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Vijay Thirugnanam

Vijay Thirugnanam

Looking for remote gigs in Meteor, React, React Native.

Chennai (+05:30)
My pitch: Build cool UI using React and related stuff. Very fast in building prototypes and learning new things. Easy to work with. I have several years of product development experience. I am an engineer and architect. I love working with Meteor, React and React native. I am good at trouble-shooting and guidance. Programming Languages: JavaScript, C#, ES6, ObjectiveC, Java, C++. Frameworks: ASP.NET, Meteor, Entity Framework, Node, Elastic, Memcached. Web UI: jQuery, Knockout, Angular 1.x, React, Redux Mobile: React Native, xCode, Android Studio, ngCordova. Cloud: AWS, Azure. Dev-ops: TFS, Git, Gulp, MeteorUp, Docker. Data: SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis. Testing: MSTest, nUnit, Mocha, Should, Jest. Others: ETL / Reporting, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, AX.
3 React
3 Redux
Meteor expert help Meteor - 1 year experience
Expert in developing Meteor apps using React. Working with the latest releases of Meteor (1.3+). Used Restivus for HTTP API for Meteor. Familiar with Micro-services using DDP.connect. Familiar with deployment issues to DigitalOcean and Galaxy.
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
Expert in React UI. Developed several components in React, some of which are reusable. Familiar with both Redux and Flux for managing data flows. Developed few apps with react-native for both iOS and Android. Used React UI with both Meteor and Node.
react-es6-starter 3   1
React / Express scaffolding using ES6 code.
CSS HTML JavaScript
auction 1   1
Demo of NodeJS, Gulp, Mocha, Express.
HTML JavaScript
nyanam 1   0
Nyanam is yet another blogging application written in Meteor and React. Nyanam stands for wisdom in Tamil.
CSS HTML JavaScript
react-native-places 1   0
React native app for storing favourite places in the neighbourhood.
Java Python JavaScript Objective-C
react-test 1   0
Uses Jest and Enzyme for testing React components.
HTML JavaScript
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javascript authentication reactjs ecmascript-6 react-router
javascript node.js express reactjs babeljs
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Awesome mentor!
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Could've been better
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He speaks clearly and very eager to assist
Femi Senjobi Oct 10, 2016

Vijay is very knowledgeable and explains things slowly and clearly. I'm definitely using Vijay again.
Tom Taylor Sep 28, 2016

Very nice first contact - Vijay took the time to review my problem offline and got back to me very quickly with a remark that allowed me to fix my issue. Thanks!
thomas mery Sep 08, 2016

Super good!
Federico Ulfo Sep 01, 2016

5 stars! You definitely should consider Vijay for any React/Redux projects
Federico Ulfo Sep 01, 2016

Vijay is simply amazing. Great quality code and incredibly reliable with time.
Federico Ulfo Sep 01, 2016

It was nice and 100% useful talking to Vijay and he really solved my technical queries.
Palaniappan Aug 25, 2016