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Ramon Moraes

Ramon Moraes

Full Stack Web Developer at Integritas Solutions, Inc.

Brasilia (-02:00 DST)
Portuguese, English
Full Stack Developer making their way through the world. Currently working on Integritas Solutions (http://integritas.net) and sometimes doing freelancer on small projects :)
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
Working with python since my second year on college (2011). Started using it with scientific project on Natural Computing field which the goal was running parallel AGs with CUDA (pyCUDA) and OpenCL (pyOpenCL). I also developed a small memory-footprint middleware (with python) to running python modules on distributed mode over my 8 nodes raspberry pi cluster as my final paper. Right now i'm focusing on web development which means i spent more time coding with django to deliver amazing web experiences.
Django expert help Django - 3 years experience
Started using this awesome framework on 2014 when i launched my career as freelancer. Never looked back! Django has a flawless architecture/pattern to organize you web application. It's really easy to build a precise roadmap and define deadlines on the early stages of the project, and it's easy to maintain or even switch between apps. Amazing. I've used to build a ReST API for my first private contract and still using it right now.
Java expert help Java - 7 years experience
Started playing around with it since 2010 (freshman year). Used with greenfoot, slick 2D, and other small libraries. Most of my work was on desktop. Right now i'm using exclusively for Android development.
Android expert help Android - 2 years experience
I've been learning Java since my 0-day at college but i was not a big fan of using it for desktop nether web applications. But on the end my 3rd year i had to working with android. It was fun i learned a lot of patterns and learned that a lot of the developers don't know what they're doing with it (and that is the reason why there is so much crazy tutorials over the web). I only returned to Android on 2014 when i launched my freelance career. I'had to developer and Client for the ReST API i was building with Django and the client decide using it. It's was surprisingly easier to working on. A lot of new libraries, new IDE. Good experience. But i still hate java anyway! For that i decide to coding with kotlin too.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
Normally using with front-end frameworks like bootstrap, uikit and foundation. But i'm also working a micro library of helpers to working on small project without the traditional combos.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 4 years experience
The biggest top hit kid of xml family? Who is not familiar with it?
No icon Shell - 8 years experience
I can do some tricks when it's necessary (rarely when python can't do the job).
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
To be honest i was very confused at what would git could be doing for me on 2011. Nobody ever heard about it (everyone were into SVN or HG) so nobody ever taught me squat about it. I decide that somehow this would be a important thing in future and started learning by myself as usual from the IT guys. But was only on 2014 that i had my skills tested up. You can the results over my github or bitbucket.
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Genetic Algorithm which accepts symmetric traveling salesman problem instances from TSPLib
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django base configuration
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:package: virtualbox management macros without ruby
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