Ben Yorke, freelance Vim programmerView Profile
Ben Yorke5.0
Freelance Vim developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

React Expert - Clojure Hacker - OSS Contributor

I've been using vim as my primary editor for many years now, and have done so because I'm insanely productive in it. It's a very lightweight editor with some mind-bendingly powerful principles. I don't think anyone can ever rate themselves 10/10 when it comes to vim, since you never really stop learning, but I'd like to think I'm pretty darn close! ;)
Wes Moberly, Vim freelance programmerView Profile
Wes Moberly5.0
Freelance Vim developer in Cincinnati, United States

Full-stack developer with a focus on React, Redux, Vue, Node, and WordPress

I use Vim for coding, text editing, etc.
Joseph Hager, Vim freelance coderView Profile
Joseph Hager5.0
Freelance Vim developer in St Louis, United States

Full-Stack Web Developer

I have been using vim since I started programming, and have spent years perfecting the best development environment. I also maintain vim plugins and know VimL inside and out. I especially enjoy helping beginners get up to speed.
Johnny B. (Ionică Bizău), Vim engineer and developerView Profile
Johnny B. (Ionică Bizău)5.0
Freelance Vim developer in Beiuș, Romania

Full Stack, *nix user, Pianist, College Dropout, Vegetarian, Jesus follower

I use VIM as default editor since I stay all day in a Linux terminal emulator. I do the best in VIM macros.
Joe Ferrairo, Vim freelance coderView Profile
Joe Ferrairo5.0
Freelance Vim developer in Brooklyn, United States

Motivated Ruby on Rails Developer

Your text editor is one of the most important tools in a developer's toolbox. Since I have started using vim my development speeds have increased and I am very happy with the customizability and how after a short amount of time it becomes very intuitive.
Derek Ma, freelance Vim developerView Profile
Derek Ma
Freelance Vim developer in San Mateo, United States

Seasoned software engineer working at the heart of Silicon Valley

Learning vim is all about discipline and muscle memory. I can get you from knowing nothing about vim to become native in using vim to edit code.
Zack M Fleischman, Vim freelancer and developerView Profile
Zack M Fleischman
Freelance Vim developer in Oakland, United States

If it's not readable, it's not good code.

I am a vim junkie. I cannot code without it. I'm in too deep. Practical Vim is my bible ( Space is my leader, and my vimrc might scare you.
J Phani Mahesh, senior Vim developerView Profile
J Phani Mahesh5.0
Freelance Vim developer in Hyderabad, India

Polyglot Developer with a diverse skillset.

I have been a vim user ever since I begun programming. Besides emacs, to which I give a special little exception, no other editor comes close to the flexibility and raw power when it comes to text and code editing. I can not overstate the productivity improvements that come with understanding the ins and outs of your editor, and vim is a perfect programmers' editor thanks to its customisability and huge plugin collectioon. I can teach you the "language" of vim, and you will never have to struggle to remember a command ever again.
Benjamin Ricker, Vim software engineerView Profile
Benjamin Ricker5.0
Freelance Vim developer in Beverly, United States

3 Years Experience Ruby on Rails Developer, 2 years experience mentoring at Bootcamp

I've been working with vim for 3 years now, setting up my custom config and modifying popular ones to fit what I like the most
Steve Geluso, Vim freelance coderView Profile
Steve Geluso5.0
Freelance Vim developer in Seattle, United States

Prioritize Programming Fundamentals Before Frameworks

Vim can be hard to learn and immensely rewarding. I use vim bindings in every text editor. I feel at a loss without them. I can show you how to record your actions See examples of explanations I've written up about how to make macros work for you: Using Macros to Format Phone Numbers: Reading Command Line Output Into Files:
Jakob Holderbaum, Vim dev and freelancerView Profile
Jakob Holderbaum
Freelance Vim developer in Berlin, Germany

Problem Solver, Automation Enthusiast, Pragmatist

Vim has been my go-to editor since I started working with Linux. I use it every day in my job for most of the programming tasks I am doing. To increase my editor skills, I try to steer away from using too many plugins - Instead I am focusing on zen like efficiency with just the bare metal of vim.
Joe Sak, Vim developer for hireView Profile
Joe Sak5.0
Freelance Vim developer in Zapopan, Mexico

Expert Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS Tutor, Proven Teaching Methods

I am pretty fast and knowledgeable in vim. I can help beginners. I rate myself a 7 for not knowing much vimscript or too much advanced stuff.
Felippe Nardi, top Vim developerView Profile
Felippe Nardi5.0
Freelance Vim developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fullstack Javascript Engineer at ​​. Helping startups such as ​@ConvertKit​ and build large-scale web apps and browser extensions with TDD

If you are a Vim user, you can share your terminal over :)
Santiago Oquendo, Vim dev and freelancerView Profile
Santiago Oquendo4.0
Freelance Vim developer in Medellín, Colombia

Friendly Javascript, AngularJs, React, Node, funcional programming help for you

Setup, configuration and use of the vim editor.
Christian Di Lorenzo, Vim programmer and consultantView Profile
Christian Di Lorenzo
Freelance Vim developer in Fuquay-Varina, United States

Curated Code Crafter for Web, Mac, and iOS using OO / Functional Patterns

I've used Vim for most of professional work (aside from Xcode) but did briefly switch to Sublime/Atom for a while just enough to miss all of the features of Vim! I've got my own config that at least two other people have used and am able to help you configure yours!

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