Tom Neary, freelance Watchos programmerHire Now
Tom Neary5.0
Freelance Watchos developer in Sonoma, United States

iOS Business Apps

I am an expert with extending the mobile power of an iOS app to the Apple Watch. I wrote KnowledgeKeeper for Apple Watch
Jorge Galrito, top Watchos developerHire Now
Jorge Galrito5.0
Freelance Watchos developer in Lisbon, Portugal

Serious iOS Developer

I made a few apps for the Apple Watch since its release. One of the things I enjoy most is structuring the code of the iOS app so I can reuse it on watchOS, reducing the development time.
Gavril Tonev, Watchos freelance coderHire Now
Gavril Tonev5.0
Freelance Watchos developer in Sofia, Bulgaria

Lead iOS Developer

I am an iOS & Android developer, with a B.A. in Computer Science and over 4 years of experience in building native mobile applications. I have multiple apps released on the respective App Stores and my tech stack involves working with Swift for iOS and Java for Android. I'm ready to help out with the following: • iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS Development • Mobile App Consulting & Tutoring • Swift Migrations My extensive experience in developing native apps allows me to quickly produce optimized and testable code. Furthermore, besides my programming background, I'm also experienced in managing projects, directing teams and providing software consulting for both startups and mature companies.
Ehsan Rezaie, Watchos freelance coderHire Now
Ehsan Rezaie
Freelance Watchos developer in Vancouver, Canada

Developer with over 15 years of professional experience in various technologies.

Developer with over 15 years experience building software in various industries, most recently focused on iOS apps and creative applications using Swift and C++. I have a strong computer science background with emphasis on software architecture and user interfaces. I have worked in aerospace (including a contract for NASA), telecommunications (Nokia), video games (Capcom, Ubisoft) and social-network startups. Most recently I am working on freelance projects and pursuing my interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
Oktawian Chojnacki, Watchos software engineer and devHire Now
Oktawian Chojnacki
Freelance Watchos developer in Wrocław, Poland

I simply ❤ writing code in Swift.

24th Swift Developer Worldwide by GitHub Awards
Petr Sima, freelance Watchos programmerHire Now
Petr Sima5.0
Freelance Watchos developer in Prague, Czechia

iOS developer (5 years, involved in 35+ projects) and teacher (private and university courses, talks)

Available in all timezones. Excelent English. From single person projects to Czech e-commerce app of 2017, from an Australian startup to large international clients in retail, telecommunications and banking, from teaching talented kids to giving talks on functional programming, I've seen a lot of iOS thoughout the years. My job has always been not just to make great apps, but also to improve the quality of development on all of our projects. I think we need to talk. Allow me to clean up your code, spruce up your app architecture and teach you all you need to know about Swift and iOS in the process. I can propose multiple solutions to any problem, and choose the one right for you. Also, feel free to use the sentence "Just shut up and fix my code." at any time during our session.
Pablo Paciello, senior Watchos developerHire Now
Pablo Paciello5.0
Freelance Watchos developer in Biarritz, France

iOS Developer

I'm an iOS Developer with 4 years of experience who has developed several apps which are published on the App Store. I can code in both Objective-C and Swift languages. My latest in house iOS dev position was in 2016 at Nodes, a top Danish Mobile Agency.
Sanket Sawant, top Watchos developerHire Now
Sanket Sawant
Freelance Watchos developer in Belfast, United Kingdom

Technical Lead - iOS

I am working as Technical Lead in Tata consultancy services. I have about 8 years of experience in iPhone/iPad application development. I am very passionate about iOS development and love to keep my self updated about the upcoming technologies in same.
Winter Wang, Watchos freelance programmerHire Now
Winter Wang
Freelance Watchos developer in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

iOS developer

4 years experience with software development, mainly focusing on iOS native app development. Previously the lead iOS developer in Jianshu and built Jianshu iOS. Love working with different technologies and have experience with Android native app development and Ruby on Rails.
Nitin Alabur, Watchos freelance coderHire Now
Nitin Alabur
Freelance Watchos developer in Hoboken, United States

iOS Engineer (Objective-C and Swift)

I'm an experienced iOS developer with nearly 8 years of experience in creating iOS apps, including wireframing, UX design. My specialties include creating wireframes for an app based on brainstorming with the product team, creating a standalone iOS app from the ground up or refactoring an existing iOS code base, integrating the iOS app to consume REST APIs, build the CI / CD infrastructure using Jenkins or cloud based services, handle internal and external beta testing programs, deliver and release the app in the App Store.
Anggra, Watchos programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Watchos developer in Singapore, Singapore
Daniel Leivers, senior Watchos developerHire Now
Daniel Leivers
Freelance Watchos developer in Radstock, United Kingdom

Highly experienced mobile developer

Dan has more than a decade of experience working in mobile development for clients ranging from The Cartoon Network to De Beers.  In addition to working as a developer for clients such as Audi, News Corp and many more, Dan helps run SWmobile - a local meetup group. It has become the largest mobile development meetup in the south west with over 800 members. 
Ehsan Rezaie, Watchos freelance coderHire Now
Ehsan Rezaie
Freelance Watchos developer in New York, United States


Software developer with over 15 years experience, with focus on iOS and creative coding in the past 5. Also interested in VR, blockchain and learning new things. Specialties: Swift, Objective-C, C++, iOS, watchOS, OpenGL, UI/UX, cinder/openFrameworks, creative and interactive applications, game development.

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