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I'm a developer and UI/UX designer of mobile apps, specializing in rapid prototyping, app architecture and client-server engineering. I'm also a professional training partner with Google and Appcelerator. I co-authored the official qualification curriculum for Google Cloud and Appcelerator's certification program. I can help you ramp up quick.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
JavaScript is my primary language of choice for front-end and back-end development.
Node js expert help Node.js - 5 years experience
My choice for server development.
No icon Titanium - 6 years experience
My experience with Titanium goes back to 2009. I'm well versed in the platform internals and the recent changes to the SDK. I'm co-authored the official training certification for Appcelerator and typically deliver on-site training events.
No icon Titanium alloy - 3 years experience
I specialize in Alloy and often assist clients with rapid development or app migration efforts, from classic to Alloy.
No icon Titanium modules - 4 years experience
I write custom native iOS modules that extend the Titanium SDK.
No icon Reactjs native - less than 1 year experience
I'm on the internal beta team at Facebook for react native.
No icon Blockchain - 1 year experience
I developed a blockchain-based notarization system for signing and verifying digital credentials within the education and professional training space.
No icon Electron - 1 year experience
I have developed several electron desktop apps with ES6, React and webpack.
No icon Open badges - 1 year experience
I developed a a modified version of Mozilla BadgeKit API and Backpack for professional training.
Ti-Amazon-S3 57   19
Amazon S3 CommonJS module for Appcelerator Alloy / Titanium SDK
CSS Python JavaScript
Google-Maps-TSP-Solver 40   15
Google Maps TSP Solver. A fork of Geir Engdahl's TSP solver located at: https://code.google.com/p/google-maps-tsp-solver
TiUIExamples 37   9
Titanium UI Examples using JavaScript Modules (commonJS)
TiEventKit 30   6
Ti.EventKit brings in iOS EventKit into the Titanium namespace. You can add events to iOS apps using the native calendar app.
C Python JavaScript Objective-C
SPStatusOverlay 28   4
A custom iOS status bar overlay for Titanium Mobile, based on the MTStatusBarOverlay project.
Python JavaScript Objective-C
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Terry is was extremely knowledgeable and patient with Appcelerator. I highly recommend him.
Mark Ely Sep 22, 2016