UI/UX Designer , Software Developer

Started out with design a couple of years ago and gradually transitioned to coding and building web applications. I have been able to apply the design background to the logic of development and this has helped in both my front-end and backend proficiency. The attention to detail which is one of the major requirements of design has been able to ensure I debug quickly and also made my code somewhat legible.

Web Developer

I am a programmer who creates and develops cutting edge websites and web applications powered by HTML5. I have experience working with many arcade webmasters to improve their websites. I also developed and still keeping up to date my very own game portal solution.

Reader, Writer, Creator

I'm a Technology aficionado, an engineer, an experienced software developer and a polyglot programmer. An Electrical Engineer by training, my way of thinking gives me the ability to solve complex problems. My interests range but are not limited to Software Development, #TheModernWeb, UI + UX Design, Branding + Design, Electronics, Automation and Control Systems, Web Start-Ups, Mathematics and More Mathematics. I have extensive experience developing software for different industry applications including Engineering, Finance, Health and Education. I pride in my ability to develop systems that ...

Full Stack Web Developer and UI Designer

Web Developer and UI designer with solid fundamentals on data structures and algorithms. Extensive experience on web applications and frontend technologies. Confident reasoning on the full picture of a project and capable of optimizing low level implementation details.

Web Developer, Software Engineer, & Cat Enthusiast

I have a focused interest in product development—from a software engineering perspective. My other related skills are design, UI/UX, branding, authorship, and code architecture.

UI Designer & Developer

Senior UI Designer & Developer, Using ADOBE Photoshop to design, and HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap to get designs coded.

I’d like to help you design and build your product

Over the last eight years, I’ve helped my clients design, build and market software products and e-commerce businesses with uncompromising craftsmanship. Now, I’d like to help you design and build your product. My specialties are large-scale JavaScript applications, interactive visualizations, rapid prototypes and user interface design. The spectrum of companies I've worked with includes established brands, such as Honda and Rawlings, late stage startups, like Lookout, and small startups, like Stipple and Winestyr.

UI/UX Designer and Developer in Java and on Mobile

I am an experienced Java developer with a primary focus on user interface and user experience design. I have a Masters in Software Engineering and have taken courses in graphic design. I can do both the design of an interface and follow it up with the development to fit the design. I also have years of experience in mobile application design and development in both iOS and Android.

ui/ux designer /// coder /// web app mobile /// perfectionist

/// freelance web / ui + ux / mobile / screen designer & developer /// 16 years experience in design & code /// <3 artcrimes / basketball / hiphop / skateboarding /// nice.guy :)

Web Applications Technical Lead

Senior Frontend Developer, passionate and focused on providing user interface development strategies (and design), with a wide area of knowledge about UI/UX development tehnologies and design. Frontend architecture & development: HTML5, CSS3: Sass/SCSS (Compass), LESS, JavaScript​: ES6, AngularJS, BackboneJS, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, Node.js, and many other, Grunt, Gulp. UI/UX Design: sketching, wireframing and layouts, prototyping, responsive/mobile design, grid design, graphic design, branding and identity Other: PHP, MySQL and other RDBS, MongoDB, XML, XPath, APIs/REST, Rails, Git/GitHub/Bitb...

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