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Experienced Software Engineer, Lead Developer @ Truppr. Lover of God, and Family.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
Working with JavaScript exposed me to more opportunities revolving around the technology, especially with Node.JS. Changed the way I thought about programming.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
Mysql expert help MySQL - 6 years experience
My most used database platform, and the simplest. Was easy starting a project that used MySQL from the start.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 3 years experience
My experience with AngularJS is with the 1.x versions. My experience with AngularJS 2.x is limited.
Meteor expert help Meteor - less than 1 year experience
Just began using MeteorJS; it's an extremely simple framework for quickly prototyping projects.
No icon Postgresql - 3 years experience
Used PostgreSQL in several projects one of which is Truppr (www.truppr.com). It's a very performant database; I'll use it to start any new project.
No icon Less - less than 1 year experience
Was easy to pick up on LESS as I love functional programming which LESS supports. No going back to writing only CSS for fairly to very large projects.
No icon Breeze - less than 1 year experience
New to Breeze.JS, but it was pretty easy to pick up cause of its roots/familiarity with Java ORM frameworks like Hibernate and JPA, both of which I have experience using. Think I've learned enough to be able to learn more by helping others with challenges with it.
custard 1   1
A small-ish blog written in the PlayFramework
interpol 1   0
Allows for named string interpolation in scala.
Scala JavaScript
bbn-java-api 0   1
A Java port to the BBN (http://www.bbnplace.com) SMS API.
funnel 0   1
CSS JavaScript
coursera-full-stack 0   0
[Coursera] Full Stack Web Development Specialization from HKUST.
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Great as always
Dhairya Mar 09, 2016

Great Mentor. Amazing and extremely helpful as always
Dhairya Mar 03, 2016

Amazing as always
Dhairya Feb 22, 2016

Amazing mantor. Told me exactly how to solve my problem Just a little slow but It works out cause you can understand what he is trying to explain.
Dhairya Feb 11, 2016

The issue wasn't solved but it was a gallant effort.
James Dec 31, 2015

Victor is always awesome. He takes the time to understand whatever the issue is and is willing to work together with you on ideas on how to solve the problem. Highly recommended.
James Dec 30, 2015

Amazing. Simply Amazing. He was an expert in java and showed me instantly where my problem was and fixed it. It was great. I would recommend him to anyone who is a beginner and needs help with java
Dhairya Dec 18, 2015

Once again...Victor delivers. He is my go to guy for all things Android.
Darrin Jones Dec 18, 2015

Victor did a wonderful job of walking me through my code and helping me identify the problem. He then gave me advice on how to resolve the issue and was very helpful explaining what to do next.
Darrin Jones Dec 17, 2015

I kept pitching him problems with my input form on my Angular app and he kept hitting back solutions. Victor rocks!
James Dec 17, 2015

Victor is very skilled in Angular and was very helpful
Lauren Mendoza Dec 15, 2015

Victor is one of the best mentors on codementor. He responded to my message quickly and we were able to start a session soon after. He helped me solve an issue that other mentors were not able to, and he did not give up until my issue was fixed!
Falon Thomas Dec 15, 2015

Victor is awesome! I had a huge problem working with an Angular project in terms of nested scope. He spent time to fully understand the issue at hand and kept with it until the bitter end (which was finally solved after a few hours). At the end he was kind enough to give a complete explanation of what he did and the issues he encountered along the way. He's very thorough and helpful and I'd recommend him to anyone in need of help with Angular.
James Dec 14, 2015

Excellent mentor! Very helpful and concise, solved my android issue easily. Would highly recommend.
Joe Dec 12, 2015

Victor is so helpful I keep coming back to him!
Samantha French Dec 10, 2015

helped resolve my problem quickly
Gleb Dec 03, 2015

Victor took my request and provide efficient solution so fast! I was impressed. He understood my needs and was happy to help me. Totally recommend him.
Gloria Dec 03, 2015

Victor knows his stuff. Definitely recommend him.
Samantha French Dec 03, 2015

He was able to quickly diagnose the issue and create a solution in no time at all. Also he was able to go back through his steps at the end of the session and explain exactly what he did to create a solution. Great work.
James Dec 01, 2015

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rsv Nov 30, 2015

expensive but got the work
idntknw1 Nov 30, 2015

Very helpful, insightful mentor. Would definitely love to work with him again. He actually started this work without even knowing anything about it in the first place and managed to get this done! Kudos to Victor!
Ivan Wong Nov 26, 2015

In the short amount of time I paired with Victor, he helped me narrow down my bug in my Angular application. Very patient and cool guy.
Clifford Nov 26, 2015

Victor was very patient with my limited knowledge of javascript. I will definitely be coming back if I get stuck again!
Samantha French Nov 25, 2015

Stephen Nov 23, 2015

Victor is a really good guy with a good heart. He tries really hard to help you and get to the bottom of the problem. Good deductive reasoning. Thanks!
Nuvi Nov 23, 2015

Extremely friendly, accommodating, and helpful!
Clara S. Nov 15, 2015

Victor saved me so much time getting up to speed with Android
Miriam Nov 14, 2015

Victor was absolutely wonderful and patient. He took the time to explain what he did and made sure that it was something that I could replicate as needed.
Chelle Fuller Nov 13, 2015

Viktor, Was extremely helpful - he was able to get into some very complex code written by someone else and get to the root cause of the problem. He taught me alot while working on resolving the problem
Craig Cocker Nov 10, 2015