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Martin Zikmund, senior Universal windows platform developerHire Now
Freelance Universal windows platform developer in Prague, Czechia

Software developer, Microsoft Certified Professional

I am a professional Universal Windows Platform developer, building apps for two companies and publishing my own apps on the Windows Store. I have a lot of experience using the MVVM pattern and XAML. I have built Alchemy 10 for Windows 10. I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer for Universal Windows Platform.
Ivan Carmenates Garcia, Universal windows platform coder and engineerHire Now
Freelance Universal windows platform developer in Havana, Cuba

Full stack C# Developer and Adviser (UWP, WPF, MVC, DI Containers)

I started to make software when I was twelve; the first programming language I learned was MSX BASIC and Machine Language for 8080 CPUs. Then I started to make some applications in those languages one of the very first was a Painting Software that stored the pictures in a cassette. The second was a Sprites Animator software to make games. I also made a few little games using the Sprite Animator. A few years later I learned a new version of the MSX Basic for 80x86 CPUs (MS Basic) in which my passion for making applications and games grew up, so I developed a new version of the Sprites Animator this time for 80x86 CPUs. And many versions of a Census software for my mom’s works, among others, such as a Galaxy Game, a Shoot the Bars Game, a Board Game. When I was at the Vocational Senior Hig...

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