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Varun Jewalikar

Varun Jewalikar

Software developer, Data scientist and bug smasher. 5yrs+ experience.

London (+00:00)
Hindi, Italian, Spanish, English
Hi! I love Python, Javascript, data analysis, machine learning, natural language processing and image processing. My work has been featured in The Guardian (https://goo.gl/S5pxuN) , Billboard.com (http://goo.gl/q0oOxM) and other print/digital publications. I have developed large scale image/audio/text processing systems, created & managed databases/APIs for mobile applications and everything in between. I have 4yrs+ experience with backend engineering, nlp, signal processing and image processing. I can help you with any of these topics. I also love hackdays and have attended 20 hackdays in Europe in the last couple of years and collaborated with beginners/experienced developers on different kinds of projects. Thanks for reading and hope to talk to you soon!
17 Python
3 Machine learning
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
Python is my goto language for most tasks. I have used Python to write machine learning algorithms, do complicated analysis of images/text/audio data, manage the backend for an app (db management and microservices), write many RESTFUL APIs, interconnect many APIs (Google analytics, Spotify, Slack, Duolingo,Google Maps, etc) and write web scrapers. It is easy to read, has an amazingly large collection of very well written/maintained packages and gets me from 0 to 100 in a matter of hours rather than days or months.
No icon Data Science - 2 years experience
I have published data analysis studies (analysing millions of data points) which have gone viral and been featured in The Guardian, CNN, NPR, Mtv and other print/digital publications. Many of these have hit the front page of Reddit as well. I believe that a simple and insightful analysis of data supported by a visualization and a crisp explanation can bring forth many hidden and even surprising aspects of data.
No icon Machine learning - 4 years experience
I love to solve real world problems with machine learning. I have used support vector machines, decision trees and neural networks working as a Researcher with Yamaha Music and Musixmatch. These projects were built in Python using scikit-learn and related libraries. Some examples - automating phonetic segmentation of singing voice in audio files, prediction of song mood using audio/lyrics, detecting singing voice in songs, etc. I am constantly trying out and reading about new algorithms and models that advance the state of the art in machine learning.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 2 years experience
I have used Javascript and nodejs to do front end development for web pages which have seen 1000+ users in realtime without any hiccups. Coupling various libraries using npm and controlling the dev/build processes using webpack has allowed me to make clean/responsive webpages quickly. Most of these webpages were for visualizing complicated datasets. I also turn to Javascript on the backend sometimes for tasks which need async capabilities which can't be easily achieved with Python.
No icon Natural language processing - 2 years experience
I worked at Musixmatch, the most downloaded lyrics app and the largest lyrics provider worldwide, as a Research Engineer. My main projects were based on using state of the art algorithms on this lyrics database which spanned many languages. Some of these projects were mood prediction using lyrics and audio, recommendation system based on similarity analysis of lyrics, filtering 'bad' lyrics, detecting instrumental songs using audio, etc. Many of these projects are integrated in the Musixmatch apps or on the backend to deliver a unique and clean experience to the users. I love the challenge of writing algorithms to extract insights from structured and unstructured text.
Flask expert help Flask - 2 years experience
I use flask whenever I need to serve any kind of data through a REST API. Combined with Elastic Beanstalk, I can get a scalable API running in a matter of minutes.
No icon Amazon web services - 3 years experience
I have been using various AWS services in production for over 3 years. All the servers I use are EC2 based. The ease of setup/use and performance of these servers continues to amaze me. Most of my Python based APIs are hosted using Elastic Beanstalk. This allows me to easily scale the APIs based on incoming requests and takes a lot of sys-admin work off my plate. Overall, learning to interconnect and use various AWS tools has been a game changer for me as a developer and also for the various companies where I have worked.
No icon Deep learning - 1 year experience
Over the last two years convolutional neural networks and deep learning have immensely advanced the state of the art of image recognition, language processing and various other research fields. In the last year or so we have seen various products - google photos/translate, Prisma, MSQRD, etc - putting these advances in the hands of millions of users. In my latest project, I have been fortunate to learn and implement a CNN based system for categorizing images and an image to image search. This system uses transfer learning over the famous googlenet model. It is in the beta testing phase and will soon be released as a part of a shopping app.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 2 years experience
I love the extreme flexibility and speed of MongoDB (nosql dbs in general). This is my preferred database for most tasks when I need to get up and running quickly. Having said that I have also optimised/managed MongoDBs in production settings and learn new features almost each day.
omap3-pwm 16   3
Kernel module to allow PWM control from userland and kernel space.
CanvasVisualization 1   0
vocaloid-freakout 1   0
C++ Shell Python
cataloging 0   2
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Excellent data science mentor.
Brian Maimone Dec 12, 2016

Excellent data science resource.
Brian Maimone Dec 06, 2016

He's very clear in explanation. He knows his stuff!
Stanley Ndagi Nov 19, 2016

Great instruction on installing and setting up virtual environments for python on OSX. I would definitely ask for his assistance again if I ran into problems.
Damon Nov 14, 2016

Great Teacher! Walks through your problem and problems similar to it as well!
Sid Rampally Nov 07, 2016

He explains things well with examples and has deep knowledge of the topic
Richa Bharti Oct 26, 2016

The best for machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning, both in theory and applied in python.
David Blau Oct 16, 2016

I'm very greatful to Varun Jewalikar for a great lesson. Hs is very helpful and knowledgeable tutor who helped me to work through my university natural language processing task, he also shared his hands on experience in python and always checked if I'm grasping the concepts. Thanks a lot!
Ymka Sep 30, 2016

David Blau Aug 30, 2016

The best.
David Blau Aug 28, 2016

Continues to be great. Both code and theory for ml/dl, best Codementor experience.
David Blau Aug 25, 2016

David Blau Aug 21, 2016

Great - continues to be my best experience on Codementor. I have a steep learning curve, but he is great at overall lesson plan + making sure I have fundamentals.
David Blau Aug 19, 2016

I will definitely use Varun's help again. He is extremely skilled in Machine Learning models and is a top grade expert
Udit Agarwal Aug 16, 2016

Varun explains everything really well and helped me to understand what I thought to be a complex problem. Very friendly, would definitely recommend.
Nathan Templar Aug 14, 2016

This mentor is great. I will work with him in the future.
Francesca Aug 12, 2016

Old sudo'd node installs were clogging my system, and Varun helped me sort it all out.
Marjorie Roswell Aug 11, 2016

Provided rapid help via chat. honed right in on the issue from a long error message, to resolve the issue.
Marjorie Roswell Aug 11, 2016

Excellent advice for anyone going into Data science or the Machine Learning realm
samsung Aug 10, 2016

Varun was extremely helpful and clearly put a lot of thought into answering my question.
DJ Aug 09, 2016

Helped me alot through my app. Great person to hire.
Jazil Zaim Aug 08, 2016

Varun is top notch and definitely knows his ways around Data science models
Udit Agarwal Aug 04, 2016