Humayun Shabbir, Visual basic software engineerView Profile
Humayun Shabbir5.0
Freelance Visual basic developer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Expert Visual Basic, C# and JavaScript Developer

I consider myself highly expert and experienced in Visual Basic. It was and still is my favorite RAD language and it taught me a lot about programming and Windows application development.
Mohammad Inayatullah, Visual basic programmer and consultantView Profile
Mohammad Inayatullah5.0
Freelance Visual basic developer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Sr. Software Engineer to resolve issues in softwares.

I am a Software Engineer and can develop applications in C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, Silverlight, WCF, AngularJS, Jquery, sql server. I can deliver software on time with good quality Being as Software Engineer I have worked by my passion with many organization to develop professional products. In my experience i have worked with my skills like ASP.NET, C#, MVC, WPF, Silverlight, WCF, Javascript, AngularJS, JQuery, C, C++, SQL Server, Database design, Software Architecture Design.
Jonathan Forrider, Visual basic freelancer and developerView Profile
Jonathan Forrider5.0
Freelance Visual basic developer in Missoula, United States

Living Life, Loving to Code

I work at the University of Montana as a Programmer Analyst. I spend most of my time there in SQL and PL/SQL, but I have been branching into UI/UX work in JavaScript. I also help maintain our ERP solution which is programmed in a Java based MVC similar to Spring or Groovy/Grails. I am also a Freelance Web Developer with extensive knowledge in HTML/CSS/JS including frameworks like jQuery, ReactJS, and Angular. I consider myself an intermediate Ruby on Rails developer and I enjoy writing solutions in this tech stack. I have also worked with Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, and other CMS platforms as well as dabbled with several personal projects in RoR, Groovy/Grails, Django and similar Full Stack MVCs.
Anand, senior Visual basic developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Visual basic developer in Bengaluru, India

Full stack web applications and Desktop / Client server applications developer

As the team leader for our company's software products, I have developed and mentored many trainees while designing and developing classic visual basic based products some of which were multi-lingual (in all indian language scripts) using our core language technology and fonts based on our "Akruti" product. Some examples of full-fledged products using VB6 and Access / MsSQL are: 1. Shubh-Labh: An accounting product in indian languages for non-english small traders and companies. 2. e-Karyalaya: An e-government product in Indian languages for government and public sector departmental offices and organizations covering Attendance, Payroll, HR functions, Legal Scrutiny and Office Workflow. 3. cyDOCS/cyKNIT: Was a web based document and knowledge mangement portal using ASP/Vbsript code extens...
chibujax, freelance Visual basic developerView Profile
Freelance Visual basic developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full stack Developer in Javascript, VB, PHP etc

I started coding with visual basic 6. It was fun swtiching to .Net framework. So I see this as my first and primary language with over eigth(8) years experience.
Brad Durbin, Visual basic freelance programmerView Profile
Brad Durbin5.0
Freelance Visual basic developer in Tewksbury, United States

Google Docs & Microsoft Office Guru (Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word, VBA, SQL DOS)

A core part of MS Office is VBA, so this allows me to fully take over MS Office and make it do what's needed to achieve the result. Being able to write logic, validation, and automation through it makes Office products more useful.
George Sekulic, senior Visual basic developerView Profile
George Sekulic
Freelance Visual basic developer in Belgrade, Serbia

"NET langues VB.NET and C#, JAVA, C, C++" programmer, tester and teacher

I have been developing and testing applications/software for more than three decades mostly in C, C++, C#, JAVA, VBA. In the past nine years I have been teaching object oriented programming at an IT college. I am an Electrical engineer by trait.
Paul Ishak, Visual basic freelance developerView Profile
Paul Ishak5.0
Freelance Visual basic developer in Buffalo, United States

Finding solutions is my expertise.

Seen on MSDN forums as a MVP 3 times running. This is my language of choice, since childhood. Ask me anything!
Rick Fleming, Visual basic freelance coderView Profile
Rick Fleming
Freelance Visual basic developer in Ashburn, United States

Experienced Software Consultant

Very advanced usage of old Visual Basic (COM), with low level usages including altering VB variable pointers (not just using pointers, but traversing a linked list by changing the position of the pointer value.)
Yaakov Yisroel Kosbie, Visual basic coder and developerView Profile
Yaakov Yisroel Kosbie
Freelance Visual basic developer in Tiberias, Israel

.NET and javascript Application Expert

I'm very good at identifying and explaining the subtle differences that make your code work. I've been working in .NET flavored web application development since 2003. I've worked at all levels from application architecture down to the coding including testing, database / ORM design, debugging, integration, etc. I even teach at the local college for programming business line applications!
André Bastos Cunha Oliveira, freelance Visual basic programmer for hireView Profile
André Bastos Cunha Oliveira
Freelance Visual basic developer in Brasília, Brazil
I developed for a long time on this platform for Electric Energy Agency.
Esteban Maringolo, Visual basic freelancer and developerView Profile
Esteban Maringolo
Freelance Visual basic developer in Ashburn, United States

Senior Software Developer

My first job as a paid programmer was in the development of a mid sized ERP system programmed in VB6. Thankfully the program was very well organized in libraries (DLL/OCX) and I learnt it the proper way.
Nick Badger, Visual basic freelance programmerView Profile
Nick Badger
Freelance Visual basic developer in San Francisco, United States

Multidisciplinary engineer and entrepreneur with a reliable history of product improvement and hands-on experience in small and large teams. Former EMT, machinist...

I've written VBA plugins for Excel and Solidworks. It's not the worst language, but it's definitely not my favorite.
Thanh Giang, Visual basic freelance programmerView Profile
Thanh Giang
Freelance Visual basic developer in Honolulu, United States
Written code in VB since it was first introduced. Designed desktop applications for single to multi-user.
John Demar, Visual basic freelance developerView Profile
John Demar
Freelance Visual basic developer in Muskego, United States

Experienced Programmer / VB.Net, MS Access, SQL Server

I offer a highly-desirable blend of technical expertise and business acumen, and I can quickly bring much-needed energy and value to an organization.

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