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Expertise in Java, Spring Framework, NoSQL, Automation, Rackspace, Monitoring and Optimization, DevOps, Ansible, etc
Java expert help Java - 8 years experience
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 4 years experience
More than 4 years of experience with mongodb. Installation configuration, monitoring, replication migration, etc. Have worked in fast growing data environment with millions of data points (events) every day and processing those and provide analytical data for reporting.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 8 years experience
No icon Springframework - 7 years experience
Have more than 8 years of experience in working with spring framework. I was part of End to end development of the product Ranker (http://ranker.com) from the 2009 till the date. Mostly application Build with Java/Spring Stack, Have worked from spring version 1.8 till the latest version.
No icon Ansible - 1 year experience
Did complete infrastructure automation using Ansible for Ranker Inc. We handle More than 100 servers in Rackspace cloud, all the server managed using ansible.
No icon Rackspace - 8 years experience
End to end experience in Rackspace Cloud. -Cloud Servers -Cloud Load Balancing -Cloud Files -Cloud Backups -Block Storages -Cloud Orchestration -Cloud Storage Rackconnect V2 V3 Firewalls (F5) Load Balancing (F5) Private Cloud Open Stack Worked with Private Cloud/Open Stack Team Implement Infrastructure automation using Chef.
No icon Jenkins - 8 years experience
Over 8 years of experience in Installing configuring Jenkings/Hudson to manage application deployment.
No icon Rest api - 5 years experience
Have experience in implementing rest based apis using Java Spring Framework
No icon Spring data - 3 years experience
No icon Automation - 7 years experience
Worked on automation of infrastructure and application deployment, over 6 years of experience in this area, mostly worked on Rackspace Environment , Pretty good idea on Rackspace products openstack, private/public cloud, rackconnect v2 and v3. Pretty good idea on rackconnect/firewalls/loadbalancing.
No icon Spring mvc - 7 years experience
Devops expert help DevOps - 6 years experience
Pretty good knowledge of DevOps, and confident to work in Linux environment. Automated Production environment using Ansible for Ranker (http://www.ranker.com) and managing it day to day basis.
No icon Design patterns - 6 years experience
Have experience in deciding/identifying the design patterns depends on business needs and implement generic frameworks for different layers of the application.
No icon Redis - 2 years experience
Experience in Redis for implementing the store data for quick access to improve application permanence. Installing, Involved in Configuring and monitoring redis infrastructure. Designed and implemented framework to do Curd Operations using Java, since Spring Data still don't have framework to do so.
No icon Ubuntu 14.04 - 6 years experience
No icon Virtuoso - 3 years experience
Experience in VIRTUOSO, Install configure and ingesting data from various source such as Freebase, wikdata, etc.
No icon Performance tuning - 6 years experience
Pretty good idea to improve application performance in different layers of application. From Query till the browser incase of web applications, worked with different CDN providers to improve application performance. worked on caching strategies for different levels of application .
No icon Monitoring - 6 years experience
java application monitoring using different tools available in the market.
No icon Continuous integration - 8 years experience
Worked with jenkins/hudson to automate the staging production deployment
No icon Ubuntu - 8 years experience
No icon Percona - 5 years experience
Setting up percona mysql server, administration, backup recovery, performance tuning
No icon Cdn - 9 years experience
Worked with different cdn provider like edge cast and instartlogic
Python expert help Python - 3 years experience
No icon Sparql - 3 years experience
Have Experience in SPARQL, Used to query the freebase graph (2,977,205,299+ Facts). To migrate data to RDBMS for Ranker Inc (http://ranker.com)
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
Csharp expert help C# - 2 years experience
Sql expert help SQL - 8 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 2 years experience
Git expert help Git - 2 years experience
Pretty good experience in Gitlab, bitbucket and github work flows.
Server expert help Server - 8 years experience
No icon Linux - 8 years experience
No icon Shell scripting - 8 years experience
Have experience in writing shell scripts to automate the jobs daily task or deployment procedures.
No icon Shell - 8 years experience
Good knowledge of linux shell and shell programing
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Wow. What a guy. Super smart and really helpful. The best part was his kindness. Really genuine and eager to understand and help my issue!
Sam Gabbay Sep 01, 2015

Vijay was excellent to work with. He helped me think of my problem in a whole new perspective which made solving the issue much easier. I would highly recommend working with him.
Musharaf Sep 01, 2015

Kennedy Aug 13, 2015

He knows what is he doing!
Daniel Restrepo Aug 13, 2015