Dexter Talbert, senior Uitableviewcontroller developerView Profile
Dexter Talbert4.9
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Conroe, United States

iOS Developer (Full Stack) | Web Developer (Full Stack) | Founder of FanWagon

I'm a very experienced iOS and Web Developer who has a passion for delivering clean and high performing apps and server architectures. I spend most of my time coding in Swift/Objective-C, Node.JS, and PHP. - Founder of sports social network FanWagon. - 7 years iOS development experience. - 17 years of web development (this includes development, debugging, and testing). - 5 years server administration in Red Hat/Debian. In my free time, I mentor computer science students at the local college.
Adam Cooper, Uitableviewcontroller freelance programmerView Profile
Adam Cooper5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Oakland, United States

Senior Software Engineer

A senior, software engineer with years of experience working on social networks.
Matthew Knippen, Uitableviewcontroller software engineerView Profile
Matthew Knippen5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Chicago, United States

iOS developer with 50+ Apps. Founded 3 companies.

Specialties: • iPhone/iPad/iOS Development • Product Management & Development • Lean Startup • Entrepreneurship Would you like to see the list of applications I have worked on that are in the App Store? Check out my TapFame profile: With a strong background in Objective-C, iOS Applications and Apple products, I keep my primary focus on developing applications for the iPhone and iPad. I am able to promote what I am doing well with a large amount of sales experience. Having both the tech side and the sales side is not a common trait. I am the type of person that if I do not know the answer to a question, I know how to find it. I am constantly expanding my knowledge base in every possible direction, and in the process becoming more of a valuable...
Fahim Farook, Uitableviewcontroller freelance coderView Profile
Fahim Farook5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Battaramulla South, Sri Lanka

Multi-disciplinarian with over 25 years of experience in iOS, Android, PHP, SQL, and Unity. Also have some experience with Xamarin, Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby etc.

I have been a developer for over 25 years and have been a mobile developer for close to 8 of those years. During that time, I've developed over 80 iOS apps, around 10 macOS apps, and a few Android apps too - some were personal apps while close to half of that were apps for various clients. I’ve also been a technical editor, final pass editor, and finally, for a brief period, the editor-in-chief at, the popular online site devoted to mobile and game development. I did a lot of work on their tutorials and so know a little bit about helping people to understand a topic :) I try to help people understand developing for a given language and try to show you why you should do something a certain way. Along the way, I also try to provide little tips and tricks which make your w...
Andrew Milham, top Uitableviewcontroller developerView Profile
Andrew Milham5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Santa Barbara, United States

Software Development Consultant

I've been doing software development consulting for over 20 years. More recently, I got in on iOS development before the official SDK was even available, over 8 years ago. I'm fluent in a number of programming languages, for client-side, server-side, and web development.
Josiah Mory, Uitableviewcontroller freelance programmerView Profile
Josiah Mory5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Rancho Cucamonga, United States

Solve your iOS questions!

I'm Josiah Mory, an iOS developer and Twitch streamer/Youtuber. I consult as an iOS developer for companies building and maintaining their iOS apps. I love technology, coding, and once upon a time, worked as a freelance musician
Christopher Truman, Uitableviewcontroller software engineer and devView Profile
Christopher Truman5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Los Angeles, United States

iOS Dev at eHarmony

I am an iOS/Objective C/Swift Developer in the Los Angeles Area hoping to make a difference in the mobile tech industry. I got a Nintendo Gameboy Advance when I was about 13. This was the beginning of my fascination with mobile technology. This device was the most interesting and exciting thing I had ever owned. As I began to play with my Gameboy more, I wanted to know how it worked. As a child of the 90's, I naturally turned to the internet to provide me with knowledge. Thanks to the internet, I was making my own games and applications for my Gameboy written in C++. They were simple and rudimentary, but they were mine. Being able to control and apply the power of mobile devices has been an obsession ever since. Now I work in Xcode all day, every day, making a great app at eHarmony.
Jad Salhani, Uitableviewcontroller freelance programmerView Profile
Jad Salhani5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Beirut, Lebanon

Mobile Software Engineer. Expert in Ionic, iOS and Android

Freelance Software Engineer 5 years in. Worked on around 10 mobile applications, spread out between Native and Hybrid. Designed several backend APIs in the most optimized way possible
Curtis Mak, Uitableviewcontroller freelance developerView Profile
Curtis Mak
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Vancouver, Canada

iOS Teaching Assistant at Coding Bootcamp

I've worked at a variety of startups in the past 5 years building iOS apps for medical purposes to marketing campaign apps for agencies such as Adidas and Lululemon. Working with designers, building user interface/experience and watching it come to life in an app is my favourite aspect of app development. I'm currently working as a teaching assistant at a coding bootcamp so hopefully I can provide some help to you remotely as well.
Jorge R Ovalle Z, Uitableviewcontroller dev and freelancerView Profile
Jorge R Ovalle Z5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Zapopan, Mexico

iOS Developer at Wizeline

Mobile developer and entrepreneur with fast learning capabilities, proactive and dynamic. True believer of opportunities based on talent, interested in usability, arts, and learn new languages​​. Co-founder of Olinguito a startup that aims to show the world that "all is not yet discovered", reinventing cities and cultures, in addition to raising awareness about the world.
Ethan Schatzline, Uitableviewcontroller dev and freelancerView Profile
Ethan Schatzline5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Pleasant Hill, United States

iOS Engineer

I love technology and how easy it is becoming to reach your audience. I enjoy learning by teaching and am excited to help anyone who is struggling with a problem.
Mel Sampat, Uitableviewcontroller freelance developerView Profile
Mel Sampat5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in San Francisco, United States

Lead iOS Developer, 15 years programming experience, 5+ years iOS.

I'm an experienced developer who's worked on a number of mobile and Web platforms over more than a decade. Since 2010 I've been focused exclusively on iOS, including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Based in San Francisco, I've built apps for a number of high profile startups, and have shipped over half a dozen of my own indie titles as well. Currently I'm a lead developer at Bottomline, a popular iOS app for small business owners. You can check it out at I've also taught mobile development courses at General Assembly, an internationally known coding bootcamp. I enjoy teaching and mentoring other developers, regardless of their experience level. I spend my spare time being a budding musician and practicing guitar.
Drew Crawford, top Uitableviewcontroller developerView Profile
Drew Crawford5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Austin, United States

iOS developer, Swift compiler hacker, flamewar-starter

I work on the Swift compiler for fun. If you use Swift, you're running my code! I run an iOS development company. My clients include Fortune 500s, governments, and startups. I'm a hacker at heart and I like solving difficult technical challenges. I know my way around graph theory, compiler/interpreter internals, algorithm design, computer vision, project management, test design, and much more. Chances are, if you have a problem that can be solved by writing software, I can help.
Miguel Angel Quiñones, Uitableviewcontroller coder and developerView Profile
Miguel Angel Quiñones5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Ealing, United Kingdom

Senior iOS Engineer

I'm and experienced software engineer with an industrial electronics and control engineer background. I've worked for 5 years in mobile focusing on iOS platform. I've been part of teams that shipped applications directly to store, and worked with clients to deliver to mass market. The last two companies I've worked for are based in London; Badoo and Peak labs. My areas of interest are: - Graphics programming - Delighting users with awesome apps - Games programming as a hobby - Embedded systems development Visit my blog: Github:
Segun , Uitableviewcontroller programmer for hireView Profile
Segun 5.0
Freelance Uitableviewcontroller developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Senior iOS Developer

I am an enthusiastic iOS Developer.who loves helping people in solving challenges. I have been an iOS developer for past 6yrs, written code in Objective C, Swift and now Swift2. if you have challenges am interested in helping you go through the debugging process and finding solutions to your problem.

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