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Udit Agarwal

Udit Agarwal

Versatile Python Developer, Teacher and Bug Fixer

Bangkok (+07:00)
Hi there! I'm Udit :) I have been programming in Python for the last 6 years dealing in Web, Data Science, Hardware, Maths, Business Applications, Automation Projects & Web Scrapers. I'd like to help you here, these are some of the things you can talk to me about * Design & Developing Django, Flask Web Applications * Design & Developing REST APIs * Deploying Python application to Servers (A lot of SysAdmin stuff) * SQL & NoSQL Databases * Key-Value Stores like Redis, DynamoDB * Solr & ElasticSearch Implementations * Serverless Python Application deployments on AWS Lambda (my new favorite) * Wordpress Customization and Deployment * Javascript, HTML & CSS I can also help you with Pandas, NumPy (rudimentary data science questions), Math problems development and implementation (I really enjoy doing these), Web scrapers (Scrapy or Requests BS4). I also love to teach and explain concepts in the simplest way. Being a self-taught programmer, I know the difficulties and problems that each of us face when trying to learn and pick up a new language. I like to use the chat to communicate and understand problems first before heading into a session as it can save all of us from bad experiences so feel free to message me.
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31 Python
14 Django
7 JavaScript
5 WordPress
5 Database design
4 Html
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
I have used Python extensively for various projects ranging from business applications to web projects. I love coding in Python because of its elegance and its massive support for library. I've dabbled in Data Analysis, Web Development, Image Processing, Memory Management, Game Development, Plugin development, Automation projects and Web Scraping
Django expert help Django - 3 years experience
I have used Django extensively for web development over the last 3 years! I've seen django handle 500+ concurrent requests from web and mobile at the same time and seen multiple projects go from simple model codes to 10,000+ lines of codes which include caching, apis, and various other hooks. I've integrated Django with Slack, Mobile, Web, Zendesk and a lot of other tools. Also, developed hooks and middleware which enabled some very tricky scenarios!
Amazon expert help AWS - 2 years experience
I've handled and deployed various instances of EC2 for web projects to run in the cloud. Maintained and troubleshooted various problems with EC2 machines and ensure flawless working in the cloud. More recently, I've used Elastic Beanstalk as a PAAS for one of my projects and love the speed and integration with other AWS Services. I also have a very careful look towards security and frequently dabble in IAM Roles and Security Policies
Wordpress WordPress - 1 year experience
I've been using Wordpress based blogs and sites for quite sometime. Know enough about xmlrpc and wordpress theming!
No icon Excel - 2 years experience
I've worked with large sets of data as my job as a Data Analyst in the part. Working with a Fortune 500's Global Data in Excel and ensuring hassle-free, completely automated reporting with extremely convoluted mathematics and statistics in it. I've great feel of Excel and can definitely help someone solve their problems.
No icon Osx - 3 years experience
Been using a Mac OSX system for development for 3+ years! Setup various softwares and libraries for Python development
No icon Digitalocean - 1 year experience
I have been using DigitalOcean for my own servers and have come up quite to speed with their interface and share a deep understanding of it. Let me know if you are looking for help!
openlabs_agile 2   3
Agile Development Module for Project Module in Tryton
pay_roll 1   3
Payroll Extension for Tryton
build-web-application-with-golang 0   0
A golang ebook intro how to build a web with golang
Go Shell Groovy
django-haystack 0   0
Modular search for Django
HTML Shell Python
django-notifications 0   0
GitHub notifications alike app for Django
HTML Python JavaScript
Average Rating
(133 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Excellent mentor on SQL
Brian Maimone Dec 23, 2016

Excellent mentor.
Brian Maimone Dec 04, 2016

Knows a lot about Django
Nick Walter Nov 28, 2016

just had a great django related session with udit. he understood the problem immediately and was able to point me to the fix.
Udo Schochtert Nov 20, 2016

Udit is effective and professional. He helped me debug my code.
thao Nov 19, 2016

Udit is a gifted teacher and programmer!
thao Nov 16, 2016

Udit has been a great mentor for Python 3. He has helped me understand concepts that were not sinking in and he makes sure that you understand.
Jason Long Nov 14, 2016

Udit is fast and smart...Loved his help on Python script...
Sam Skaria Oct 24, 2016

Very patient and extremely helpful. Would def recommend.
Robert Miller Oct 12, 2016

Udit was patient, even when I didn't know how to formulate my question! He stopped me and told me that we would walk through the whole problem step by step, and that pretty much answered everything.
Amina Al Sherif Oct 09, 2016

Udit is very good at Python. Patient and helpful!
Paula Oct 09, 2016

Udit is very patient and knowledgeable - he solved a very complex problem that I was struggling with for quite a few days and explained the solution to me really well. He communicates effectively and I would definitely hire him again!
Jyotsna Jayaraman Oct 07, 2016

Udit helped me with my issues quickly and diligently. He was very nice and patient, Would definitely ask him again.
robert Oct 03, 2016

Very good at explaining
Miriam Sep 21, 2016

Very helpful and got the job done quickly!
Joomi Kim Sep 18, 2016

Regular helper!
Ramsey Gharazeddine Sep 17, 2016

Very fast python help - I really appreciated the help I got.
Anders Sep 13, 2016

Very helpful and willing to help solve problems. Has a great "can do" attitude and is genuinely interested in helping solve the problem. Had him work on some php contact form issues and he was able to get everything to work!
Annalee Sep 13, 2016

Thanks - great session!
Michael Weber Sep 13, 2016

Udit was awesome. Very helpful in resolving my many questions. He is both professional and experienced. I greatly look forward to receiving help from him in the future.
William Trautmann Sep 10, 2016

Doesn't disappoint. Anticipatory in the most useful way. Efficient! Nice.
Miriam Sep 04, 2016

Excellent mentoring. Understood problems rapidly; communicated answers clearly and at my speed. Let me ask questions and was able to contextualize answers with my frame of reference.
Miriam Sep 04, 2016

Helpful and reliable as always!
Jason Wong Sep 02, 2016

good communication and knowledgeable
becka Aug 31, 2016

lulu mars Aug 27, 2016

lulu mars Aug 27, 2016

very helpful, great mentor
Mads Jensen Aug 26, 2016

Amazing man. Intelligent, helpful, REAL.
Aymon Fournier Aug 24, 2016

Great Mentor ! I needed help for numpy, pandas and matplotlib and he solved all my problems, I recommend him a lot.
Gustavo Mezquita Aug 19, 2016

Udit was super helpful and found a much simpler solution to my jQuery/javascript, which was getting too complex. Thank you, Udit! I would hire him again.
Amanda Aug 18, 2016

My sound was down but this mentor was professional and fast all the same. I will work with this mentor again.
Francesca Aug 15, 2016

Great Guy, Solve me problem with order page, on Woocomerce , If you have problems with any kind of stuff contact him right away!!!
Robert Aug 12, 2016

Awesome. Knows his stuff with nginx, wordpress, database etc.
Wynne Pirini Aug 06, 2016

More help than I could've asked for. Udit was on call with me for a very long time and walked me through the process and what I'd need to do step by step in true mentor fashion. I would highly recommend!
Omar Mohamed Aug 05, 2016

Good client, knows what he wants and communicates well.
Varun Jewalikar Aug 04, 2016

Udit is very helpful and responsible. I had an urgent small coding project, and he helped me right away. Very knowledgeable in Python as well.
Paula Aug 04, 2016

Solving any problem quickly and with competence..
luca Jul 31, 2016

Udit is really helpful ! great first time experience with codementor
james Jul 26, 2016

best mentor/tutor I've ever had goes ABOVE AND BEYOND literally for every session we have! so glad to have received his help
John Sal Jul 24, 2016

Udit is a an extremely knowledgable and kind mentor. He is very knowledgabe about running your own servers on digital ocean, including security configuration and how to configure a database server. He helped me to debug a challenging server issue and went beyond to find a solution!
D Wang Jul 24, 2016

Udit is great! super knowledgable and very helpful leading through examples
Hamzah Chaudhary Jul 23, 2016

Uditagarwal was great. He helped me fix my security settings right away.
Wynne Pirini Jul 22, 2016

He's very helpful, would recommend
Vu Nguyen Jul 22, 2016

great mentor that goes above and beyond to make sure the problem is solved!
John Sal Jul 21, 2016

Great job
jon perrier Jul 20, 2016

Highly skilled and ready to understand my requirements.
luca Jul 13, 2016

Awesome tutor!
Leo Jul 13, 2016

Did a fantastic job helping us out. Very patient. Good communication. Thank you!
Ty Ricker Jul 06, 2016

Great Tutor!
Leo Jul 04, 2016

Excellent with everything and very patient!
George Jul 03, 2016

Udit was ridiculously helpful – he spent the time to understand my problem (pertaining to Django + Social) in detail, then suggested clever approaches to fix it; we eventually found the solution. He demonstrated clarity of thought, was able to explain any aspects of the issue that confused me in detail, and exhibited some serious Django prowess. Thank you once again!
Rohan Das Jun 30, 2016

solve question fast and suggest useful material (..)
Chlin-I Liaw Jun 28, 2016

Very good and patient!!
Hanneke Huls Jun 27, 2016

Thanks for helping me out, in setting up cassandra cluster
Balaji Jun 27, 2016

He figured out the issue and explained what he was doing as he did it. Great work!
Rich Sampson Jun 24, 2016

Great session
ned Jun 23, 2016

Awesome mentor!! really helped me get unstuck in a difficult bind.
Warren Kushner Jun 19, 2016

Very friendly, experienced, definitely recommended.
Vu Nguyen Jun 15, 2016

Such a legend! Always up to help me and fixes my issues so quickly! 5 star!
John Williamson Jun 15, 2016

He was great thank you!!!
Whitney Tipton Jun 10, 2016

Udit was very quick, completed all my requests, and in record time. I highly recommend him. He's an amazing coder.
Daryl J Dujon Jun 08, 2016

I needed help with a frustrating AWS configuration task. Udit got in touch with me, offered several helpful tips and basically solved the issue in 5 minutes! (I won't even say how long I had been working on it!). His ability to figure out hard problems was very apparent. Blown away by how quickly / efficiently he helped.
Reilly Sweetland Jun 02, 2016

Udit was super patient- tried out a few different solutions until we found one that worked.
Sunayana Jun 01, 2016

Problem solved again, great mentor
ned May 30, 2016

Thanks again
ned May 28, 2016

Great experience
ned May 27, 2016

Great mentor
ned May 26, 2016

Udite is a highly skilled guy always ready to solve problems... Highly recommended!!!!
luca May 26, 2016