Top Senior Visual basic .net Developers - Dec 2017

Expert Visual Basic, C# and JavaScript Developer

I am an expert Visual Basic developer with over 15 years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem solving and understanding complex and large code base.

Web Full Stack Developer

I'm a Tech Entrepreneur and Full Stack Developer based in Seattle. Recently left my full-time job at Expedia and decided to go as a full-time freelancer. I built many projects for startups and large corporates over the last 6 years. Here is what I can offer you: - Consultation: I can help you understand the right technologies and solutions that suits your needs the best. - Transform ideas into products: I cofounded 3 startups in the last few years, and I know how what it takes to transform ideas into products and build MVPs. - Build a product: Whether you're a small business looking to build a product to make your life easier, or a large corporate trying to build the next big thing, I can help you build your product from A to Z.

.NET / Java / Prolog Developer

Experienced software developer and systems analyst. Researcher and professor with a doctoral degree in Computer Science and research related to Artificial Intelligence. Polyglot and language enthusiast. Experience with customer relationship, working with clients from all over the world.

DevOps & BI Project Manager

I am an IT professional with more than 17 years of experience working on Software Development Life Cycle, Project Management and DevOps. Some of the business areas where I have more experience are in the supply chain processes (production, inventory, warehouses, logistics, transportation, etc.), retail and marketing & digital advertising. I have delivered large technology projects on schedule / on budget and in alignment with the business strategy. Companies I have worked for include Heineken, Infosys, Datalogix and Petsmart. I have gained experience in distributed teams in several countries (India, USA, Mexico, Austria) managing end to end IT projects from the requirements gathering with customers to deployment and operation support to business users. Develop and implement strategic operational plans. In these projects I have defined the work plans, their scope, the work team, recruitment, training and budget. Once the projects have started, my participation is to facilitate communication between all stakeholders, internal and external clients and the work team. All these projects have resulted in an improvement in the IT and business processes that allowed our users to reduce waiting times, accelerate decision making and decrease operating costs. Manage people, resources and processes. Through Agile SCRUM methodologies I have been able to ensure the quality of the products and deliverables according to the work plans. My leadership and communication skills make it easier for me to ensure the correct follow up of the work team and the execution of their daily tasks and to help them understand the project requirements and resolve any issue they might face. My analytical profile allows me to work with complex projects and problems to proactively identify obstacles and risks and thus anticipate actions to reduce their impact.

Experienced Programmer / VB.Net, MS Access, SQL Server

I offer a highly-desirable blend of technical expertise and business acumen, and I can quickly bring much-needed energy and value to an organization.

"NET langues VB.NET and C#, JAVA, C, C++" programmer, tester and teacher

I have been developing and testing applications/software for more than three decades mostly in C, C++, C#, JAVA, VBA. In the past nine years I have been teaching object oriented programming at an IT college. I am an Electrical engineer by trait.

Senior Microsoft NET Architect, Full Stack Developer. Low Level dev, C++, ASM, Senior DBA.

I am an experienced Senior Architect over 2 decades in Microsoft Technologies. Also i love PIC, Microcontroller development.

.NET and javascript Application Expert

I'm very good at identifying and explaining the subtle differences that make your code work. I've been working in .NET flavored web application development since 2003. I've worked at all levels from application architecture down to the coding including testing, database / ORM design, debugging, integration, etc. I even teach at the local college for programming business line applications!

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