Top Senior Viml Developers - Sep 2017

Ruby & e-commerce pro

Experienced full-stack engineer with strong background in e-commerce, scalability and making large, murderous robots.

Full-Stack developer with a focus on React, Redux, Node, and WordPress

I'm a software engineer at GE Aviation and a freelance developer with over 7 years of experience building websites, web apps, and RESTful APIs. I've worked with clients ranging from individuals and startups to global brands and Fortune 500 companies like and PETA. My main areas of expertise are WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Sass, and JavaScript (ES6 / ES2015+, Node.js, TypeScript, Flow, front-end frameworks like React and Ember, and back-end frameworks like Lux and Sails).

Systems Analyst working with IoT and data mining

I'm a Systems Analyst, Master Degree in Computer Science from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. I am currently working with Internet of Things and other embedded applications, databases, data mining, information visualization and machine learning.

Freelance Web Developer and Coach

Web developer helping startups build features, ship cleaner code, Previously, I led the thoughtbot San Francisco office for ~2 years with a team of ~15. Before management, I was a developer consultant, working in Ruby, Rails, Postgres, and Vim. Professional life story here in text: Host of Reboot, an interview radio show with big career changers as guests. Previously a consultant with McKinsey & Co. focused on strategy, M&A, talent management, and efficiency in industries such as Pharma/Medical Products, Health Care, Retail, Insurance, Private Equity, and Banking. Trained as a laboratory biochemist studying protein folding kinetics and thermodynamics, the fundamental physical processes controlling a protein's maturation from DNA blueprints to functioning biological catalyst.

Freelance Full-stack Engineer

Web developer and software engineer with 3 years of professional experience. Very strong with Javascript, vanilla or modern framework. Can do absolutely anything with CSS. Well-versed in mobile UX/UI. creator of beauty in 2d & 3d

Programming Expert

I am programming enthusiastic, who love to learn & teach different programming languages whenever schedule allows. Strong believer of pair programming. Love writing tests :)

very experienced developer and mentor

Hey! I've been a professional software developer for over ten years, with experience in multiple programming languages, however my goto language is Ruby. I've worked on numerous Ruby on Rails applications over the years, been the Head of Ruby Development for a German software company and still am a Ruby on Rails Instructor at Skillcrush. In my spare time I've co-organized and tutored at multiple RailsGirls events all over Europe.

A passionate software artists perpetually searching for the best quality I can muster

I am a passionate software developer specialized in JavaScript, front end and back end. I dabble in Photography, 360 panoramic tours, interactive fiction, and geek culture. I continue to seek out new ways to build and understand complex software. I focus on code readability and telling a good story. I feel coding is a work of literary art. I strive for quality and am perpetually learning. I love teaching and showing others how exciting solving problems can be.

Software Developer and Nonstop Learner

I am a full-stack developer of 3.5+ years and have many hobbies along with the developer role, so I stay active in a lot of things. I think people find it easy to communicate and learn from me when they run into trouble, especially when it comes to explaining difficult concepts that I already know.

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Jodie Lee
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Guy Jack
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