30 useful tools and libraries for saving your time as a web developer

Published Sep 13, 2017Last updated Sep 15, 2017
30 useful tools and libraries for saving your time as a web developer

In this article I simply want to share a list of tools I find useful for speeding up a developer’s workflow.
Some have probably seen most of these, but I’m glad if someone discovers something new and useful.

Slideout.js — Slideout navigation menu for mobile apps
Jquerymy — Two way data bindings using jquery
Cleave.js — Format content while typing
Page — Client side routing for single page applications
Selectize.js — Hybrid select box for adding tags
Nice select — Jquery library for creating beautiful select boxes
Tether — Efficiently attach absolute positioned elements
Shepherd.js — Guide users through your app
Tooltip — Name speaks for itself
Select2 — Jquery replacement for select boxes
IziToast — Easy to implement js notifications
IziModal — Easy to implement js modals
Motio — A library for sprite based animations and panning
Animstion — Jquery plugin for css animated page transitions
Barba.js — Fluid page transitions
TwentyTwenty — A visual diff tool to spot differences
Vivus.js — A library for making drawing animation on SVG
Wow.js — Reveal animations when you scroll
Scrolline.js — See how much you have scrolled untill the end of the page
Velocity.js — Very fast and smooth javascript animations
Animate on scroll — Pretty straightforward

CSS Libraries

Topcoat — Framework
Create ken burns effect — Ken burns effect using css3 animations
DynCSS — Add functions to css, to make it dynamic
Magic animations — Name speaks for itself
CSSpin — Collection of css spinners
Feather icons — Icons
Ion icons — Icons
Font awesome — Icons
Font generator — Combine multiple fonts and create a mixture

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