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Tony Wu

Tony Wu

Head of Design & Senior Frontend Developer with experience in WordPress and PHP

London (+00:00)
Chinese, English
I have 7 years of advanced front-end development experience as well as skills in development with WordPress and other PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter. As Head of Design of the company I work with, I can also offer design critique and feedback for 60% of the standard rate. Please let me know if you wish to find out more.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
Working with a product that produces JavaScript that needs to run as smoothly as native apps, I have encountered plenty of challenges that occur with mobile platforms, and know how to make best use of native JavaScript APIs to accomplish the desired goals with optimal performance
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 7 years experience
I have a deep knowledge of how CSS and rendering engines work across multiple devices and platforms, as well as how development teams usually work with CSS. This allows me to often create powerful CSS modules that can easily be re-used and extended.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 7 years experience
With a background in Electronic Engineering coding microchips in C, I've always been interested in producing code that is elegant yet performing. Along with my other skills in frontend and backend dev, I'm skilled at producing jQuery plugins that are easy to configure and interact with.
Wordpress WordPress - 7 years experience
Before Fliplet, I worked as the design and developer at a digital agency building websites and apps. WordPress has always been our weapon of choice and I'm very well versed in not just the theme and plugin development, but also in how to maintain custom features within best practice.
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Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/android-keystore-password-recover
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Game based on Ataris classic Asteroids with gamplay adaptations for mobile
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Our goal is to operate this CDN in a peer reviewed fashion.
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2048 on Chromecast
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Responsive dashboard templates for Bootstrap
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Awesome mentor!
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Tony quickly explained how to make my sprites retina ready in CSS.
Houston Golden Oct 11, 2014

Tony was very helpful and helped move efficiently through the issues I was having!
Eoghan Mc Inerney Oct 03, 2014

Fantastic job helping and describing the issue I was having. Would love to work with him again anytime.
Brad S Sep 26, 2014

Loved Tony's approach to solving the problem and talking me through each step. We were able to solve the issue and even knock another one off the list.
Dave Onkels Sep 05, 2014

Tony is awesome! Fixed a problem that had been bugging me for months. Look forward to using him on other projects in the future. Highly recommend!
Kyle Hungate Sep 03, 2014

Tony is great to speak with. He understood my situation as a beginner perfectly. His input from his varied background gave me both new ideas to explore and a solid next step to focus on.
Wayne Adams Aug 27, 2014