Write on Codementor & Get a T-Shirt

Published Jan 26, 2017Last updated Feb 07, 2017
Write on Codementor & Get a T-Shirt

Recently, we completely revamped our post publishing platform to allow you, as a mentor, to publish directly your posts, or submit them for review.

To celebrate this, we're launching a special T-shirt campaign!

How it works:
Publish a post that gets a minimum of 5 stars from readers, and we'll send you a super cool Codementor T-shirt. 😄

Don't be shy, do spread the word about your post! Share it with your friends, on social media, and ask readers for feedback. If your post is relevant to your mentees' learning, feel free to also share it with them. 🤓

On the back of the T-shirt, there's a white space for you to write your username, so potential mentees can easily find you on Codementor.

Codementor T-shirt back

If there's a particular expertise you'd like us to print, feel free to let us know. We'll try to get the permission to use those logos if more than 5 people request the same expertise.

If you're looking for ideas for your next post, here are some suggestions to get started. 💪

Looking forward to reading your posts!

We trust our mentors to act in good faith for this campaign and on our platform in general. In order for us to continue holding similar events going forward, we'd appreciate your compliance with following the rules. 😎

  • The campaign applies for posts published from 2017/1/26 until 2017/2/28
  • Honesty is the best policy. The stars you receive should be genuine and from real Codementor accounts.
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