How I learned Advanced Python

Published Oct 27, 2017
How I learned Advanced Python

About me

I am a programmer who dreams of becoming an Artificial Intelligence expert.

Why I wanted to learn Advanced Python

When I first found out about Python, I instantly fell in love with it. I wanted to learn Python at a deep level. Therefore, I focused my energy on getting good at the basics first, and then went on to learn the advanced stuff.

How I approached learning Advanced Python

I watched video lectures from various universities. I read books, articles, and Stack Overflow questions to clarify my concepts.

Recommended video lecture:
Dr. Chuck's Python for Everybody (Coursera)
Recommended Book:
Automate the Boring Stuff (There is an online interactive free website too. It is much better.)

Challenges I faced

I faced many problems when things got hard. At one point, I was about to quit, but I never gave up. I kept practicing, reading, and learning. My spirits were high. I had the support of some excellent friends who helped me in every way they could.

Key takeaways

I enjoyed the "exploring new stuff" part. When there was a term I did not understand or a concept that I felt was interesting, I researched the hell out of it. I used to code every concept that I understood just to get a deeper level of understanding.

Exploring and researching is like an adventure. You don't know what you will find. There were times where I had about 100 tabs open at the same time, because I did not find a satisfactory answer in the first two links. The deeper you go, the more complex and interesting it gets.

Tips and advice

Never give up. Always have faith in yourself. You will succeed. Just never stop trying. Taking a break is okay, but never quit. There is a huge difference.

Never stop exploring or trying new things. To survive, we must be updated as much as we can. The latest is not necessarily the greatest, but you must know what is the latest. Always keep exploring new things — it's very adventurous.

Final thoughts and next steps

I felt that after completing this goal, I evolved as a programmer. I have started looking at things differently. Now, I don't think anything is impossible. My next goal is becoming an expert in Deep Learning and Data Science.

Impossible = I am possible

P.S. This is my first post ever, therefore it is so sentimental and motivational. My next post will contain some useful code walkthroughs as well 😃

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