How I Learned Linux

Published Nov 10, 2017
How I Learned Linux

About me

Before earning my Computer Engineering degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, I had developed a profound interest in computing since I was in high school, highly influenced by Bill Gates.

Why I wanted to learn Linux

Black screens got my attention easily, which got me curious. I started out with Bash until I realized there is a bigger/wider playground called Linux.

How I approached learning Linux

I started off by reading about the history of Linux, its creator (Linus Torvalds), and the motivation behind it. This also geared my interest towards open source earlier in my career.

By fully understanding that everything in the Linux OS is an accessible file, it made the concept of Operating System easy to understand.
Delving into its usage, I started off by learning 20 new commands every day, which I created shell scripts to find a usage for.

Challenges I faced

I did hit some roadblocks learning, but I had a friend that was quite a ways ahead in university and a team of several enthusiasts that could give me some guidance. They were of great help in my learning process.

Key takeaways

I enjoyed the fellowship of learning. We are able to challenge ourselves with new knowledge. I got to the point where I am able to push myself to learn much more advanced usages for the Linux OS.

Tips and advice

First, you need to understand that learning of any sort is a journey.
Also, find guidance in a group of people or an expert.
Lastly, always think of how you can apply the simplest of every piece of knowledge you have acquired.

Final thoughts and next steps

Linux is both an inspiration and a platform that can help create anything you can imagine and can give back to the community. Irrespective of your schedule, add your learning goals to your itinerary and you will find yourself having learned eventually.

Best of luck in this journey.

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