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Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd

Web Software Developer at RentPath

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Arabic, English
Hi everyone, are you blocked from moving forward on your Rails or Javascript application? If so, have no fear, I'm here to help! I have 8 years of experience in professional software, specializing in web application and API development. I have a knack for debugging and getting into the nitty-gritty, while at the same time taking a long view of the evolution of the overall system. I'm cautious with legacy code and mindful of existing patterns and procedures, but that doesn't stop me from rolling up my sleeves and refactoring large swathes of code when necessary (with tests, of course!). Finally, I am passionate about teaching and sharing everything I've learned about software development. I currently work full-time for RentPath, but I have set aside an extra hour or two each day to get my feet wet with Codementor. I'm excited to form new working relationships and help people all over the world with their coding problems. Check out my video link if you'd like to see a preview of how I teach and work. Looking forward to working with you!

Describe the structure of your app and I will create a suitable Webpack configuration for it and send it to you. The only reason why I ask for 3 days is so I can fix any bugs that come up while you are testing it out. 100% satisfied money back guarantee

Not every aspiring web developer wants to shell out $1,000+ for a shiny new Macbook or a boot camp enrollment. Thinking of learning Rails but trying to save money, too? With a little bit of time and patience, used IBM and Lenovo ThinkPads running Ubuntu Linux make great, low-cost alternatives to the Mac OS X development environment. I am a professional Rails developer of 7+ years, and do all my side projects on used ThinkPads running Ubuntu. Let me order, set up, and ship a used ThinkPad to...

Ruby expert help Ruby - 7 years experience
7+ years of experience in professional Ruby on Rails development.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
I have been a full-time Javascript developer for 8 years.
No icon Golang - 2 years experience
I have been building small-to-midsize hobby projects in Go for a couple of years. I love it! It's fast, fun, simple, and has a great community. More and more companies are migrating their backend systems to Go.
No icon Webpack - 1 year experience
I have developed Webpack configuration for several websites.
delayed_job 2   0
Database based asynchronously priority queue system -- Extracted from Shopify
abcsofror 1   0
The ABCs of RoR
barberfu 1   0
Barber shop ratings
Ruby JavaScript
civplicity 1   0
A simpler Civ clone.
dropbox 1   0
An easy-to-use client library for the official Dropbox API.