Nathanael Anderson, Virtualization software engineer and devHire Now
Nathanael Anderson5.0
Freelance Virtualization developer in Santa Maria Petapa, Mexico

DevOps Engineer

I've been working with Virtualization for more than 10 years; I personally on my desktop actually run both VMWare and VirtualBox for different purposes and have close to 200gb's of different images for either clients or other development / testing purposes.
Eric Missimer, top Virtualization developerHire Now
Eric Missimer5.0
Freelance Virtualization developer in Boston, United States

C Operating Systems Engineer

For my PhD research I helped develop a real-time operating system from scratch. This operating system was for the x86 processor. It used hardware virtualization extensions and novel real-time scheduling techniques to provide timing and safety guarantees.
Joseph, Virtualization programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Virtualization developer in Seattle, United States

Professional developer with amateur passion

Being primarily a Linux developer, I've used virtualization solutions in the past for containerizing and isolating services from one another, and also for building and testing Windows code. I have experience with Xen and KVM hypervisors, as well as VirtualBox.
Anand Capur, Virtualization freelance programmerHire Now
Anand Capur5.0
Freelance Virtualization developer in Seattle, United States

Certified AWS Solutions Architect & PHP Developer

I have setup and managed many VM clusters
Leonardo Dantas, Virtualization software engineerHire Now
Leonardo Dantas
Freelance Virtualization developer in Natal, Brazil

Senior Linux Administrator and Jr. Linux Kernel Developer

With 9 years of experience in Virtualization, starting with VMware in 2008. In 2009 I started using Xen in a lot of servers, and after this, I started using KVM when it was available (about 2010) in commercial products like Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. I'm very experienced with Storages too (zoning, LUN masking and general configuration in HP EVA and EMC VNX Series). I'm certified in VMware Certified Professional in Datacenter Virtualization (VCP6-DCV) and Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA).
Collins Onyemaobi, Virtualization freelancer and developerHire Now
Collins Onyemaobi
Freelance Virtualization developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Open Source Evangelist, Back-end Architect, Systems Integrator and a Web Developer

Great Expertise in the installation, configuration and deployment of hypervisor
Aaron Evans, Virtualization freelance programmerHire Now
Aaron Evans5.0
Freelance Virtualization developer in Post Falls, United States

Freelance tester - Automation, Continuous Integration, Cloud Test Environments

I've set up XenServer and VMWare ESXi servers and created virtual test environments
John Simons, Virtualization freelance programmerHire Now
John Simons4.9
Freelance Virtualization developer in Eton Wick, United Kingdom

Full stack developer with a focus on javascript based stacks.

I am a full stack software engineer and entrepreneur with between 1 and 10 years professional experience working with the technologies listed. Current focus lies in the development of IoT and cross-platform (web,dektop,mobile,IoT) solutions. My areas of expertise are the general syntax and usage of languages. Effective, correct and appropriate use of software design patterns. Defining algorithms. Handling (possibly large) amounts of data effectively and presenting results to the end-user in a clear and timely manner. Designing and managing the infrastructure to drive these results. Working with stakeholders to design, budget, and plan software development projects and their architecture, turning business objectives into measurable goals. Planning for and scaling with growth. Troubleshoot...
Shi Deng, freelance Virtualization developerHire Now
Shi Deng
Freelance Virtualization developer in Cambridge, United States

Friendly Neighborhood Code Monkey

I built and managed Virtual Machine labs for developing and testing. Experience with VMware vSphere API's and various VM management software.
Moshiko Gueta, top Virtualization developerHire Now
Moshiko Gueta
Freelance Virtualization developer in Petah Tikva, Israel

IT Manager at Rushmore Marketing

working with vmware for our on site servers, and docker for few of our applications.
Riccardo Pelliccioli, Virtualization programmer and consultantHire Now
Riccardo Pelliccioli
Freelance Virtualization developer in Torre Boldone, Italy

IT Architect

Deep experience in server virtualization, application migration and data center optimization with design of new infrastructure and migration planning
Doug Gale, freelance Virtualization programmerHire Now
Doug Gale5.0
Freelance Virtualization developer in Toronto, Canada
Started programming at age 12 in 1988 on a Commodore VIC-20. Worked in multiple industries developing various types of software. Decades of experience.
Jonathan Eunice, Virtualization software engineerHire Now
Jonathan Eunice5.0
Freelance Virtualization developer in Ashburn, United States

full-stack Python & JavaScript ● IT architect & strategist ● DevOps ● smokejumper

• Expert full-stack Python & JavaScript developer • Full DevOps: project architecture to production deployment at scale • Outstanding trouble-shooter and "OMG! Everything is on fire! HALP!!" first responder • Strong web app, data structures, data science, and visualization skills • Enjoy complex integration and automation challenges • Love mentoring. Half-price rate ($60/hr) for all genuine students
Alessio Pollero, Virtualization software engineerHire Now
Alessio Pollero5.0
Freelance Virtualization developer in Cagliari, Italy

Polyglot developer

I am a passionate Linux enthusiast turned Software Developer, happy when solving problems in a different/creative way or when troubleshooting freaking bugs. I love C based programming languages, Software Development Tools and Databases. I've worked with several programming languages and explored many technologies so far even though at the moment mainly involved with Java development. Started loving the Mac since 2008 I usually develop and experiment on the Apple ecosystem in my spare time in addition to tinkering with the Raspberry Pi. Specialties: Java, Eclipse, Objective-C, Agile methodologies, continuous integration, web development, scripting languages like: Python, Perl and Bash. Vim and Git fanatic.
Kevin Burge, Virtualization freelance programmerHire Now
Kevin Burge5.0
Freelance Virtualization developer in Garland, United States

Principal Software Engineer

Veteran software engineer with broad experience in automation, virtualization, various languages and platforms, performance analysis, etc. -- all the tools to get the job done. I've been programming since I was in the 7th grade, and 20 years professionally. I am self-taught, so I have a knack for staying up with current technology and quickly adapting. I understand architecture at a low level, and am passionate about well-designed, robust software. My automation background comes from being the primary developer on a very large server application with little resources to support it, so, every task that could be automated, had to be. Ruby has been my automation language of choice, though I anticipate Go replacing it where performance is concerned. I like solving problems big and small, so,...

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