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Full Stack () => {Angular || React && Node && Express || Hapi && MySql || MongoDB || CouchDB} Process Engineering (Lean UX && Agile). DevOps. Mentor.
No icon Lean - 5 years experience
All of my process engineering experience has now been concentrated in Lean and how to apply this to the forming of true cross-collaboration teams in website and web application projects. See my recent presentation at DrupalCon Latin America http://awebfactory.com/node/532
No icon Agile - 15 years experience
15 years of experience in Agile, first at large companies such as Telefonica, Telecom and Siemens (where I worked for CMMI / Agile integration), and then from 2006 on in the context of website and web applications.
No icon Backend - 10 years experience
I got into server side javascript in general and Node.js in particular early on, in 2010, for a start-up I was involved in. Published quite a lot of didactic stuff on GitHub. Started with Ruby and Rails in 2006 writing applications in the Medical Industry. Sinatra added to the orchestra a few years ago. Node, Express and MongoDB since 2010. OK, golang is new... but it embodies all my experience of two and a half decades... C language, C++, Java... web apps... concurrency... got your backend.
No icon Web applications - 10 years experience
I have a decade of experience with web applications, initially with Java and the Spring Framework, passing through Perl and PHP, Drupal and the newer full stack javascript framework components, such as those composing the MEAN stack. From relational databases to NoSQL, I am now more and more interested in distributed applications and micro-services.
No icon Mean full stack - 5 years experience
First important application written in 2010, lots of pedagogic repos on GitHub, this stack is coming to the fore now
Drupal expert help Drupal - 8 years experience
Happy mentoring in all aspects of Drupal site building, module development, developer workflow with the "everything in code" paradigm, all levels of theming, "Headless" Drupal, etc. Very keen on sharing how to apply Lean UX and DevOps to website and web application mentoring, and to Drupal development in general. See my recent presentation at DrupalCon Latin America http://awebfactory.com/node/532 I am https://www.drupal.org/user/36006 (since 2007).
No icon Design patterns - 15 years experience
UML has formed part of my workflow for almost 20 years, and the Gang of Four has been on my shelf practically since the book came out in the nineties. Most recently, interested in close approximations to how MVC can be applied to website and web application projects (since there is no state with HTTP MVC itself is impossible to use as it is directly for desktop apps for example; see Addy Osmani)
No icon Software development - 22 years experience
Starting with process engineering in large companies with RUP and Agile (including Agile+CMMI), I have been specializing more and more in the Lean (Lean DevOps + Lean UX) applied to website and web application projects.
Git expert help Git - 9 years experience
Have worked with Git on website and web application projects for a number of years and have written about it since 2006 on my blog http://awebfactory.com/node/173
Mysql expert help MySQL - 15 years experience
Highly experienced in SQL and in language interfaces to MySql instances.
No icon XML - 10 years experience
More than ten years ago I led a development team in the creation of a newspaper publishing CMS in Java and using the now retired http://xml.apache.org/xindice/ project. Article viewing was effectuated with XSLT.
No icon Open source - 10 years experience
Been evangelizing, recommending and using Open Source and Free Software projects and components for over ten years, both in an enterprise context as well on small and medium projects.
lit 27   1
lit.js literary workshop app based on node.js
CSS HTML JavaScript
ProjectFlowAndTracker 12   2
Scrum stack on Drupal
PHP Perl Shell JavaScript
lit-drupal-lean 11   4
Distro project for DrupalPicchu2014 Drupal Lean Process Workshop
CSS PHP Perl Ruby Shell JavaScript
recipe-js 9   4
All the food that's fit!
CSS HTML JavaScript
couchblogtut 4   0
Updating of some very useful Node.js blog tutorials with couchdb and mongodb persistence
Average Rating
(185 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Really Awesome. It's beyond mentoring I see us working as team with a goal of improving my skills.
Blessing Ebowe Sep 14, 2016

I have come to see that mentorship sessions can be exciting.
Blessing Ebowe Sep 06, 2016

My mentor is awesome, I am really loving my classes and learning a lot.
Blessing Ebowe Aug 25, 2016

Blessing Ebowe Aug 22, 2016

Great teacher. He has a great method of establishing the hows and the whys of the subject matter, then effectively lays out a road map to accomplish the desired learning goals. definitely recommended.
Kevin Aug 20, 2016

My mentor is awesome.
Blessing Ebowe Aug 18, 2016

Really good mentor, enjoying my sessions.
Blessing Ebowe Aug 15, 2016

Really wonderful session, He is a mentor with a goal to improve his student
Blessing Ebowe Aug 12, 2016

Victor is knowledgeable and made sure he understood my issue before diving in. Very helpful!
Jean-Philippe Sirois May 25, 2016

Victor shows a lot of dedication in my progress. He consistently will go over our time limit and go the extra effort. He explains things slowly and paces sessions well!
Tim Bell Apr 23, 2016

Really enjoyed our first conversation.
John A Creps Apr 21, 2016

It has been very good session
Mohammad Ahmed Apr 19, 2016

Victor has shown me great debugging tools to use while I'm coding on my own, so I'm more autonomous when I'm programming. Great mentor!
Sarah Sareh Apr 17, 2016

Victor has very good teaching experience
Mohammad Ahmed Apr 16, 2016

victor is very good teacher
Mohammad Ahmed Apr 09, 2016

Victor is very help full and knowledge person I enjoyed session with him
Mohammad Ahmed Apr 07, 2016

Experienced and very helpful.
Rohit Apr 06, 2016

Victor goes out of his way to help and teach. He's been a great mentor and is truly interested in seeing you progress.
Alejandro Oviedo Apr 06, 2016

Only had one session with Victor, but already it is clear he is going to be a great long term mentor! Very excited. He is patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging!
Tim Bell Mar 12, 2016

Victor is very kind, thoughtful, and carefully considers the problems and challenges I was facing. I am looking forward to collaborating with him in future sessions!
Tony Jacobson Feb 29, 2016

Victor is very experienced and knowledgeable
Mehrnoosh Feb 18, 2016

Victor is very patient and he will take to step by step to solve the problem.
Mehrnoosh Feb 17, 2016

As a first time Codementor user I think I was lucky to have Victor. He is very patient and knowledgable. I look forward to work with him in the future and learn more.
Sam Sedighian Feb 13, 2016

He didn't realize (or didn't want to solve the problem so quickly) that you would want to wrap jquery used within html using an angular controller as a directive in the controller, rather than directly in the html. Assured me that this would take "major refactoring;" it actually took 5 mins. I paid hours on hours trying to do this one thing, which an Upwork contractor did for free. Either didn't know what he was doing, and did, and tried to drag the work on by a very large multiplier.
David Blau Feb 12, 2016

Great progress, quick to implement a key step. Better understanding of the web stack after this session. Ball is in my court to get more specific about next step.
David Blau Feb 07, 2016

Great - marching along.
David Blau Feb 07, 2016

Great - for a number of reasons.
David Blau Feb 02, 2016

Great - understanding with my pace/level of knowledge, and a good emphasis on education without wasting time. I'm sure he can get up to speed quickly on specifics of meanjs scaffold idiosyncrasies, which is one my most important needs.
David Blau Feb 01, 2016

it was great meeting with Victor. He laid out a great plan
Tim Taylor Jan 08, 2016

Great Mentor
Hamzah Al Ghamdi Dec 02, 2015

Fantastic pair programming assistance
Teenum Applegate Nov 02, 2015

Explained how to solve the problem in great detail. This was really helpful as I now understand some of the inner workings of Drupal better.
Teenum Applegate Nov 01, 2015

Victor was very detailed in explaining various parts of the project. His balance of solving the problem and brining me along for the ride was perfect. Very good teacher overall
Scott Hause Oct 20, 2015

Victor is very knowledgeable and conveys his years of experience with his structured lessons.
lenny rozental Oct 13, 2015

Fantastic first session with Victor! I cannot wait for the next one!
Spyro Sep 25, 2015

Victor is really helpful and it has been a great session talking about angular and additional stuff related to javascript in general. He has also helped me with some issues that I asked him about and provided some clean and clear explanations for those problems. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for angular js or javascript issues. Cheers :)
DK Amaravadi Aug 07, 2015

Victor is patient and provides very clear explanations of high-level concepts and practical application of skills and code. He really knows his stuff and is as excited about learning as his students are. I'm looking forward to a continued long-term mentorship with Victor and honing my skills as a web developer!
Mica Jun 22, 2015

Was fine. We only did 15 min and it was using an API that he was unfamiliar with so was unable to help. Not his fault.
Brandon Jun 05, 2015

Knowledgeable, also offered some good advice and tips on how to improve as a developer.
Jocelyn Jeriah Jun 05, 2015

Victor is an incredible mentor. He is patient, encouraging, and quite brilliant in how he approaches problems. I would highly recommend Victor with anything to do with MEAN stack application development, and if you're a beginner programmer or entrepreneur looking to develop an MVP, then Victor is your go to guy.
Lane Watson May 23, 2015

It was a pleasure to work with Victor. He was able to suggest multiple different solutions that can be used to overcome any of the issues that I have, all of which was presented in a very clear, succinct and easy to understand manner. I would definitely recommend Victor as a mentor, and I would request his services again in the future if I required them
Dan Williams May 16, 2015

great pair coding and sharp second pair of eyes
Bretton Auerbach May 10, 2015

thanks for the very clear and helpful UML and OOD walkthrough!
Bretton Auerbach May 06, 2015

solid interview prep | consistent and actionable feedback | overall approach tips, not just "here's how you solve this problem"
Bretton Auerbach Apr 30, 2015

Another great session | interview question prep.
Bretton Auerbach Apr 29, 2015

Victor's an Awesome Smart Guy!
Ruben Apr 23, 2015

Another great session. Lots of excellent documentation for me to use offline! A++
Bretton Auerbach Apr 18, 2015

Helpful and thorough as always!!
Heron Apr 17, 2015

Great first session. Looking forward to future productive sessions!
Bretton Auerbach Apr 17, 2015

Very helpful, polite and seasoned mentor. Recommended for high level mentoring of growing startups.
Taqi Jaffri Apr 13, 2015

Great mentor, very knowledgeable, and good at explaining things.
Logan Rice Apr 13, 2015

Victor is extremely friendly and knowledgable. I enjoyed my session with him and learned a great deal. Highly recommended.
David Schiele Apr 07, 2015

Very helpful and friendly, Victor would go the extra effort to assist you in finishing your goals.
JD Apr 03, 2015

Excellent knowledge about the subjects, git, php, frameworks.
Heron Mar 28, 2015

Thank you very much. Quick and done. Great help.
Daniel Mar 27, 2015

Can't wait to learn more on JavaScript with Victor!
Yama Noorstani Mar 26, 2015

Fantastic, motivated and structured, did not waste time and answered all my questions, ton of fun.
Ryan Eghrari Mar 25, 2015

He is very wise and friendly and has an extremely good disposition to work and get the best results based in your situation.
Heron Mar 19, 2015

Excellent help. Solved my problem in 15 minutes!
Niklas Rudemo Mar 13, 2015

What a privilege to work with such a great mentor and technologist. There are many great technical folks on this site, but Victor also understands mentoring, best practices and enterprise level thinking. It was nice to problem solve, and not just code. Am hoping to work with Victor for as long as I can grab hold of him. And make him proud of his investments in mentoring.
iamalexcohen Mar 11, 2015

very insightful
josh Mar 04, 2015