Martin Zikmund, senior Universal windows platform developerView Profile
Martin Zikmund
Freelance Universal windows platform developer in Prague, Czechia

Software developer, Microsoft Certified Professional

I am a professional Universal Windows Platform developer, building apps for two companies and publishing my own apps on the Windows Store. I have a lot of experience using the MVVM pattern and XAML. I have built Alchemy 10 for Windows 10. I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer for Universal Windows Platform.
Ivan Carmenates Garcia, Universal windows platform coder and engineerView Profile
Ivan Carmenates Garcia
Freelance Universal windows platform developer in Havana, Cuba

Full stack C# Developer and Adviser (UWP, WPF, MVC, DI Containers)

I started to make software when I was twelve; the first programming language I learned was MSX BASIC and Machine Language for 8080 CPUs. Then I started to make some applications in those languages one of the very first was a Painting Software that stored the pictures in a cassette. The second was a Sprites Animator software to make games. I also made a few little games using the Sprite Animator. A few years later I learned a new version of the MSX Basic for 80x86 CPUs (MS Basic) in which my passion for making applications and games grew up, so I developed a new version of the Sprites Animator this time for 80x86 CPUs. And many versions of a Census software for my mom’s works, among others, such as a Galaxy Game, a Shoot the Bars Game, a Board Game. When I was at the Vocational Senior Hig...

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