realazthat, Tornado freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Tornado developer in Pittsburgh, United States

Patient teaching ... (Program/System)Design help ... Implementation help.

I use Tornado's asynchronous features to do the "lightweight lifting" of serving web-pages, leaving most of the I/O and heavy tasks to other backend services like the database.
Siddhant Goel, top Tornado developerHire Now
Siddhant Goel
Freelance Tornado developer in Munich, Germany

Backend/DevOps Software Developer

I've written Tornado code for close to 5 years now. I'm familiar with Tornado internals, writing websockets using Tornado, handling asynchronous tasks using Tornado (with the provided IOLoop), as well as general purpose website/API development using Tornado. I've also written an open source module to make it easier to use the SQLAlchemy ORM in Tornado applications (source code here -
Bolaji Olajide, senior Tornado developerHire Now
Bolaji Olajide5.0
Freelance Tornado developer in Lagos, Nigeria

A life-long learner and mentor.

I'm a lifelong learner and mentor. I'm also a full stack developer comfortable with Python and JavaScript stack. I love all things REACT and I'm an advocate of TDD.
Joshua Ugba, Tornado freelance programmerHire Now
Joshua Ugba5.0
Freelance Tornado developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Straight forward problem solver

I believe that every problem has a definite solution if one takes the time to understand the problem. I apply this philosophy in my everyday life especially in the code I write.
Christos Christofidis, Tornado coder and developerHire Now
Christos Christofidis5.0
Freelance Tornado developer in Athens, Greece

Software, Product Design

I enjoy solving challenging problems with software.
Ronak, senior Tornado developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Tornado developer in Bhopal, India

iOS and React-Native developer, Ex - Amazon

I am 2013 batch Computer Science from IIT MADRAS, India. I have experience of working in companies like Amazon, Uber. I have also experience in working with a VC backed startup. I have experience working in iOS apps, ReactJS, React-Native, NodeJS and Firebase
Dmitry Vasilev, senior Tornado developerHire Now
Dmitry Vasilev5.0
Freelance Tornado developer in Sochi, Russia

Professional Full-stack Web Developer | Senior Software Engineer

Friendly and with great sense of humour:) 10 years of programming experience in C/C++, Java ME/SE/Android, PHP, Rails, ROR, Elixir(super cool thing!), Nginx, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OLAP[-cubes], Linux, bash, Git, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ. But last few years I prefer and love Python/Django so it's the topic in which I can be most helpful and productive:) Full CV - If I don't answer - I might be busy or afk, please don't vanish:) Also you can reach me via skype/telegram, nickname - scythargon Tip: it would be cool if you will already have a TeamViewer installed in case if I need to edit your code ;)
William Chan, Tornado freelance coderHire Now
William Chan
Freelance Tornado developer in New York, United States

Seasoned software engineer with experience teaching at different web development bootcamps and universities

I am a software engineer that worked on, led many projects to date and taught software development at a number of institutions. Altogether, I have a good understanding of software development processes and various programming languages including more than seven years in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP and Golang.
Darko Kolev, Tornado freelance programmerHire Now
Darko Kolev
Freelance Tornado developer in Skopje, Macedonia

My moto is get better each and every day

Open minded software engineer constantly exploring cutting edge technologies.
Dan Connolly, Tornado freelance coderHire Now
Dan Connolly4.7
Freelance Tornado developer in Leawood, United States

enthusiastic mentor, mad about software quality

20+ years development in python, C, scala, etc. 15+ years leadership in web standards. Currently maintaining 20KLOC clinical data ETL job in SQL and python. Day job: writing software to support research at KU Med Center
Ronan Amicel, Tornado freelance coderHire Now
Ronan Amicel
Freelance Tornado developer in Amiens, France

Senior developer. Technical coach. Python expert.

Senior developer. Technical coach. Python expert.
Jubril Issa, Tornado freelance programmerHire Now
Jubril Issa
Freelance Tornado developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Engineer

I have real good experience with Python and Django, I also have knowledge of javascript, PHP and go. I take time to help out with open-source projects and I'm always happy to help out.
Richard Artoul, senior Tornado developerHire Now
Richard Artoul
Freelance Tornado developer in New York, United States

Uber software engineer with a passion for teaching computer science and programming

I'm a software engineer for Uber with a specialty in backend systems and infrastructure engineering, but I like (and dabble) in all types of programming. Computer science and programming are my passion, and I love spending my free time learning new things and then taking the difficult things that I learned and distilling them down so that others can learn them in a more effective manner. Almost nothing is higher leverage than teaching others, and that really motivates me.
Rodrigo Hammerly, Tornado dev and freelancerHire Now
Rodrigo Hammerly
Freelance Tornado developer in Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Software Engineer

About me, I've more than 8 years experience developing in C++. I have a strong background on designing and developing complex web based applications using JavaScript with several frameworks like Backbone.js, ExtJS and JQuery on front end and a combination of several technologies on sever side using Python, Java and MongoDB among others. I also have vast experience with PHP, C# and desktop applications. I've also developed iPhone and iPad applications, and have a good knowledge of Objective C and Mac OS. I'm always looking for new challenges and willing to learn new technologies and solve things that other people may think hard or impossible to achieve. I think that the following quote outlines my attitude to challenges "I shall either find a way or make one."​ À propos de moi, ...
Amer Ghazal, Tornado freelance programmerHire Now
Amer Ghazal
Freelance Tornado developer in Palos Hills, United States

Systems Engineer

Experienced Systems and Reliability Engineer with a history of excelling in critical 24/7, high traffic environments.

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