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Vaibhav Agarwal

Vaibhav Agarwal

iOS/Android developer with 7+ years of mobile experience

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Worked on wide variety of iOS and Android applications over last 7 years. Prior to that worked on projects using mainly C and C++.
Ios expert help iOS - 7 years experience
Specializes in iOS development with 7 years of experience. Have track record of completing multiple and wide variety of projects currently on App Store.
No icon Xcode server - 2 years experience
Xcode Server App, an app provided by Apple and well integrated with Xcode for continuous integration.
No icon Realm - 2 years experience
Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & Core Data Realm can save you thousands of lines of code & weeks of work, and lets you craft amazing new user experiences.
No icon Parse.com - 2 years experience
Instantly add a powerful core, push notifications, and analytics to your app with Parse. With native SDKs for Android, iOS, JavaScript, Unity, and more, Parse has an SDK for everyone, whether you’re creating a desktop or mobile app.
Git expert help Git - 7 years experience
Using GIT from last 7 years. GIT is simply awesome.
Android expert help Android - 4 years experience
Have delivered multiple Android projects successfully.
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Vaibhav Agarwal was very thorough, and explained anything so that a even newbie like me could understand. I am extremely happy with my session, and would definitely recommend Vabihav to you!
Dag Wolters Mar 15, 2015

Vaibhav is super awesome mentor. Knows Objective-C inside out and he is very flexible. Look no further.
Victor Adu Mar 13, 2015

Vaibhav was patient and very helpful. He troubleshooted what went awry with my project right away.
Christine Mar 12, 2015

Agarwal is awesome. Very patient and knows his stuff. I'm so booking again.
Victor Adu Mar 11, 2015

Gaurav solved the problem quickly and completely. He was very patient in helping explain what was causing the problem in the code. When he realized that it was a little over my head he took the drivers seat and patiently explained what he was doing as he fixed it. Afterwards, he recapped what he did to try to teach this man to fish. I would still be struggling with this problem if not for Gaurav. I only wish I had met with him sooner. I now have a solution and understand the problem. What more can a fisherman ask for?
Ramon Andino Feb 27, 2015

Incredibly professional and fixed my issue quickly as well as explained why I had the issue and the fix, didn't just fix it without telling me how. Very helpful.
Andy Feb 22, 2015

Gaurav Agarwal immediately knew the answer to many of my questions and even spend time after our session to debug a major issue. I highly recommend working with him.
Nathan Cain Feb 20, 2015

Gaurav listened to my problem and knew how to fix it immediately! We had fixed the problem in 5-10 minutes and then he took the time to show me some things he knew I would inevitably run into.
Nicolai Safai Feb 11, 2014