users and change the whole world.
larsmqller, Web crawler freelance developerView Profile
Freelance Web crawler developer in Aarhus, Denmark

Web developer

I can help you succeed with your issue - 5 years of experience within the web developer field (BA web developer) - Languages: English and danish (high level) My main areas of professional focus are: - Web development in PHP - WordPress - JavaScript / - jQuery - Usability - HTML/CSS3 My professional goals are focusing mostly on exploring my current knowledge and experience through the practical work as well as through my network.

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