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Tom Chen

Tom Chen

React.js/flux enthusiast, author of react-google-maps

Taipei (+08:00)
Chinese, English
Tom is a JavaScript expert who has passion in creating reusable UI components with React.js. He also likes to use flux to organize complex business logic using unidirectional data-flow. He has backend experience in node.js and Ruby on Rails.
19 JavaScript
13 React
5 Node.js
3 Webpack
3 Redux
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
Start learning and developing React components in July, 2014. I have strong experience in integrated 3rd-party JavaScript libraries to corresponding React components. The spirit of React is provide **stateless component** to customers, so it's really important to keep this in mind when integrating 3rd-party JavaScript libraries.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
I have clear understanding in JavaScript, as well as strong work experience with its extension languages like LiveScript or CoffeeScript. I only wrote JavaScript with its good parts. You can say that other parts are all root of cause of bugs. Besides client side scripting, I also use nodejs-based asset manager to help me pack up assets (JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc). Feel free to ask questions about JavaScript!
No icon Webpack - 1 year experience
I have setup several projects that using webpack as a main bundler. Loaders including jsx, babel.js, sass, less, images, fonts ... etc are used in these projects. Deploy production-ready assets to gh-pages, s3 or cdn. Configure correctly for your react-hot-loader to work with existing node.js server, with the support of testing over LAN on your mobile devices. Bundle your react components for server-side rendering is also supported by webpack.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
I have some experience in developing nodejs based web app using expressjs and koajs, as well as some understanding in ORM like mongoose or sequelize. I've played with nodejs 0.11 for a while and got excited about generators to come. Generators give great advantage on flow control. As for nodejs 0.10, I almost use Promise API as much as possible. This make our code more easily to reuse and write, and it's event future compatible!
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
It's as long as my experience with web development. For personal projects, I will use more lightweight markup languages like jade or slim. As for css, I started with Sass and have been stick with it for three years.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
I've always using Git and GitHub for both public and private repos. I also have experience to write clean and clear commit message, as well as creating readable branch tree. I believe being able to use Git well is the basic foundation of a great developer.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Tom is awesome! Knows react/node/javascript like a virtuoso
Jake Tunney Dec 22, 2016

Tom was awesome! Super patient and helped me understand the process better as well.
AJ Zawawi Jul 20, 2016

Really quick, and helped explain what was wrong! Great Job!
martinleejones@outlook.com Jul 14, 2016

He solved my 5 days lasting problem. money can quickly save my time and mood. (but please check your mic)
miriya lee Jun 28, 2016

Superb, would definitely contact again!
Brenden Jun 18, 2016

Just solve my problem in 15 minutes!
Max Jun 14, 2016

helped me to think of the problem from a different persective
Daniel Jun 13, 2016

Found a solution to my problem within a few minutes - super helpful and was great at explaining how it worked as well.
Rasmus Sjørslev Jun 13, 2016

Second time having Tom help me out. He's great. Fast, and knowledgeable!
Tony Jacobson Jun 13, 2016

extremely knowledgeable and helpful.. recommend!
Vaishnavi Reddy Jun 13, 2016

Tom is awesome! He really knows his stuff. He raced around inside my app like he had built it himself, and helped me fix my "needle in a haystack" syntax error with Angularl $resource, data Transform.
Tony Jacobson Jun 10, 2016

Great mentor. Was able to understand the problem very fast and to solved this, which was a tricky one. My highest recommendation!
Dag vB Bunkholt Jun 08, 2016

Helped with angular!
Alex Jun 06, 2016

He was willing to work with me all the way through even though his forte is a mac and we were using windows for my project. He's very patient and helpful.
Tunisia M. Jun 04, 2016

Tom was very helpful in not just solving my actual issue but also in explaining what was going on under the covers.
Rasmus Sjørslev Jun 02, 2016

Francis Jun 01, 2016

Tom was very friendly and help me get over a major roadblock very fast.:)
Tiffany May 31, 2016

I think he's the best mentor i've had so far.
Spencer May 31, 2016

Great at just starting from wherever you are in your app and helping to make it work. Very quick to see the issues and dive in to resolve. Learning a lot!
Mary Camacho May 30, 2016

Tom was a great mentor! He took the time to understand the problem, tried a few things and explained it in full detail once it was resolved. I am going to reach out again if (and when) I have anymore react-native / JS challenges.
Ed Brooks May 27, 2016

Blindingly fast
Jason V. May 27, 2016

Great help!
Allison McEntire May 26, 2016

Tom did a great job setting my app up with material-ui!
Jake Tunney May 24, 2016

This was a very quick session! straight to the point. Top was very sharp and fast solving the issue at hand. I wouldn't hesitate hiring his services again.
Ajar May 24, 2016

Tom's great, easy to work with. Excellent listener, patient, and a good teacher.
Jake Tunney May 24, 2016

So bright and so quick!
Jason V. May 19, 2016

Tom was great! Very helpful!
Joe Cuffney May 18, 2016

friendly, great listener, expert
Jake Tunney May 17, 2016

Fantastic mentor. Knowledgeable at a deep level, even quickly and clearly explaining how webpack hot reloading works. I would highly recommend! I look forward to our next session.
richard b. May 17, 2016

Very knowledgeable and very, very fast!
Jason V. May 13, 2016

He was SO HELPFUL! Super simple solution, great explanations.
sara ines calderon May 12, 2016

Very helpful and understanding gives step by step explanation
John May 11, 2016

I found this session extremely useful. Would hire again.
Will Halling May 11, 2016

Mentor was great. We had my issue solved very quickly and had a great time solving it.
Victoria French May 10, 2016

Excellent mentor, Tom made sure that he understood my problem, verified my reasons for wanting to solve the issue in my particular way (very important!). After that he was quick to resolve the issue and explain what he did. 100% recommended.
John Simons May 03, 2016

Excellent skills and manner - will definitely work with Tom again :-)
Michael Allan Feb 27, 2016

super fast at figuring stuff out. Really impressive. Really helpful!
mikiah Dec 30, 2015

solved the problem quickly, cared about the problem, was fun to work with
Matt Dec 29, 2015

Very efficient and easy to work with. Cuts to the heart of the issue and solves quickly. Also a very nice person. Would highly recommend and work with again.
Craig Smith Dec 21, 2015

Tom was quick to spot the issue I had and help me fix it quickly. I recomend him and plan to keep using him as a mentor for react!!!
Rafael Flores Nov 20, 2015

Tom is great
Jay Sep 14, 2015

Tom knows his stuff. Thanks again!
Michael Paccione Sep 10, 2015

Tom is awesome
Jay Aug 20, 2015

Tom is very skilled and easy to speak with.
Dan Jensen Aug 19, 2015

Tom was very helpful.
Dan Jensen Aug 18, 2015

Tom was great at solving my problem and talking me through it.
Paul Aug 09, 2015

Tom and I didn't even need to start a session. He was able to help me via text chat and gist.github alone, and did so on good faith. I was extremely happy to compensate him afterward. Great help!
Spyro Aug 04, 2015

Knows his JavaScript :)
Jay May 19, 2015

Very Knowledgeable!
Katie K Mar 19, 2015

Very helpful and great at finding the answer with JavaScript, Angular.JS stuff.
John Asumang Mar 18, 2015

Very smart and helpful with Node and JavaScript. Highly recommend!
John Asumang Mar 13, 2015

Very helpful and breaks down the question properly!
Yu-Che Hsueh Mar 09, 2015

Tom was really great in answering my question.
Mike Mayer Mar 09, 2015

Very friendly and understanding
Ron Cohen Mar 08, 2015

Tom zeroed in on my problem and helped me refactor my code gracefully.
Chris Nov 05, 2014