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Kirill Gorin, Video encoding freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Moscow, Russia

Full Stack Developer at Chloe + Isabel Inc.

My work as lead media backend developer at involved various low level video processing and encoding challenges.
Alex C, Video encoding programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Nassau, Bahamas

CTO-Level Open Source Architect: High-Availability PHP, Audio/Video Specialist

10 years of encoding and menu-authoring for web, DVD, TV (PAL/NTSC), Blu-Ray, and specific broadcast formats. It's always a case of how you balance size and quality, and how you get the best picture impact. I've worked with some of the best editors, graders, and encoders in the Anglo-world, and they're a phone call away.
Kenny Joseph, Video encoding freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Chatswood, Australia

Full Stack Javascript/Nodejs Designer/Developer with Enterprise-scale API/Data Architecture experience

Hi, thanks for looking me up. I'm a hands-on Software Designer, Architect and Developer with deep experience in front-end design/development and systems engineering, with a strong focus on coaching teams to learn, adapt and innovate. Most of my work for customers is around solving complex business problems through people and technology. I'm technology agnostic, with the exception that there are only a given number of technologies one can truly master in a lifetime (as listed above). My experience ranges from designing and building to managing, leading, coaching mostly in medium to very large enterprises. These days I spend more time working with scale-ups and a couple of start-ups. I'm also an agile coach, though I prefer to focus on building stuff and technology coaching. Feel free t...
Victoria French, Video encoding software engineerHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Killeen, United States

React / React Native / Node

I work with Node, React, React Native, KOA, and all things Javascript. My focus is on front-end, mobile, and user experience design. My background came from C# MVC plus many other paths over the last 20 something years. You may recognize my name from my previous speaking arrangements with Microsoft or from Larry Roof's books (WROX). I was awarded the "Best of Miercomm" award for my design and implementation of NEC's unified communication client, and all those loyalty kiosks in GameStop stores were designed and written by me :) You can find me hanging out on my open source projects: Defunctr, and ThunderFlurry. I am also a contributing member to Keystone, React Native, and a few others.
Aditia A. Pratama, Video encoding freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Jakarta, Indonesia

Tech Programmer for web and 3D projects

I am Tech Programmer for web application and 3D animation projects. I have experience in developing blender add-on with python API, create automation for lighting and compositing setup. Also building web application for renderfarm and digital assets management. I often assist the team with technical problem solving and developing strategies that drive the team to succeed the projects and meet the deadline.
Kostas Antonopoulos, Video encoding consultant and programmerHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Athens, Greece

iOS developer

I have created over 60 iOS apps, some of them also awarded in UK and Greece. I usually work with JSON APIs and also very challenging UIs that need a lot of custom controls. Have implemeted apps using frameworks for bluetooth, contacts, camera, video edit/encoding, image edit, CoreData, push notifications, location service, messaging, share to social media, stream of audio and others. I also have and support lots of open source GitHub and CocoaPods projects. I am a fun of C,C++ and arduino, too.
Ákos Gyimesi, Video encoding freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Budapest, Hungary

Programming Language Polyglot, Long-time mentor

I am new to CodeMentor, but an old-timer in mentoring. I have been teaching programming in C, Python and PHP since 2000, and I have a web programming course at a Hungarian university since 2009. I am most proficient in Python, Clojure and C, and I also have years of experience in PHP and JavaScript as well. I am an expert in video streaming technologies, and have a weird interest in Git internals.
realazthat, Video encoding freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Pittsburgh, United States

Patient teaching ... (Program/System)Design help ... Implementation help.

Full stack development, python/tornado/postgres/html/css/JS, C++ veteran, rendering. I can help with any of the above, using or creating algorithms and data structures to solve interesting problems.
Dan Miller-Schroeder, Video encoding programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Los Angeles, United States

Senior Unity/VR/.NET Developer

7 yrs Unity experience, 1.5M app downloads, created hours of Unity training videos used in dozens of university game dev programs, led several domestic and international Unity bootcamps, and gave talks at Unite, GDC, NAB, and #AltDevConf.
Shane White, Video encoding freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Ashburn, United States

Founder/Developer at Midwest Streams

I am passionate about startups and creating cool software application. In 2012 I founded Midwest Streams a SaaS that makes web-casting a funeral easy. Currently we have connected over 100,000 friends and family to a funeral they may have otherwise missed. I wrote this web application using C#, Javascript, and Azure.
Federico Ratier, Video encoding software engineerHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Full Stack Developer & Video Streaming Expert

I've been working as a developer for over 17 years. Started with the long gone Flash / ActionScript and moved to PHP, Javascript, NodeJS and Python. Every development that I plan considers a multi tenant API and a separated front end. Allowing future mobile apps or even different front ends if the product can be branded. I've also several experience with Video streaming, and now adding computer vision and machine learning to it.
Erik Uecke, Video encoding freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Alexandria, United States

iOS Developer

As an iOS Developer I Design and develop iOS applications with Swift, utilizing iOS frameworks and APIs for clients and personal projects. Until recently I was the director of photography/filmmaker and video editor at Shoulder 2 Shoulder Inc. In this position, I travel nationally to conceptualize, schedule, execute and edit documentary style instructional and inspirational videos to assist Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Special Operation Forces in combat, recovery and transitioning from the military. I utilize Sony professional camcorders, Canon 5DMIIIs, GoPros and iPhones to capture video, while using Sennheiser wireless lavs and boom mics for sound. I also use Adobe Premiere Pro for non-linear editing, After Effects for motion graphics and Adobe SpeedGrade for color grading. Since 2009...
Shivanshu Jindal, Video encoding dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in New Delhi, India

CTO, Product Designer, Tech Product Entrepreneur

Started writing softwares & games as hobby, selling my first software at age 17 (2006). For next 6 years I managed a profitable services company along with which I completed my bachelor's and master’s degree in computers. In 2012, I joined TweetSecret Inc. as co-founder and CTO. In 4 active years it raised close to $1M, where, from prototyping to scaling for millions of page hits, we did it all. Managing teams and writing code since 11 years.
Jesse Chiem, Video encoding freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Video encoding developer in Seattle, United States

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