Alexei Romanoff, Twisted software engineerHire Now
Alexei Romanoff
Freelance Twisted developer in Minsk, Belarus

Web Developer at

- using Twisted as a part of technology stack for creating game servers
Jeff Lindsay, Twisted freelance coderHire Now
Jeff Lindsay
Freelance Twisted developer in Austin, United States

Systems wizard

Full stack web, API platforms, systems software, enterprise architecture, delivery pipelines, and general automation. I've built and influenced a lot of things you've used, or at least a lot used by tools and companies you've used.
Priyank Trivedi, Twisted software engineerHire Now
Priyank Trivedi5.0
Freelance Twisted developer in New Delhi, India

Full Stack IoT Developer

I am an experienced Full Stack developer with specialized experience in IoT and Data Analytics.
Vinay Dahiya, Twisted freelance coderHire Now
Vinay Dahiya4.7
Freelance Twisted developer in Noida, India

Open source enthusiast , full stack developer, dev-ops and system architecture guy

I have been a problem solver for more than 5 years now. I work primarily in the domain of web application development. I have worked on projects where i have handled a catalouge of 10million books also managed systems that have high availability requirement at a 5000 to 1000 requests per sec. I have played around a lot of technologies. I am very hands on guy and like to try out technologies a lot.
Denis Lachance, senior Twisted developerHire Now
Denis Lachance5.0
Freelance Twisted developer in Edmonton, Canada

Jack of All Trades (JS, Python, C(++|#), PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL)

I would consider myself a backend engineer with passable design skills I was educated in Computer Engineering, which was a 50/50 split between circuit design and computer science with some added signal processing thrown in. During my co-op work terms, I gained experience in PHP, C#, HTML/CSS/JS, Linux scripting, and database administration. As well I learnt app development (both native iOS/Android as well as Cordova-based hybrid apps using JS) In my free time, I write prototypes for ideas that I have, try out new languages and keep up to date on exciting tech. Notable side-projects include: - An Arduino guitar pedal using DSP for effects - A spatula-wielding robot to flip pancakes (badly) - A multi-client wifi instrument using a Raspberry Pi, and some speakers (in C)
Greg Navis, Twisted freelance developerHire Now
Greg Navis
Freelance Twisted developer in Szczecin, Poland
I am a software engineer experienced in building networking services. I always strive to produce simple designs, adhering to core principles of software engineering (e.g. SOLID, Command-Query Separation, Law of Demeter). Automation, especially test automation, is a significant part of my workflow. This, coupled with Continuous Integration, allows me to work at a much faster pace. As a manager I built a team around Kanban, frequent iterations, retrospectives and automation. Design discussions, code reviews and testing were integral parts our process. I worked on distributed file systems, HTTP API-s, networking services, scrapers and web apps, I programmed in C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, ActionScript and JavaScript. I was a software engineer and a manager/technical leader. I worked on-site ...
Amer Ghazal, Twisted freelance programmerHire Now
Amer Ghazal
Freelance Twisted developer in Palos Hills, United States

Systems Engineer

Experienced Systems and Reliability Engineer with a history of excelling in critical 24/7, high traffic environments.
Sebastian Schulze, Twisted freelancer and developerHire Now
Sebastian Schulze5.0
Freelance Twisted developer in Berlin, Germany

Senior Consutant, Developer

Hi! I'm Sebastian from Berlin. I am a developer and consultant with experience in many things. I started programming at the age of 15, which got me interested in computers. Later i helped starting a hosting and housing company, studied computer science, became consultant and gained knowledge in a lot of fields. I'm here to help you get your problems out of the way and concentrate on things that matter.
Jasper Lyons, Twisted freelance coderHire Now
Jasper Lyons
Freelance Twisted developer in Manchester, United Kingdom

Sull Stack Ruby / Javascript developer

I'm a serial tech-entrepreneur. I specialize in identifying and validating risky assumptions, empathizing with users and building great products and, managing technical debt with business needs.
Wajdi Al-Hawari, Twisted software engineerHire Now
Wajdi Al-Hawari
Freelance Twisted developer in Montreal, Canada

Backend Python Developer practicing the fine art of Test Driven Development currently focusing on Openstack and Flask

Software Developer with a current focus on Python. Currently working with Openstack and Flask. I also have experience with automation, using vagrant and puppet. I love Test-Driven-Development, enjoy working on CI tools. Have extensive experience with Gerrit and enjoy helping people solve problems and learn.
Nouri NOURI, Twisted freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Twisted developer in Ashburn, United States

Lead software engineer chez Airbus Group

Entrepreneur, software engineer and occasionally a photographer.
Victor Shyba, Twisted freelance coderHire Now
Victor Shyba
Freelance Twisted developer in Recife, Brazil

Open Source Developer

Python/JavaScript/Java consultant focused now on asynchronous programming and cryptography for privacy enhancing software.
Mafinar K, freelance Twisted programmerHire Now
Mafinar K
Freelance Twisted developer in Ashburn, United States
An experienced Python/Django developer and functional programming enthusiast.
Landon Noss, Twisted freelance programmerHire Now
Landon Noss
Freelance Twisted developer in Laguna Niguel, United States
Longtime javascript developer, along with loads of node, python, and some objective-c.
Alon Amster, Twisted freelance programmerHire Now
Alon Amster
Freelance Twisted developer in Haifa, Israel

Doing full-stack web development, loving Meteor.js

Been working on web-related products for nearly a decade. I love clean and maintainable code, and mentor fellow developers to create it. Currently employed as a startup CTO and loving every moment of it.

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