Seth Mcleod, Ui ux freelance programmerView Profile
Seth Mcleod5.0
Freelance Ui ux developer in Franklin, United States

Designer & Developer. I <3 CSS & JavaScript

I strive to make everything I build very user-friendly, and have experience with many UI/UX trends. I believe simplicity is one of the most important concepts when it comes to web applications, and constantly try to tackle problems from the end-users perspective.
Ashish, Ui ux programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Ui ux developer in Noida, India

JavaScript Expert, Front end Developer and Web Engineer

Have built some great websites, with amazing UI and UX. My personal site:
Mohit Kumar Singh, Ui ux freelancer and developerView Profile
Mohit Kumar Singh5.0
Freelance Ui ux developer in Delhi, India

UI/UX Designer | Front End Developer | Design Consultant

Building a websites is easy, but designing one takes skills. Everything is designed but only few things are designed well so don't hesitate to ask questions :) I am experienced Front End Developer and UI Designer. I have been to lot of hackathons and designathons ,won a few including IIIT Delhi minimal UI design.
Gabriel Ramirez Melgarejo, Ui ux developer and engineerView Profile
Gabriel Ramirez Melgarejo5.0
Freelance Ui ux developer in Belisario Dominguez, Mexico

AWS Technical Trainer / Oracle University Delivery Instructor

I use design patterns that make sense in the context of the project. The tool I use is UXPIN
Matthew G., Ui ux freelance developerView Profile
Matthew G.5.0
Freelance Ui ux developer in Pasadena, United States

I use technology to enrich people.

As a serial entrepreneur over the past 2 decades, I have a powerful understanding of business, technology, and people. I have scaled code to reach millions, both from a development and server perspective. My strength lives in my ability to communicate abstract concepts and support others in thinking through complex thought processes. I understand various components of tech, from DNS, to APIs, to servers, to development, to frontend/backend, and I can help someone think through their project and learn what's best. I can also share in a way that is sustainable, where someone is learning on their own. I want you to succeed without me. I also have consulted around business strategy and the psychology of entrepreneurship to optimize success. If you're not satisfied with any time we spend t...
Lea Marolt Sonnenschein, Ui ux engineer and consultantView Profile
Lea Marolt Sonnenschein5.0
Freelance Ui ux developer in Brooklyn, United States

5+ years iOS Development & Design | iOS @ Rent the Runway | Writer @ | Instructor @ General Assembly

I'm a Product Designer and iOS Developer with 5+ years of experience in the industry. I teach iOS Development and UI/UX classes at General Assembly, write tutorials and articles at and hold workshops at NYU's ITP Camp. Find out more at (:
Chris Connors, top Ui ux developerView Profile
Chris Connors5.0
Freelance Ui ux developer in Gloucester City, United States

Excellent work ethic, quick to learn, and fun to work with

I'm running my own company currently and am looking to pick up some extra hours for supplemental income. I pride myself on the work I help create and strive for the most success possible.
Razvan Gabriel Apostu, Ui ux coder and developerView Profile
Razvan Gabriel Apostu5.0
Freelance Ui ux developer in Iași, Romania

Graphic Designer | Android & Web Developer | Programmer | Entrepreneur | Company Owner | Startup-er and Mentor |

Graphic Designer, Android Developer, Web Developer & Designer, Digital Media Rookie and more with every day that passes. My daily mission : I strive to achieve new and exciting skills that will improve my experience and the way i think. I am the proud co-founder of a Social Network Start-up called Sycity. Also I am the co-founder of Van Software, a development , design and digital marketing company. In my spare time i like to research about anything new in the Tech World, but i'm also interested in the current eocial-economical-political situation all around the globe. Current obsessions : SpaceX, iOT, A.I, Alexa&Google Home, Start-ups all around the globe (software & hardware ), Sycity, Networking ( i try to meet as many powerful/inspiring/driven human beings as i can to learn and di...
Uzo Awili, freelance Ui ux programmerView Profile
Uzo Awili5.0
Freelance Ui ux developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Front-end Designer & Developer | Web Development with Python & Django

I am a full stack web developer with a background in electronics engineering, graphic design, and animation. I love designing and building web applications that combine superb functionality with clean, stunning and responsive user interfaces. I have experience using Python (Django), Javascript (Front-end), HTML, CSS, and lots of other frameworks and libraries. I also possess excellent consultative-process, tutoring and mentorship skills. I'm passionate about software engineering, creative design, and teaching so I'm constantly exploring ways they can be combined to solve everyday problems.
Anatoliy Zaslavskiy, Ui ux consultant and programmerView Profile
Anatoliy Zaslavskiy4.9
Freelance Ui ux developer in New York, United States

JS, Backbone, and Data Viz Expert (Great for Mentoring, Second Set Of Eyes, Architecture, Tough Bugs)

A little bit about me: - Backbone.js expert - Worked with very large Data Visualization projects for the NY Fed and WSJ including maps, scatterplots, and all sort of D3 craziness - I work as a FrontEnd Engineer at a Series C enterprise software startup - I own a startup Software Consultancy called Oselot (making Enterprise Workflow software). - I also am an owner in a Semantic Web Tech firm ( We basically are pioneers in using RDF for business and are currently applying this powerful cutting edge tech to anything from finance to cannibis. - I worked at large companies such as the Federal Reserve, WSJ as well as small companies. startups, and web shops - HUUUUGE proponent of Pair Programming. @ Fed I pioneered a team room where I spent ~ 90% of my coding time in Senior - Seni...
Solona Armstrong, Ui ux dev and freelancerView Profile
Solona Armstrong
Freelance Ui ux developer in Ottawa, Canada

Frontend Developer and UI/UX Designer

I currently work as the Frontend Web Developer and UI/UX designer for an online app. I love functional design and user-friendly frontend.
Holly Jade, Ui ux freelance developerView Profile
Holly Jade
Freelance Ui ux developer in Minneapolis, United States

UX Design ( Apple, TEDx, Mintbox Design)

Principal designer of Mintboxx. Through experiences with Facebook, Apple, and Yelp to founding startups, Holly has been involved largely with Strategy, Design, and Project Management which all transfer to unique positioning as a Design Strategist. She holds a Master’s & Bachelor’s degree in Technology from Purdue University, and a concentrated background in select MBA studies. She's also studied philosophy, early stage computer programming, and economics, giving a slight edge on related industries — yielding a more holistic perspective to strategic decision making (especially with regards to the tech industry). Holly has won over 10 awards including one from Apple and spoken at global conferences including TEDx. Holly has a proven track record for leading teams in tech strategy and soci...
Maxime Garant-Amyot, Ui ux consultant and programmerView Profile
Maxime Garant-Amyot
Freelance Ui ux developer in Laval, Canada

WPF/C# Software Engineer specialized in Front End programming

I'm an Intermediate Software Engineer with 4 years of experience. I'm specialized in Front End programming with WPF/Xaml. I've worked with WPF for the whole duration of my short career. I started at Ubisoft Montreal as a Tools Programmer and worked with incredible code gurus and mentors, which taught me a ton about programming and allowed me to gain, in my opinion, the equivalent of 5 years of experience in only two years. After my two years at Ubisoft, I moved back to my home city, Quebec City, and found a job at Emergensys Solution as a Software Engineer. I'm the WPF expert in the company and help them rewrite their software in WPF (from VB6) as well as help them improve on the UX of the software to make it easier to use and easier on the eyes. I can help with any of your WPF needs ...
Zach Alexander, senior Ui ux developerView Profile
Zach Alexander
Freelance Ui ux developer in East Hampton, United States

JS/CSS/frontend web developer and UI/UX designer

I'm a frontend web developer and UI/UX designer. I'm best at JavaScript and CSS, and have used several popular JS frameworks over the years, most recently React and Meteor (further back, Ember and Backbone). I was originally trained as a Rails developer at App Academy in SF, and love working in Rails codebases, but I usually stick to the client these days. Lately I'm into static site generators, e.g. Hugo and Jekyll, and the JAMstack approach. I design using paper, Sketch, and directly in the browser with CSS. My philosophy is influenced by the Stanford Design School's "design thinking", which emphasizes building empathy with the user. I can design your product for you, if you like, or use that skillset to support an existing design team, or just to implement their specs properly. I love...
Max Savin, freelance Ui ux programmerView Profile
Max Savin
Freelance Ui ux developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Designer turned full-stack developer

It started out in my teenage years. I was known as the computer whiz for knowing how to deal with Windows issues. One day, my cousin decided to one-up me by building a website right in front of me in Notepad. I was blown away, for it was the first time I realized that one person alone could make their own apps and websites. From that point on, I tried to grow and improve in all directions, starting out in illustration tools, then moving to raw HTML/CSS, and eventually full-stack development.

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