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Experienced full stack developer, current interest including Clojure/Scala/Akka and JavaScript/React Pass experience including Ruby and some PHP. Unrelated stuff: Emacs, Git
Ruby expert help Ruby - 2 years experience
Haven't touch Ruby since 2013.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
One of the first language I learned. I've been doing freelancer JS development and consultant since 2009. Node users since v0.4 ;).
Java expert help Java - 4 years experience
Current job, I don't really like it but I have quite a bit of experience, and my Java code usually assemble a functional style.
Clojure expert help Clojure - 2 years experience
Clojure lover since 2013, have not had a chance to do any work-related project but most of my side projects are built with Clojure.
Scala expert help Scala - 1 year experience
Getting started
No icon Elasticsearch - 1 year experience
Built a custom search engine based on Elasticsearch, with extensive custom plugin. I also spent a few months tuning/optimising Elasticsearch performance.
Reactjs expert help React - 2 years experience
Early adopter, all of my frontend projects since 2014 are built with React. I also built some React package. Nowadays I usually use React through bindings like Reagent or Rum (Clojure)
No icon Viml - 4 years experience
Experienced Vim user since 2008, wrote a few plugins and had an extensive Vim configuration file. Switched to Emacs since 2012
react-catalyst 66   6
Collection of React helpers and mixins
kite-mini.el 9   6
Yet another Emacs package to interact with WebKit remote debugging API.
Emacs Lisp
unite-session 8   3
Update: Since session source is now included with Unite, you don't have to use this plugin anymore.
color-theme-approximate 6   1
Makes normal color theme works on terminal
Emacs Lisp
elixir-dns 5   4
DNS library for Elixir
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