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Tristan Webb

Tristan Webb

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I'm a postdoc at University of California San Diego as well as a machine learning consultant. I've done tutoring with people face-to-face, and would like to try it over the internet. I come from a strong computational background, but I'm interested in all aspects of programming. I have a Masters in Computer Science, so if you require work on theoretical concepts, I can help with that as well as any practical problems you have.
Haskell expert help Haskell - 2 years experience
Haskell is currently my favorite language. It deeps connection to mathematics has reinvigorated my interest in programming. I have a solid understanding of the type system, and how to work out practical problems using Haskell. I
Python expert help Python - 4 years experience
During my PhD I extensively used he Python language as both a rapid prototyping framework and using it's numerical and FFI abilities. I can also teach you how to generate publication quality graphs using matplotlib, as well as working with large amounts of time series like data using the Pandas library.
Server expert help Server - 6 years experience
I've been managing servers for many years, and I know the ins and outs of them very well. Currently exploring cloud based solutions such as Docker.
C expert help C - 10 years experience
I've used C for it's high performance capabilities in a range a numerical applications. I can help with OpenMP, MPI for parallel programming, as well as algorithm design.
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 8 years experience
I've used C++ for developing numerical simulations. Most of the numerical computation, simulations of spiking neural networks, I did during my PhD was in C++.
Java expert help Java - 7 years experience
I used Java as a way to learn about software design patterns, as well as using it a lot during my Masters. I can help with OOP concepts, generics, and any other stumbling blocks. I can also help with distributed programming in Java.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Basic repository management, lots of experience getting out of bad situations, github, work flow practices.