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Ruby on Rails lead developper in a startup and freelancer

Paris (+01:00)
French, English
I'm the CTO of a Bitcoin startup and also a freelance in RubyOnRails. I discovered ruby at school and it became my main programing language.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 2 years experience
I started Ruby and RubyOnRails for my personal projects ans then I became a freelancer for companies.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 2 years experience
I started Ruby and RubyOnRails for my personal projects ans then I became a freelancer for companies.
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Ugo is a great mentor he not only showed me how to correct the issues I was having but also help me understand what I was doing. He was very patient. I will definitely come back for more mentoring.
William Nov 21, 2015

If you're looking for a Ruby on Rails mentor, Ugo is your guy! I've worked with a bunch of mentors on this site, and Ugo is one of the best I've ever dealt with.
Edward Babbage Oct 29, 2015

Honestly, the best mentor I've ever had on this site. I'm incredibly thankful for his ability to adapt to schedules, his instruction and care of wanting me to understand what we've reviewed versus just getting the answer, and sincerity. Thank you again.
Tunisia M. Oct 27, 2015

I've worked with Ugo a number of times, and I will keep working with him. He's Awesome!
Edward Babbage Oct 14, 2015

Ugo is Fantastic. I love working with this guy!
Edward Babbage Oct 13, 2015

Ugo seemed to adapt to my learning style quickly, which I liked. We got right to work, and the program I wanted was done in an hour. Ugo was generous with the time he charged me for, never letting the clock run when he was looking something up or fixing a personal error.
Will Van Wart Sep 09, 2015

Ugo is a very knowledgable mentor.
Chris Sep 01, 2015

Ugo was very knowledgeable and great at debugging!
Jeremy Molayem Aug 14, 2015

Ugo is fantastic! Calm, patient, and quick to solve my problem.
Edward Babbage Aug 11, 2015

So patient and so helpful. I really enjoy working with Ugo. He helps me solve problems and then makes sure I understand the solution
Premila Anand Aug 06, 2015

Ugo got right to the problem and helped me solve it! I'm a total beginner so it was very helpful.
Nechama Aug 05, 2015

Very competent! Solved my problem step by step. :)
max Aug 05, 2015

Patient, reasonable and very considerate as it relates to time. I'm relatively new to Ruby/Rails and his knowledge, despite some strange rails behaviors we encountered, helped solve the problem.
Luis M. Jul 31, 2015

Awesome Mentor! Got the job done quickly and efficiently. Pleasure to work with.
Edward Babbage Jul 31, 2015

I have been working with Ugo regularly for the past few weeks and am consistently pleased with our sessions. He is patient, instructive and a pleasure to work with. i am also impressed with his ability to quickly understand my issue, offer a resolution and make sure that I understand how it works.
Premila Anand Jul 31, 2015

Excellent quick help once again. He has been helping with my project and can now quickly recall and identify any problem I am having. I'd highly recommend him for long-term help as well as quick short-term helps
james lee Jul 29, 2015

Japa Jul 24, 2015

Ugo is so helpful and so patient! He saved me hours and was a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with him again.
Premila Anand Jul 19, 2015

Knowledgeable, patient, helped me clean my code and learn some new best practices. Would work with Ugo again.
Michael Schmitz Jul 19, 2015

Ugo was really helpful, very patient and kind. He explained everything really thoroughly and made a very painful project seem painless. Highly recommended mentor!!
Hannah Kim Jul 17, 2015

Great help from Ugo again. He's been helping me develop my app and has been a tremendous help. I definitely saved hours of work (or wasted hours and then solved it in minutes with his help).
james lee Jul 15, 2015

After my first session, he made sure to follow up with me to check my status on the application. He truly cares in sharing his skills, knowledge and expertise to make sure you fully understand the issues that arise within your code, as well as extra tibbets that can be useful in moving forward. I highly recommend him for anyone who wishes to gain a good understanding of their projects/programming while fixing errors.
Tunisia M. Jul 14, 2015

Not only did he resolved a lot of my issues, Ugo clearly explained each step. Thank you.
Tunisia M. Jul 09, 2015

Great mentor. He not only helps you, but teaches you a ton along the way. I would highly recommend to anyone new to learning program and wants to learn while getting some help.
james lee Jul 08, 2015