30 useful tools and libraries for saving your time as a web developer

Published Sep 13, 2017Last updated Sep 15, 2017
30 useful tools and libraries for saving your time as a web developer

In this article I simply want to share a list of tools I find useful for speeding up a developer’s workflow.
Some have probably seen most of these, but I’m glad if someone discovers something new and useful.

Slideout.js — Slideout navigation menu for mobile apps
Jquerymy — Two way data bindings using jquery
Cleave.js — Format content while typing
Page — Client side routing for single page applications
Selectize.js — Hybrid select box for adding tags
Nice select — Jquery library for creating beautiful select boxes
Tether — Efficiently attach absolute positioned elements
Shepherd.js — Guide users through your app
Tooltip — Name speaks for itself
Select2 — Jquery replacement for select boxes
IziToast — Easy to implement js notifications
IziModal — Easy to implement js modals
Motio — A library for sprite based animations and panning
Animstion — Jquery plugin for css animated page transitions
Barba.js — Fluid page transitions
TwentyTwenty — A visual diff tool to spot differences
Vivus.js — A library for making drawing animation on SVG
Wow.js — Reveal animations when you scroll
Scrolline.js — See how much you have scrolled untill the end of the page
Velocity.js — Very fast and smooth javascript animations
Animate on scroll — Pretty straightforward

CSS Libraries

Topcoat — Framework
Create ken burns effect — Ken burns effect using css3 animations
DynCSS — Add functions to css, to make it dynamic
Magic animations — Name speaks for itself
CSSpin — Collection of css spinners
Feather icons — Icons
Ion icons — Icons
Font awesome — Icons
Font generator — Combine multiple fonts and create a mixture

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Neville Franks
12 days ago

Please add links for all items, otherwise this is’nt all that usefull.

Etanuwoma Jude
11 days ago

Thanks for your feedback, links have been added to all items

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