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I work with Node, React, KOA, and all things Javascript. My focus is on front-end and user experience design. My background came from C# MVC plus many other paths over the last 20 something years. You may recognize my name from my previous speaking arrangements with Microsoft or from Larry Roof's books (WROX). I was awarded the "Best of Miercomm" award for my design and implementation of NEC's unified communication client, and all those loyalty kiosks in GameStop stores were designed and written by me :) You can find me hanging out on my open source projects: Defunctr, and ThunderFlurry. I am also a contributing member to Keystone.
Csharp expert help C# - 15 years experience
Was a Microsoft beta tester for the original "Project Cool". Developed everything from api's, websites, to applications over the years. I have made my focus on Node for the past few years and am no longer up on the new cool thing in the language.
No icon .NET - 15 years experience
I have been in MVC world for the past 6 years, so I no longer remember ASP.Net. I have built many sites using .Net for the past 15 years.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
I contribute to the open source Keystone CMS project written in Node. I also am the owner of two other open source projects, ThunderFlurry, and Defunctr which make use of node for either DevOps or as an Express web server
Git expert help Git - 8 years experience
Git is the only repository I use. I have daily experience in merging, branching, pr, and all things related to manging a proper git repository.
No icon Knockout.js - 5 years experience
While I currently focus on React, KO was my go-to MV* framework for years. I have built some extremely complicated binding systems and extensions over the years. There is nothing I don't know about KO.
No icon Responsive design - 7 years experience
I have been working on responsive design since the campaign began. Like others, I have switched modes to mobile first, however, I am able to work desktop first as well due to my previous experiences. I just don't recommend it.
No icon Sass - 7 years experience
SASS is my preferred markup language for CSS. I specifically use SCSS syntax. I have written many mixins and know how to hook SASS up to a node/react/webpack project.
No icon Gruntjs - 2 years experience
I not only use grunt, I have published grunt contrib tasks.
No icon Npm - 2 years experience
I use NPM in every project I work on. I can help with understanding NPM and even on how to publish a project.
No icon Firebase - 1 year experience
Have been working extensively with Firebase on a few projects. Primarily working with the firebase web api in a react environment. I am able to help with the api relating to queries, snapshots, priorities, and other related things. Architecture of data vs using a relational database is also something I am good with. I am in the process of getting my Google Firebase Expert certification.
No icon Agile - 10 years experience
Certified Scrum Master. I use agile based project management daily. Depending on the project, I may choose Scrum, or I may choose Lean. If you need help in areas related to agile... such as "how does UX fit in", I can help.
No icon Bower - 4 years experience
I use Bower for pulling some CSS related items not available in NPM to node. I also publish and maintain Defunctr on bower.
No icon Bootstrap3 - 5 years experience
I use bootstrap for my clients that don't have the manpower to maintain their own base styleset. I have years of experience with the library and can help on anything related to this... including how to get it working in requirejs.
No icon Post production - 6 years experience
I have done quite a bit of post-production work. My company primarily works in the entertainment industry. I can help with encoding, licensing, and even special effects. I have more skills than the tag system is aware of here. Though this is a rare skill on a tech site, motion graphics and online video are becoming more common.
react-native-dialogbox 10   1
Dialog boxes for React Native (forked from react-native-popup)
SBJson 1   1
A strict JSON parser/generator for Objective-C.
C Shell Objective-C
defunctr 1   0
Addition to Modernizr to add browser classes based on feature detection
CSS HTML JavaScript
firebase.js 1   0
Used for code tracking changes in the Firebase Api.
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A great client that delivers questions clearly and we had a great time solving them. Love to help out again.
Tom Chen May 10, 2016

I had to do an interview with a project manager. She was extremely helpful and you could tell she was happy to do it.
Garrett Flanagan May 05, 2016

Extremely accommodating, patient, and experienced. Bent over backwards to help me solve through unrelated issues. Will schedule to work with again.
Josh Flayhart May 01, 2016

Always a great experience
Phill Rodgers Apr 03, 2016

Very helpful in solving complicated technical problem
Sam Apr 03, 2016

I was delighted that Victoria picked up, problem solved with style.
Phill Rodgers Apr 02, 2016

Worked through a very confusing issue with patience and persistence. Very clear in her descriptions and an excellent communicator of what she's doing and why she's doing it.
Greg Lowery Apr 01, 2016

My session with Elizabeth was great. I was banging my head against the wall for multiple hours on an issue, and she got me through the most difficult part. You can tell she genuinely loves to teach and has a lot of experience to draw from. Looking forward to a repeat session soon.
Bianca Gandolfo Apr 01, 2016

Victoria went way beyond her call of duty to help me resolve my issues and she was awesome throughout the entire process. She saved me days of frustration and wasted time! I'd recommend her to anyone looking for help in coding and performance tuning. Will definitely contact her again if I run into issues.
Hussein Lalani Apr 01, 2016

I was having some issues upgrading to the latest version of nodeJs and Victoria was over the top generous with her time and extra knowledge. She was very patient and understanding plus explained to me why things were not working and why they were being fixed and how. She's really knowledgeable and I can tell she takes pride in not only helping but leaving you feeling confident about what you just had to solve. Thank you!
Alex A Mar 31, 2016

Mentor was very helpful! he took her time with the problem I was having and we came up with a solution together. She made sure I understood everything that was happening. I would recommend her to everyone and I will definitely use her in the future.
Megtatron Mar 31, 2016